RadhaKrishn 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna;s Raas Leela

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Radha walks to Krishna hearing his bansuri and sits next to him. After Krishna finishes playing bansuri, he smiles at her. Radha asks what is special in her that he chose her and got her rid off her fear. Krishna says that is because and disappears. Radha wakes up from sleep and realizes she was dreaming, thinks may be it was dream, but her question was right and she needs to talk to Krishna. She hears Krishna’s bansuri and rushes towards door, then thinks Baba told not to get out of house at night. She sees girls walking towards Krishna’s bansuri sound, hypnotgized, and herself follows them apologizing Vrishbhan saying even other girls have gone there.

Jatila also walks out of house hearing bansuri sound and shouts who is playing bansuri at this time, stop it. She sees Radha

running and realizes she is running towards Krishna, thinks her work is eased now and she should inform Vrishbhan about it. Krishna playing bansuri thinks it is his and Radha’s Raas Leela night. Radha reaches him. Jatila follows her. Krishna does his leela and blinds Jatila with bright light. Jatila thinks what magic is this, why can’t she see anything. Krishna says only who has love in their heart can see Krisha and Radha’s raas leela and not the one with dirty mind.

Gopis ask Krishna which place is this. Krishna says this is raas leela place and very special. Gopis ask what he means. He says they are very special than his friends and are called Gopis. Gopis thank him for showing him this place, now they are called Krishna’s gopis. Radha stands jealously. Gopis ask Krishna to play bansuri and let them dance. Radha tells Krishna that she needs to talk him something important. Krishna ignores her and playss bansuri while Gopis dance around him. Krishna also joins them.

Jatila rushes to Vrishbhan and calls him and Kirtida. Vrishbhan walks out and asks if everything is alright, why she came at mid night. She says disasters happen at midnight, she saw Radha going out of house at this time, don’t know where she was going. Vrishbhan warns that she is alleging Radha, she must be dreaming. Jatila says she is not deraming, it was definitely Radha. Vrishbhan says Radha will not break his rules. Krishna continues dancing with gopis while Radha heart broken watches him and thinks what happened to him, why he is going away from her. Krishna thinks this is the difference between his love and Radha’s attraction, he dances with her even being away from her and she goes away from him even being near him. Radha angrily walks away and finds Krishna inn front of him. Krishna asks if she is going somewhere. Radha says gome, he is busy dancing with Gopis and does not have time for her. Krishna says he has time only for her. She asks then why was he dancing/performing raas with Gopis. He says raas leela will start only when Radha starts.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that he will ask 3 question to them, one is who smiles even after being attack repeatedly, their answer would be earth or tree, second is who will understand them without a word and help them, their answer would be brother or friend, third one is which god consumes poison himself and gives them life, they must be thinking Madhadev. All 3 answers are wrong, true answer is mother who bears their hits and gives them happiness, feeds them milk, protects them, they should never forget their mother.

Precap: Radha and Krishna’s raas leela starts. Lord Shiva smiles at them.
When Radha returns home, Kirtida asks where did she go without informing them.

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