RadhaKrishn 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Clever Move

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Krishna stands near water fall silently. Balram enters and asks why he and his bansuri are silent, what he is thinking about. Krishna says when it is a question of love, one has to take a calculated step. Balram asks what does he mean. Krishna says Radha has to travel, she traveled from Golok to mortal land, she has taken birth as human who is bound by fear, lust, greed, etc, so she has to get out of all these first.

Nand and his family with Gokul vasis get ready to leave Barsana. Vrishbhan asks him to stay for more days, where will he go with whole Gokul. Others also insist. Nand says god will show them a way. Krishna enters and requests Nand to stay as everyone are insisting at least for a day. Vrishbhan scolds that he wants to joke in every situation, how will he find place for

whole Gokul vasis in 1 day. Krishna says baba told Naryan/god will help them, nothing is difficult for god. Kirtida also requests Yashoda to stay back for 1 day at least. Jatila thinks Krishna tricked again, anyways he will leave in 1 day. Krishna asks if she told something. She nervously says no. Krishna says he hears a lot now a days. Radha says she will go to temple.

Radha reaches temple and prays god to protect Nand and Gokul vasis and not punish them because of Krishna, don’t know what Krishna will do in 1 day. Krishna enters and thinks he has to fulfill his friend’s request, but she has to request herself. Monster bird Bakasur attacks Barsana Vasis. Kans orders Bakasur to finish Krishna. Bird attacks Barsana vasis. Krishna thinks he wants to spare Kans mama for sometime, but mama is eager to make the forecast true. He controls Bakasur with his fingers. Bakasur thinks what is happening to him an d falls towards Radha. Krishna holds Radha’s hand and runs with her waving bye to Balram.

They reach garden. Radha frees her hand and shouts why is he holding her hand. He says he saved her from bird. She asks if she sought his help. She continues arguing and says it is better to die with dear one than being with him. Krishna gets more sad.

Krishna gives moral gyaan with a shlok that whenever sin increases on earth, he/god comes on earth; if they thought why he comes on earth as human, on earth goodness and sins balance each other and when sins increase, he will come down; they have to trust themselves and not only god, every nar/man has naryayan and woman has lakshmi in them, they have to realize it.

Precap: Radha heads towards Barsana. Bakasur bird attacks her.

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  1. Lovely update dear
    Radhe Radhe ❤️

  2. Kamalanayani

    I loved this episode… Krishna is the greatest actor ever in the universe’s history.. I loved the part waving bye to Dau and running with Mata Radha.. But really bad to see her saying bad at him at last.. But he always cares for her..
    ❤️ ❤️ Radhe Radhe ❤️ ❤️

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