RadhaKrishn 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Friendship Rules

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Radha confronts Krishna why is he ignoring her, what wrong did she do. Krishna says she tricked him already by making fake friendship, who know she is repeating it. Radha says she was before, not now, she really wants to befriend him. He asks what it the guarantee. Radha says he should befriend her with his conditions. In Matura, Kans panics hearing Krishna is still alive and rises sword to behead Ayan. Jatil stops him and says they came to discuss new plan. Kans says a heinous woman is daring to speak in front of him and wants to explain new plan, who is she. Jatila says she will bring Radha here. Kans says he needs Krishna. Jatila says Krishna’s soul is in Radha, if she brings Radha here, Krishna will definitely come here. In jungle, Krishna says he will think about her proposal,

if she is sure about it. Radha says yes, he can befriend her with his conditions. Krishna says he will think about it and leaves.

Kans asks Jatila if Krishna will really come here behind Radha. Jatila says yes. Kans says if she really brings Radha, he will reward her. Jatila says she will separate Radha and Krisnna and bring her here. Kans laughs and says she has 15 days to fulfill her promise, gives her black magical powers and sends her away. Ayan asks her why did she do this, she knows that he wants to get Radha. Jatila says he will get Radha once Krishna is killed. She thinks Krishna has to die for sure now as she cannot sacrifice her son for krishna. They return home. Jatila worriedly says they have 15 days. Her husband enters and asks what will happe after 15 days, what did Mathura vaidya say. Jatila says if Ayan’s wound does not heal in 15 days, anything can happen to him. Husband tells Ayan that he loves him a lot and is worried about him, he wants him to get well soon.

Radha asks Radha to come soon and inform her decision. Krishna thinks Radha is so innocent, earlier she did not know him in fear, now she knows him but with attraction, he has to wait to reap a ripe fruit, soon Radha’s all barriers will clear and they will have only pure love. He says he is ready to befriend her with 3 conditions. Krishna says we get world’s all relationships by birth except friendship. Radha asks to tell his conditions, she will follow them religiously. Krishna says #1 is she should trust her friend without doubting him. Radha agrees. Krishna says #2 is if friend goes on wrong path, she should try to correct him instead of disconnecting with him. Radha agrees. Krishna says #3 is if friend calls, she should be present even if it rains or storms. Radha agrees. Krishna extends hand and takes her oath.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that since life came into picture, even hardship came into picture, with hardship, there is pain; warrior has to face attack, if they walk towards goal, they have to face blisters on their feet, so they should forget everything and start hardship.

Precap: Krishna gives kheer as gift to Radha. Radha rushes hearing Krishna’s bansuri. Vrishbhan asks her where is she going. She says Krishna is calling her. JKirtida says she used to hate Krishna before. Radha says she is Krishna’s friend now and he gifted her kheer.

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  1. This show is so pure, innocent, full of morals and amazing. Sumeedh as Krishna is more than perfect for this role and his Dhau is equally per par with Krishna. Their telepathy is so cute as well.
    Sumeedh’s acting as an innocent boy and his pranks with Radha are so cute and funny. He is an amazing actor.
    Watching this show in the evening eases all my stress of the day and relaxes me emotional and mentally. Thank you to the creators of this show.
    I just LOVE this show.

  2. But krishna leaves to mathura to slay kans leaving Radha in vrindavan right.. Jatila is the villain.. Arrgh.. How could she do this to radharani matha..

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