RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Is Banished

RadhaKrishn 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aristasur apologizes Krishna and says he thought he can fool Krishna into religion disguised as bull. Krishna says religion is for one’s betterment and not otherwise and continues his moral gyaan. Aristasur requests to give him moksh/emancipation now and says Jai Sri Krishna. Krishna asks to take full name if he wants moksh. Aristasur repeats. Krishna gives him moksh, then takes flower from tree, thanks it for giving flower for Radha and walks down mountain. Jatila watches via binocular and thinks Krishna killed Aristasur and brought flower for Radha, but a big trouble is waiting for him.

Radha eagerly waits for Krishna. Balram says Krishna will come down and give her flowers, then she can express her love for Krishna; he will go and inform their parents and arrange for their marriage.

Radha shies. He leaves. Krishna walks to Radha and says he brought flower for her. Radha stares at him nervously. Krishna asks if she has to say something. She nervously says she has to.. Krishna’s friends rush calling him and inform that Vrishbhan has called him and his parents.

Krishna with Radha reaches Vrishbhan’s house. Radha asks Vrisbhan why did he call Krishna. Vrishbhan shouts he did a big sin by killing a bull even being a cowherd. Radha asks if he has any proof. Vrishbhan shows Krishna’s ring. Jatila and Ayan smirk. Nand asks Krishna if he really killed a bull. Krishna agrees that he killed bull as it attacked him repeatedly even after his warning, so he had to kill bull in self-defense. Jatila says though he killed bull in self-defense it is most heinous crime and hence Krishna has to purify himself by taking holy dip in 7 rivers and should go away form here right away before he impures any place. Vrishbhan says Jatila is right. Nand says Krishna did a mistake in self-defense and does not need such a cruel punishment, he will be away from his family for years. Vrishbhan says Jatila is right and Krishna has to leave right now. Radha thinks Krishna is punished because of her and tries to speak, but Krishna stops her and walks away greeting everyone.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they must be thinking sometimes what is love, how to understand it, answer is until they experience it, they cannot understand it; to understand it, they have to sacrifice attraction, self, arrogance, etc.., then their love will be with them always.

Precap: Mahadev enjoys Radha and Krishna’s Raas Leela. Parvathi asks why don’t he go there himself and enjoy. Mahadev says he will then. Radha and Krishna continues dancing among Gopis.

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  1. Again i m the first commentor….
    Today episode was not amazing why the goid one always come the talks of evil ….well let it be……….
    While promo is nice …. and it will be amazing to see radhakund and krishnkund history

    Love u radhakrishn… best serial

    1. Yeah.. Shyamkund and radhakund story is on the way.. He will never go away from Vrindavan..

  2. I really liked thr new mukut of Krishna from the promo.. Especially their final pose in promo..
    Kudos to team Radhakrishn..

  3. I really enjoy this show even though not been a Hindu by religion. The lessons through this show is amazing. A complete package of wisdom, music, innocence and knowledge. I salute the writers and the creative team for producing such a beautiful show with talented young actors.
    I have been in search of such a show for such a long time and finally I have found this one which is an inspiration to watch. In my opinion, the best show till now.

  4. The new look is amazing…………….love both radha rani and lord krishna

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