RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Disappoints Nand Baba

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After Balram confesses that Krishna is behind all the issues, Jatila starts spilling her venom that Bhairav did a sin by trying to spoil Barsana’s dignity and Krishna is a bigger sinner for supporting Bhairav and planning the drama, so he should be kicked out of Barsana. People back her. Nand says Krishna is his son, so he will go out of Barsana with whole Gokul; he trusted Krishna so much till now and he was his pride, but today he made his head bent. Yashoda confronts Krishna next and asks what deficiency she had in her love that he took wrong path. Krishna stands sadly. Radha apologizes Yashoda for exposing Krishna’s truth as she wanted to protect her friend from being insulted

Vrishbhan orders to stop and asks Sudevi if she loves Bhairav. Sudevi afraid of Bhairav’s

life and her parents’ dignity lies that she does not know Bhairav. Vrishbhan requests groom’s father to reconsider marriage. Father agrees and says culprit should be punished though. Vrishbhan orders to give 100 lashes to Bhairav. Bhairav is thrown on floor by Ayan and lashed. Bhairav calls god/hari for help. Krishna bears same lashes and pain on his body. Radha confronts Krishna if he is enjoying seeing his friend in trouble. Balram requests Krishna to stop taking pain on himself. Krishna says he is hari, so he is supporting Bhairav’s help request, he did not come here to reunite 2 lovers, but to explain love.

Sudevi unable to see Bhairav’s pain stops Ayan holding lash and warns to dare lash Bhairav again and confesses that she loves Bhairav and was quiet fearing Bhairav’s life and his parent’s dignity. She is equally responsible and would bear half off Bhairav’s lashes. Everyone stand shocked.. Krishna says Sudevi realized love now, means she realized Krishna..

Krishna gives moral gyaan writing soil on soil saying he has a reason behind it and writes water on water, asks why he can’t see what he wrote; it difficult to write on water and easy to write on soil; similarly it is difficult to make relationships, but difficult to follow them; if they want to follow relationship.

Precap: Radha confronts Krishna that love is pain. Krishna says no. She asks him to leave Barsana forever. Vrishbhan asks Radha to promise she will marry wherever he asks her to.

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