RadhaKrishn 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna, Balram Have A Tough Time

RadhaKrishn 23rd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna laughs seeing Radha’s color smeared face. Blram asks why is he laughing. Krishna points towards Radha. He also laughs. Villagers also laugh seeing her. Ayan tries to inform her, but Radha signals him to stop and asks villagers to discuss their ordeal. A man alleges another man that he stole his cow, laughing. Another man laughing says he did not. Radha asks why are they all laughing. Ayan shows her mirror. She walks away angrily. Everyone continue laughing. Balram tells Krishna that he went extreme. Krishna says he just wanted to play holi with Radha, but she herself made a joke out of her. Radha washes her face and determines to teach Krishna a lesson. Kirtida serves water to Krishna and Balram and says she will serve food for them soon. Balram’s mouth waters remembering

his favorite food. Kirtida serves them food and tells Krishna that he went overboard to play prank with Radha, now Radha will not spare him, so they should finish food and leave soon. She describes an incident then a boy plays prank with her and how she took revenge. Balram gets tensed seeing Radha walking towards them and rushes.

Radha follows Krishna and Balram and hits stone to a pot. Dirt falls towards them, but they escape. Radha follows them and repeatedly throws dirt on them. They escape repeatedly. Radha surrounds them with her friends and throws dirt, they escape again and dirt falls on her friends. She finally pushes Krishna into dirt. Krishna rolls himself into dirt. Radha says she took her revenge, Krishna applied color on her and she applied dirt on his whole body. Krishna walks to her smilingly and says he wanted her to play holi with him, be it dirt of color. He applies dirt on her face and wishing her happy holi, says there are 2 days left for holi and she will play properly holi with him by then. Radha walks away angrily.

Nand arranges holika dahan ritual. Vrindavan boys get wood from jungle. Balram gets big tree log while Krishna carries a few sticks on his shoulder. Yashoda scolds boys that they bring small sticks while Balram brings big log for them. Nand announces whoever brings big logs will perform holika dahan. Krishna hearing that takes log from Balram and acts as himself bringing it. Yashoda praises Krishna and says he will perform holika dahan.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that his father says one should not play holi wiith dirt or smoke, even then he played dirt holi with Radha, reason is just like by clearing dirt from face, their face glows, he tried to remove arrogance from Radha’s mind.

Precap: Krishna performs holika dahan with Radha and says holika dahan is complete and even Radha’s arrogance is burnt in it. Radha plays lathmaar holi with Krishna.

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