Radha Krishna (eternal love) 9


The epi starts with Nanda raj preparing fr the MahaLakshmi pooja. The whole praja assembles there and does aarti of Lakshmi Narayan. They shower flowers on the idols. Krishna showers flowers on Radha. Radha looks at him n points him to shower flowers on the idols. Krishna continues to shower flowers on her. Radha holds his hand and makes him shower flowers on the idols. Krishna continuously looks at her while doing so.. Everyone else has closed eyes n r praying. Radha asks Krishna to close eyes. Krishna doesn’t listen n continues to gaze her. She gets annoyed n makes him close his eyes. He smiles ? n closes eyes.

Two days pass n the Gokul praja continue the MahaLakshmi Yagya.. Everyone r praying to MahaLakshmi Mata. The full moon arises in the sky n Krishna goes in the forest. He summons Dhrutasur. Dhrutasur comes there n laughs. Krishna says Dhrutasur ur tym is over! Dhrutasur Luks at the full moon n makes a security cover around him. Krishna throws a ball of fire ? to him n the demon freezes it. They continue the duel. Krishna throws a whirlpool towards Dhrutasur and it bounces away hurting him. Krishna falls down unconscious. Dhrutasur laughs…. He takes a large rock, the size of a mountain. Balram opens his eyes n says Kanhaa…… He doesn’t se Krishna anywhere n runs towards the forest. Dhrutasur throws the rock towards Krishna while Balram goes there n crashes the rock with his mace.. He says Dhrutasur… U conspirator!!!! U didn’t do ryt by hitting Krishna! U’ll get its result ryt now. Dhrutasur says u’ll meet the same fate as him. Balram gets angry n asks Krishna to wake up. He prays to MahaLakshmi. Dhrutasur laughs..

Did u get afraid lil child?? What’ll a child of 6 years do to me… Yashoda opens her eyes to find Krishna Balram missing. She gets tensed n informs it to Rohini. Rohini tells her nothin can happen to Krishna Balram till they’re together. MahaLakshmi appears there. Balram asks her to make Krishna conscious. MahaLakshmi uses her powers n makes him conscious. She says lyk Chambalasur died fr trying to kidnap me, Dhrutasur will die for trying to snatch me from Gokul. She appears b4 Dhrutasur who gets mesmerized and forgets abt the security shield. Balram tells Krishna to kill him. The sun will rise soon. Krishna attacks Dhrutasur n kills him. He asks MahaLakshmi to restore all Gokul’s wealth. They’re praying fr two days, MahaLakshmi smiles n all the pots come to their places…..

Krishna Balram go to Gokula n asks every1 to open their eyes. See MahaLakshmi is happy with our prayers. All the wealth is back.. N that Saint who was fooling people fled away. The Gokul praja take their wealth back n rejoice. Nanda raj says Dhanu.. U only told abt that saint ??? U’ll b punished. Dhanupati brings sum papers.
Gokul vasi, don’t b happy, u frgt that u all hv given me ur lands to meet that saint?? Everyone get shocked remembering it. Fb shows Dhanu asking Gokul ppl to put their thumb imprints on the paper, which ll make dhanu the owner of their lands. Only then they can meet the saint.. Fb ends. Krishna smiles ?.. Bt Dhanu kaka, nothing is written on the paper.. Dhanupati gets shocked n checks the papers. They’re empty. Krishna n Balram laugh. Dhanu sys u mayavi kid Krishna u have done it.. Krishna says hw could I do this kaka?? Everyone laugh n get happy..

Precap-Krishna tells Radha that till they don’t work together they can’t save the forest. All the kids of Gokul surround the trees. Dhanu is shocked

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