Radha Krishna (eternal love) 7


The epi starts with Kansa sleeping ?. He dreams that Krishna comes n kills him with his Sudarshin chakra. Kansa wakes up with a startle n goes to shukracharya. Will you do something when that Krishna will kill me??¿¿ shukracharya shows him something in the magical mirror. A ferocious demon shouts Brahma! Vishnu! Mahesh! I’ll kill you three!! I, Dhrutasur will revenge the death of my father, Chambalasur!! Swarglok will b mine, only mine! N that’ll start with killing you Vishnu! Oops, I must say that’ll start by killing you Krishna.. I’m coming to destroy your beloved Gokula, Krishna! Kansa smiles ?. Ghor aanand! Dhrutasur changes himself into a saint ?. Now there’ll b famine in Gokula!

The start of a new bright day in gokul, with the flute of Krishna, wakes up everyone in Gokul. The saint aka dhrutasur comes to Gokul. Seth Dhanupati comes n tries to open the cows so they run away n Krishna gets scolded. Krishna sees him. Dhanu kaka what’re you doing¿? Don’t u know that if u try to open the cows in early morning, you’ll turn into a cow ??? Dhanu says shut up u dusht, I’ll do wat I feel lyk. Go away. Krishna smiles n goes away. The cowboys come there n laugh seeing dhanu. Dhanu says what’s it?? Shut up. Go away. A boy says kaka, I think after grooming the cows you yourself have become a cow. Dhanu says what?? He looks himself in the milk pot n gets shocked seeing two horns on top of his head. He rushes towards the forest. N reaches the ashram of that asur/rishi. He says this seems like the ashram of a very renowned saint. He gets in n says maharaj, maharaj help me. Asur says sahukar Dhanupati, this is your name? Dhanu says you’re great.. Pls remove these horns from top of my head ? Saint says which horns. Dhanu Luks himself in the pond n gets shocked to c everything normal. He says Krishna I’ll nt leave u ??.
Asur Saint asks him to bring at least one member of each family in Gokul without informing the others.. Dhanu does the same ..

Almost half of Gokul is assembled there, including Radha’s mom Kriti. The asur saint ? calls the ppl one by one inside the hut, and hypnotizes them to take all the wealth from their houses secretly, n bury it deep inside the forest……
Yashoda serves food to Krishna n balram. Balram asks her for more rice. Yashoda smiles and says I’ll bring more. She goes,.
Krishna-Dau, do u remember how much mama Sri loves us??
Balram -yes.. What new toy has he sent fr us now?
K-terrific toy, Dhrutasur..

B-Haha ? terrificccc.. I’ll play with him.
K-yessss, bt after three days..
B-1..2..3.. OMG three days??
K-yessss. U can only play wid him on poornima/new moon night ?.
B-why?? Is it in special packaging??
K-yes.. He can change form, he can get invisible, he is the synonym of destruction. He has gt a curse that his powers will fail on poornima. Soooo Gokul will have to face famine fr three days.. Balram is shocked ?

Precap-Vrishbhan asks Nanda raj if he’s seen Kriti. Five men come n tell Nanda raj that their whole crops r destroyed. Yashoda tells Nanda that there’s not even a single grain in d kitchen.

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