RadhaKrishn 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Accuses Krishna

RadhaKrishn 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sudevi’s father asks Bhairav who is he. Bhairav says he is Bhairav and he loves Sudevi, wants to marry him. Father asks Sudevi if she knew about it. Sudevi stammers. Father says enough, Bhairav spoilt Barsana’s dignity, he will not spare Bhairav. He with his team heads towards Bhairav with weapons when Radha stops them and says Bhairav is just a puppet, puppeteer is someone else. She asks Krishna to speak. Krishna asks how does he know. Radha asks if he did not kidnap groom and replaced him with Bhairav to get Sudevi and Bhairav’s marriage. Krishna says just like Sudevi does not Bhairav is behind sehra, even he did not know. He says Radha lifted sehra and she stopped marriage, she should be knowing truth.

In a room, Ayan wakes up and finds groom lying unconscious there. Krishna

continues acting. Radha asks to stop acting, it may be a game for him, but life’s issue for 2 people. Groom’s father asks where is his son. Ayan enters and says Krishna kidnapped groom and exchanged him with Bhairav. Krishna continues acting and cries on Yashoda’s shoulder. Yashoda warns Ayan to stop alleging Kanha without any evidence. Jatila says her son does not lie. Ayan says groom will tell truth, he will take them to groom.

Bhairav pleads Krishna to do something, he agreed to marry Sudevi on his assurance. Krishna says when his lady love herself is not speaking, how can he save him. Radha says stop his lies, let us go and check groom. They all walk venue and see Balram and Krishna’s friends unconscious with hands tied. Krishna runs to Balram and wakes him up crying. Balram wakes up and hugs Krishna pleading to save him. Krishna asks who tied him. Balram says Ayan hit his friends and even groom till they fell unconscious and tied them here. Ayan says he is lying. Balram says he is not. Radha thinks both brothers are wicked, she needs to do something. She takes Balram and keeping his hand on his mother’s head asks him to tell truth now. Balram agrees that he did all this on Krishna’s insistence.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human thinking, whatever will happen, one cannot think; sometimes we judge people and considers themselves inferior; they should look at their family as they would be most important for their family and should be happy.

Precap: Vrishbhan orders to give 100 lashes to Bhairav. Ayan lashes Bhairav smirking. Marks appear on Krishna’s back. Radha asks if he enjoys seeing others in trouble. Balram asks Krishna to do something. Krishna says he did not come to unite lovers, but to explain love.

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