RadhaKrishn 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Bears The Burnt

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Radha promises Vrishbhan thaat she will marry the boy he selects and will not fall into trick of love, her father is her god and he shall decide her future. Vrishbhan emotionally hugs Radha. Krishna feels sad hearing that. Sitting on railing thinks why their feathers are tied by the one they love most. Balram enters and asks him what will he do now. Krishna says he why he wants to asks why I am not doing anything while I am the one who runs the wold, I want to spread love and not force anyone. He continues that Radha took oath for the love of her father, she will have to leave Barsana for him now, he is love and love is radha, Radha and him are same. He continues his explanation.

Jatila burns half coin in ground and thinks her work is done, she tells Ayan that his problem Krishna is

out of his way now. Ayan says her that she does not know Krishna, when he can get Bhairav and Sudevi’s wedding even with everyone’s opposition, he can do anything, he will not go out of Barsana until Radha kicks him out. She asks him to provoke Radha then.

Radha sadly blows all the lamps reminisces her father telling that he does not want to bear insult because of his daughter and his friend has to leave Barsana today because of Sudevi’s Bhairav’s incident. Ayan walks to her and provokes her against Krishna that he will spread trick of love in whole Barsana if he stays here, she should sen d him out. They hear Krishna playing bansuri and provokes Radha that he is trying to hypnotize youngters to fall in love. Radha angrily walks to Krishna and confronts him that because of him, her father does not trust her anymore, he is spreading false love in whole Barana and should leave Barsana soon, she hates him to the core and does not want to see her face. Krishna sadly listens to her. She laves after venting out her anger.

Ayan enters next and taunts Krishna that Radha hates him and he does not have any option than leaving Barsana now. Krishna laughs. Ayan asks if he has lost his mind in Radha’s love. Krishna says he will lave Barsana as Radha wants him, but Radha will herself come to him. Ayan continues that he does not have any place to go now, if Gokul vasis go into jungle, they will die via animals and if they go in desert, they will die in thirst.

Krishna gives moral gyan that some of us think we are useless, but in this world, there is nothing useless in this world, there is no word which cannot be part of mantra, no plant which cannot be part of medicine, etc, only person’s thinking makes them worth or unworthy

Precap: Krishna tells Balram that Radha has to start her journey via fevar.
Kans orders Bakasur bird to end Krishna. Baksur destroys Barsana.

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