RadhaKrishn 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Vs Aristasur

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Krishna asks Radha not to worry, he will bring flower for her, it is impossible that a friend requests something and he does not fulfill it. Vishakha tells Radha that Krishna loves her for sure. Radha says if he brings flower for her, then he loves her for sure. Krishna walks away thinking he loves Radha from ages. Balram walks with Krishna asks why he thinks his is love and Radha’s is attraction. Krishna says he will prove him and asking him to wait walks on mountain.

Ayan stops Vishakha and asks what is she doing here. Vishaka says she came to speak to Jatila aunty. Ayan asks then why she is going without speaking and insists to tell what she is up to. Vishakha gets afraid and reveals Jatila’s plan. Ayan confronts Jatila why did she hide her plan, Radha will go more closer

to Krishna this way, what is her plan. Jatila says she will not reveal it as Krishna may find it, she will sacrifice Radha or Krishna or anyone to save her son.

Radha thinks if Krishna brings flower for her, she should accept that she loves him. Krishna hears that and thinks Radha is still having attraction and not love. Radha prays Narayan to protect Krishna and send him back to her whether he gets flower or not. Krishna thinks friend’s wish is his order, he will return to her safe. He climbs mountain and escapes from falling boulder. He sees flower on tree. Monster bull Aristasur emerges in front of him and throws boulder again. Krishna punches boulder and turns into powder. Aristasur says kid is very powerful, but he did a mistake by coming here. Krishna says whoever attacked him till now were sent by his mama/uncle Kans, but Aristasur himself went to take permission from Kans. Aristasur says Krishna killed many Asurs. Krishna Arist means trouble, he wants to trouble, but himself is in trouble now. Aristasur attacks, and Krishna throws him far way with his punch. Aristasur says a cowherd cannot kill bull so he came disguised as bull.

Radha’s friends walk away bored. Radha says she will stay here for sometime. Balram walks to Radha and asks whom she is waiting. She says no one, she is just enjoying nature. Balram says here Krishna came. Radha excitedly turns. Balram taunts she is waiting for Krishna and he knows she loves Krishna. She stands nervously. Balram says even Krishna loves her. She excitedly asks is it. Balram says that is what he is trying to explain Krishna. Radha shies. Balram says Krishna went to get flower for Radha for her love.

Krishna warns Aristasur to return back, else he will be punished. Aristasur says Krishna did not punish Hastin as he came disguised as bull, even he came disguised as bull. Krishna says Aristasur purposefully came disguised as bull, punishment is for sure. Aristasur attacks Krishna. Krishna repeatedly punishes him down and finally knocks him down.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they will find many people in the world who will tell what they have to do, but very few will tell what they should not do; one they should not promise in happiness, in happiness they get overemotional and then repent; second never answer in anger, their wrong words will bring trouble to them later; they should not take any decision in sorrow; hence, they should promise, answer, and decide only after thinking elaborately.

Precap: Krishna brings flowers for Radha. Vrishbhan alleges Krishna that he did a big mistake and has to leave Barsana.

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