RadhaKrishn 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: What Is Ayan Up To?

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Radha gets angry when Krishna goes to play with his friends leaving her. Balram passes by and asks why she looks angry. Radha says he should ask his brother itself, Krishna went to play with his friends leaving her alone. Balram says even he is angry on Krishna as she herself saw how he twisted words in the morning and taunted that I am eager for marriage, she should take promise from Krishna that he will not go away from her until she permits. Balram then searches Krishna and sees him playing with his friends and Ayan, shouts at Ayan how dare he is to come here. Krishna says Ayan is their friend now. Balram says Ayan cannot be anyone’s friend. Ayan says it is obvious that nobody trusts him after his previous ill deeds. Krishna asks Balram to forgive Ayan and befriend him. Balram angrily

walks away.

Ayan returns to Jatila and shouts why did she ask him to befriend Krishna and tell he does not want Radha, he felt as if 1000 arrows hit him. Jatila says they cannot defeat Krishna by power and have to betray him with friendship. On the other side, Balram asks Krishna why did he befriend Ayan. Krishna says he is present everywhere, so he had to forgive Ayan. Balram says Ayan will betray and back stab him. Krishna says it is Ayan’s problem, not his. Balram asks him to go and meet Radha as she is angry on him. Krishna says looks like he is Radha’s dear one than him. Balram says yes and asks to stop ignoring his love. Krishna meets Radha and after a long nok jhok Radha asks Krishna to promise he will come whenever she calls him. He agrees.

Jatila and Ayan meet Kans who says he knows how their plan failed and who took Gopadevi and Baldevi to Barsana. Jatila says Vyomasur did not wait for a day till he marries Radha and showed his real motto, so he got killed. Kans says he will punish her now for failing. She says he should listen to her plan once and says it is difficul to kill Krishna with enemity, so her son will befriend Krishna and disconnect him with his friends and even Balram and get Krishna’s blind trust on him, then he will back stab Krishna. Kans says her idea is good, but if she fails he will expose her truth in front of Vrishbhan.

Radha calls Krishna again. They spend whole day with each other playing. Krishna plays bansuri while Radha rests on his shoulder. Radha realizes its night and dark. Krishna picks lamp and says until Radha does not close her eyes, how can it be dark. Moon emerges spreading light.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that he is amused with ant’s efforts, it builds her house after many attempts, but even after ant dies, its house stays for years; similarly one gets success in life after much hard work and not instantly, so one should keep working hard until they succeed.

Precap: Radha insists Krishna to spend whole day with her. Krishna tells Balram that Radha is getting possessive and he needs to stop her.

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