RadhaKrishn 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Ignores Radha

RadhaKrishn 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna returns home calling maiya/Yashoda. Radha stands smiling at him. He takes butter and starts munching it and asks Radha why did she come here. She says to apologize and befriend him. He says she is wicked and cannot be his friend. She says her thinking has changed towards him. He says he cannot become her friend and have accepted her thanks, she can go now. He hugs Yashoda saying he will go and play with his friend and walks away while Radha calls him. Yashoda walks in telling Radha that they cannot be together forever. Krishna stands teary eyed.

Balram laughs on Ayan. Ayan says he is fool to think Krishna will be dearer to Radha than him. Balram asks if he is consoling himself, Radha ignored him and walked away, if Krishna will make Radha his, Radha told Krishna is not mayavi/magician

but Mohan/attractor; he can see Radha and Krishna’s future, Ayan should get already before Krishna takes away Radha. Ayan shouts he will never let that happen.

Jatila sits tensed reading Kans’s letter. Ayan returns and asks why she is so tensed. She gives him letter. He reads it. At Krishna’s house, Radha walks to Yashoda why she told Krishna and she cannot be friends. Yashoda says they both fight, Krishna left ignoring her. Radha says she is Krishna’s mother and give some tips. Yashoda says Krishna is innocent, he will not trust Radha after what she did till now. Radha says she will regain Krishna’s trust.

Jatila with Ayan heads towards Mathura saying why king Kans called them, what if they will also be killed by Kans hearing Agasur’s death news. Ayan assures her not to worry. Tehy reach Mathura and hearing people chanting Kans’ praises. Kans throws money on them. Jatila sys she thought there will be mourning here instead. Man serves sweets to them. Ayan asks why they are celebrating. Man says forecast boy who would kill Kans is dead now.

Radha walks behind Krishna calling him. He ignores her and meets Sudhama, girls, etc.. Radha thinks he is ignoring her and talking to everyone, she will not accept defeat easily. She stops Krishna. Krishna asks why she wants to befriend him after insulting him so many times. She says she cleared her misunderstanding now. He says he does not want to repeat same story and she should forget that she met Krishna in the past. Radha says it is not easy to erase him from her memory. Krishna stops shedding tears and says he is out of Radha’s memory long ago and reminiscing Radha telling Golok that she will forget him on earth says he came to return her memory and get her rid off her attractionn. Radha says he was always true, though his way was wrong, if he does not want to, it is better she goes away from him.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that wish, decision, determination look same; one should decide and determine, only then they will get whatever they want to.

Precap: Radha sees all her friend mesmerized with Krishna’s bansuri/flute sounds and warns them that nobody will befriend Krishna until she befriends him.

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