Radha Krishna (eternal love) 6


The epi starts with Radha bringing a bowl of butter fr Krishna. Krishna smiles. Radha takes the butter. Krishna opens his mouth. Radha runs away… Krishna chases her. Everyone laugh ?. Radha stops n applies the butter on Krishna’s face. He points towards his mouth n says here. Radha finally feeds him. Everyone smile ?. Anila sur diverts the attention of the mad elephant ? towards Gokul n laughs.

Radha tells her friends/gopis to go towards the garden ? to play. They all go towards the garden chatting. Vrishbhan warns them to b safe from the elephant, bt they’re all gone…

Balram comes to Krishna. He says I’ll kill that mad elephant, cos of him I gt injured. Fb shows balram going armed with his mace to kill the elephant. Hearing the elephant’s sound he heads to kill him while a tree falls on his foot. Fb ends. Krishna sys I’d already told you NT Toooo kill that elephant. Balram sys he’s ruining the forest. Krishna says he’s saving lives n our Gokul. Balram asks him to b silent. It’s enough now, I don’t care I’ll kill that elephant. Krishna shouts stop dau…… N follows balram.

Radha tells her friends to play hide n seek. The gopis hide in the garden behind the trees . Radha closes her eyes n starts counting.. Krishna n balram come there . Balram hears the sound of the elephant n says that elephant is nearing his death. I’ll kill him. Krishna sys noooo.. Balram sys yessssss.. The mad elephant comes there in front of Radha. The gopis get afraid n shout. Krishna sys Radha….. N holds her hand. He pulls her away. Balram takes his mace n attacks the elephant. Krishna holds his mace. Balram gets angry ?. The elephant goes away.. The gopis r shocked. Radha thnx Krishna n goes with the gopis. Balram shouts at Krishna fr NT letting him kill the elephant. Krishna asks him to have patience, you’ll find alll soon. Balram says I’m not as patient s u, I can’t…… Krishna says ok, wait till night. Nanda n all d Gokul men go in the forest in order to stop the fire ? n the elephant. They divide into two groups. Balram sys I’ve seen the elephant. Everyone get shocked. Krishna says he means that v heard the sound of the elephant, soo v cn tell u where he exactly is… Balram says yes.. He maybe in that direction. They go there n r shocked to see the fire stopped already. Krishna smiles. The elephant goes away in the episode direction. Kansa looks on fully loaded with shock…. Noooo.. How it’s possible!!!!! My plan,,,.. Can’t still… Fail lyk that…. He shouts at Shukracharya.

Nanda says it seems lyk the path made by the elephant had stopped the fire. The trees have been destroyed lyk dat the fire was unable to spread… Seth Dhanupati is angry ?. Maharaj Kansas’s plans fail every time. Vrishbhan says the elephant who we were trying to catch was in reality trying to save us only. Balram says ooh.. That’s y you were stopping me from killing that elephant. Krishna nods. Balram sys you always talk in riddles, why? Krishna sys u won’t understand,.. Nanda tells everyone to go to their homes..

Precap- A ferocious demon says Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, I’ll kill you three.. I’ll revenge my father’s death, n that’ll start with u Vishnu.. He disguises as a saint ?. Krishna n his friends hit a pot. Gold falls from it…

Pls comment dearies.. I’ll try to update on Sunday. ???? thnx fr reading ?.

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  1. Astra

    Ur fiction is too cool yar… This is not real stry right, ur own fiction… Wow, it’s very beautiful dear. The scenes b/w krishna and radha are divine….. ???

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx diii its half fiction n half real, l tk sum scenes from Bhagavad Puran n others r fiction.. Thnx alot ??

      1. Astra

        Ur wlcm dear… If possible msg me when u post the nxt part

    2. Vanshika

      Ofc dear dii ? I’ll msg u wen Il update this one wid d asvi fanfic on Sunday ?

  2. Leela purushottam and his riddles?
    Balaraman like lakshman na anger on his nose.? Adisesha sucks out poison within us but without Narayan their anger might do what not ?
    Exams over dear thanks for asking and u are the only sister in Skr family now as I dort know others
    Priya and thanmathi Di are there I guess and Skr fan is always there.

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx sanju dii ? yup priya , tanu dii n Padma di r there. Suchi , joy da r aslo there.. Nyc dt ur exams r over . My r nt over, they’ll b over on 5 October.. Yup balaram jus like Lakshman after all he’s adishesha only ?

    2. Priya15

      hiii….sanju….hw r u ??how is ur 10th gng sweetie????all the best…rock it…l see u soon….

  3. S.v

    Krishna and radha are a treat to watch. So this plan of kans has also been destroyed by krishna. Balram he is always shot tempered lol he asking krishna why do u always say riddles a true brotherhood bond. Lovely waiting for the next part on sunday. Love u soo much.

    1. Vanshika

      Yup.. Thnx alot dii fr commenting ? luv u tooooooo ? Kansas every plan is failing still that fool don’t get common sense.. Next epi Will b full of tension n humour..

  4. Priya15

    dear..i read all the parts at one go today..loved it to the core…amazing..i m speech less…hope after reading the ff..those people get some sense who speaks bad abt radhakrishna relationship..after this also they say there relationship is illegal r some thing..i l just say they dont know the meaning of true love….u r brilliant yr….

    1. Vanshika

      Omgggg priya dii!!!!! I’m sooo sooooo sooooo sooooo happy tooooooo seeeeeee you!!! Dii ur exams over??? Yup I hope those ppl who speak ill abt d eternal luv of Radha Krishna will get sum sense abt true love.. Thnx alot di!!!! Love you ?

      1. Priya15

        Ya dear… At last it’s over…. Luv u too… Tq??? bul gayi kya???

  5. Tiyasa

    Today only I read all of ur parts and they are simply fabbbbbbbbbbb.
    U have got an extraordinary power of writing beautiful fictional stories.
    I loved ur stories too much !!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot tiya cutie sweetie love you ?.. It’s just d love of all u friends that I’m able to write this..

  6. Anushya

    loved ur writing vanshu… u r the greatest ff writer ever! 🙂

    1. Vanshika

      Thnq soo soo soo soos much Anu dearie.. Love you ? ur luv will really Mk me greatest ff writer ever ???

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