RadhaKrishn 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ayan’s Ploy Lands Vrishbhan In Trouble

RadhaKrishn 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha tells Kirtida that Krishna gifted her kheer, even she wants to gift him butter prepared from her hand. Kirtida leaves. Radha starts churning butter. Ayan watches hiding jealously. Krishna smiles sitting in his house. Radha fills pot with butter and tries to close lid. Krishna extends his hand to stop her. Radha thinks she should taste if butter is sweet or not. She tastes butter. Krishna reminisces Radha tasting butter first and then feeding him in golok. Ayan fuumes that he has to separate Radha and Krishna and will start with ending Vrishbhan and Nand’s friendship.

Balram tells Krishna that he is getting butter in return of kheer and he calls it attraction. Krishna says he will find out soon. Yashoda brings butter for Krishna. Krishna says he is not hungry. Balram

asks him to have tasty butter and says he will not have butter from Maiya’s hand. Yashoda hears that and asks what did he say. Krishna says he will in the morning. Yashoda leaves. Krishna tells Balram that he will have butter from Radha’s hand in the morning.

Vrishbhan loads grocery and butter for Kans. Radha walks to him and says she churned butter for Krishna whole night and will give it to him before it turns sour. Kirtida says she thought Radha would not inform her baba. Radha says she will always and leaves. Villager informs Vrishbhan that there is a big problem. Jatila says butter loaded for Kans spoilt, what will they send now.

Radha with her friends carries butter for Krishna. Vishaka says whatever Krishna is doing for her is love and not friendship and explains in detail. Radha stands shocked. Vrishbhan gets tensed hearing butter kept for Kans spoilt. Nand enters and says until his friend is there, he need not worry. Radha tells her friend that Krishna is her friend and not love. They see a few men forming ladder and Krishna running and climbing them to reach tree. He plucks fruits and throws them on his friends. Radha smiles. Krishna throws mango towards Radha. Vishaka catches it. Radha asks to return her fruit. Vishaka says she accepted mango from Krishna in seconds and even scolded her, it is absolutely love. Radha says never.

Nand gifts butter to Vrishbhan. Barsana vasis praises Nand. Ayan signals Jatila. Jatla murmurs something in her husband’s ears. He stands tensed. On the other side, Radha walks to Krishna and says she churned butter whole night for him. He asks is it and takes butter pot. They look into each other’s eyes.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human and pride are 2 diferent thinks, pride keeps them strong and overpride destroys them.

Precap: Ayan shows Vrishbhan that Nand is speaking to a man who spoilt grocery. Radha and Krishna play hide and seek.

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