Radha Krishna (eternal love) 8


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The epi starts with Dhrutasur takes the form of a huge buffalo and destroys all the gardens n farms n crops in Gokul. He laughs evilly. Now there wont b a single grain to eat, nor a single coin to buy.. There’ll b famine.. Hhahaha..

Next morning..
Krishna n his friends r on a makhan chori adventure. They see subal’s father, going wid a pot on his head. Krishna says Subal, we’ll steal butter from every house in Gokul, so we wont spare ur father also… They laugh.. Radha n her friends r gathering flowers ?. They notice Krishna from the far end. Radha says ohho.. Look look.. In the pleasant morning only they started. N to target whom?? Omg subal’s father!! N luk at subal, who’s laughing lyk nothing… Her friends say that’s their daily job, why to worry, they’re mad fr butter.. Let that go Radha, lets collect flowers. Radha says ryt, who has gt tym to waste fr those thieves. Krishna aims n cracks the pot. Instead of butter, gold coins fall from the pot. Everyone gets shocked. Sudama says kanha, did u hit a naagmani that the butter gt converted into gold?? They laugh ?. Balram asks Subal where is kaka going wid so much money?? Subal has no clue. Krishna collects the coins n stops Kaka. He gives him the coins. Kaka gets annoyed.. What’re u doing?? Go go.. Go away.. Kaka thinks that sadhu said that anyone shouldn’t c me wen I’m taking money. Krishna understands everything. He says kaka, don’t u know , if you’ll keep Lakshmi on head, Lakshmi will vanish.. Kaka says shut up.. N leaves in a hurry. Subal says how’s that possibl??

Radha comes there. Krishna is saying ryt.. My maiyya also told me that if you’ll kip Lakshmi on head , Lakshmi will vanish.. Everyone get shocked n glare Radha while Krishna is smiling ?. Radha says wat happened?? Why’re you lookin like that?? Never saw b4? Sudama says v hv seen u b4.. Balram says bt NT supporting kanha.. Hw this wonder. Radha denies.. I’m not supporting this makhan chor.. I’m jus telling what’s ryt. My maiyya says v should support ryt always. Everyone laughs while subal is crying. Radha says wat kinda person u r? Luk subal is crying n ur laughing ?. Krishna says subal, don’t worry, Lakshmi will go, then it’ll come back.. They laugh ?. Radha says they’ll never improve, lets go, n leaves with the gopis..

The hypnotized gokul ppl take all their money ? n bury it in different places..
Nanda is sittin in sabha while Vrishbhan comes there.. Nanda raj, Yashoda rani, have u seen Kriti anywhere?? Yashoda says no , I jus was coming to ask u where she’s from morning.. Radha says maiya wasn’t there wen I woke up. She gets tensed. Krishna says kaka don’t worry maybe she has gone in the forest or Yamuna bank. Yashoda goes to cuk food. Kriti is shown burying al her wealth.. Five men cum sadly ? ? ?.. Nanda raj… Nanda raj… Big loss.. Very big loss..v lost every thing.. Al our crops r ruined. Evry1 gt shocked ?. Yashoda comes out. There isn’t single grain in the kitchen. Everyone gets shocked. Nanda , Vrishbhan go with some men to the farms n get shocked to see the destruction. In whole Gokul there isn’t single grain to eat. The ppl who went to bury their wealth return. Asur takes back the hypnotism..

They don’t remember anything n loose all their wealth. Nanda sys what’s happening.. Where’s all d food n money?? Asur laughs evilly. Purohit sees the kundli n says there’s big prob on Gokul. Only maha Lakshmi can save us from it. We’ve to do yagna fr next two days..

Precap-Dhrutasur makes security shield in front of him. Krishna attacks him n his powers bounces. He falls down n gets unconscious.

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