RadhaKrishn 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha To Test Krishna

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Vrishbhan thanks Jatila for informing them about Radha. Jatila says if Radha had gone to temple, why did not she inform beforehand and says what if someone else had seen Radha going out of house at midnight, whole Barsana would have badmouted about Radha. She continues that Vrishbhan did not understand his daughter well. Vrishbhan askswhat does she mean. Jatila says with her experience she can tell when an unmaarried woman goes to temple to calm her mind,it is time to get her married. Kirtida says it is not right. Vrishbhan says Jatila is right, she is our well wisher; he will find a perfect match for Radha soon. Jatila thinks she will have a peaceful nap after a long time tonight. Radha feels guilty hearing her father’s trust on her.

Radha informs Vishakha about her ordeal.

Vishakha that means she loves Krishna and even Krishna loves her. Radha says is her good friend and does not love her. Vishakha suggests her to test Krishna and if he succeeds in it, it is proved Krishna loves her.

Krishna lays flower plants with Balram. Balram says in wedding, people enjoy more than bride and groom. Krishna says yes. Balram asks then why no one is enjoying Krishna and Radha’s love story. Krishna says it is not love, just friendship. Balram says he will prove it and says Krishna dirtied his hands. Radha says she will clean it and pours water on Krishna’s hands staring at his face smilingly. Krishna says it is done. She walks away smiling and sits looking at him. Balram says Radha is madly in his love and if one loves someone, attraction is obvious. Krishna says he will prove that attraction should be ended with tough decisions.

Vrishbhan informs his friend about his decision to get Radha married and asks to find a match for Radha. Friend says it is a nice decision, but how did he take such a big decision in a hurry. Ayan hears their conversation and stands shocked. Vrishbhan reveals that Jatila make him realize that Radha has attained marriage age. Ayan walks to confront Jatila and sees her praising Vishakha for misleading Radha and rewarding her.

Krishna tells Balram their presence is result of their past deeds. Radha thinks he is right, she has to know Krishna’s past to know if he loves her or not. Vishakha tells Radha that she heard there is a very beautiful flower on nearby mountain’s peak. Krishna says even he heard about it. Vishakha says Krishna will go there now. Friends say it is very dangerous to climb that mountain, nobody should go. Krishna says he will get it and thinks he know what is there. A wild monster bull is shown.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that one gets a question in mind what they cannot get in this world; wealth, youth, respect, love; answer is one’s own mistake which nobody else gets and person will not accept it, but whoever accepts his/her mistake, nothing is impossible for him, so one should be confident and accept their mistake and try to correct them, their life will be peaceful.

Precap: Krishna climbs moutain. A wild bull attacks him. He stops bull.

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