Radha Krishna (eternal love) intro


Hi dears ?.. Vanshika here with a brand new fan fiction on the eternal luv story of Radha Krishna.. The episodes will b a bit small than other fanfics of myn, but I hope ur valuable comments and suggestions will always ensure that I’ll do my best fr u.. So whenever u read, pls do leave a comment, whether criticism or appreciating. Now no more bak-bak, lets get started..

Evil Kansa, knowing that his kaal is alive, is again planning to somehow ruin the peace of gokula, and kill Krishna. Krishna has earlier ruined all of his plans, and bravely killed all of Kansas’s evil warriors, ensuring that the peace of the lovely Vrindavan doesn’t get spoiled ever. All the Gokul vasi love Krishna by heart, n always stay happy ?. No one is always sad in gokul, except a Seth Dhanu. Dhanu always wanted to become the leader of the village, bt couldn’t do so as Nanda Raja had already taken this place. So he never leaves even a single time to insult Nanda Raj, and is always indulged in the plans of the demon King Kansa..

All the villagers hear a melodious sound, which all of them know already.. This sound is none other than the melodies flute of Murli manohar, Krishna. Krishna tells Nanda raj that he is going to graze the cows with the cowboys.. Balram notices him extremely glad n asks him the matter..

Precap- A beautiful girl steps down from the chariot and goes towards the gardens.. Krishna sees her and says Radha…… Her mother asks her to stop.

This is the intro.. Hope u liked it. Thnx for reading..

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  1. Nyc and beautiful dear.

  2. Vanshika

    Thnx @ashnoor

  3. S.v

    its marvelous really nice dear and can you say me under which this ff is coming so that i can read it continuously lovely start

  4. Jay

    nice vanshu…..good….

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