Radha Krishna (eternal love) 4


the epi starts with radha going with her friends somewhere. She notices Krishna aiming at the pots of the gopis with a stone. She exclaims, see see what the makhan chor Krishna is doing. Butter starts dropping out from the pots and Krishna n his friends hv a nice time eating it. Radha’s friends tell radha that it’s Krishna’s daily routine. The gopis won’t get to know that their butter had been stolen till they’ll reach their homes n keep the pot down. Radha gets angry ?.. Tmrw Krishna will taste such butter he’ll remember throughout his lyf. Her friend Vishakha asks her to let it go.. You should try to save your butter instead of trying to teach Krishna a lesson.

R- I can teach Krishna a lesson.
V-What’ll b the plan??
R-whatever it’ll b, Krishna will never frgt it. N even you’ll remember his face then.
V-is that so?
R-yes it is.. Bt you’ll have to give me company.
Radha grinds the neem leaves. Kirti asks her what she’s upto. Radha tells her that she’s grinding neem leaves to teach Krishna a lesson. Kriti smiles n taunts her. Radha says that it’s my duty to make the son of my father’s friend a good boy. Kriti laughs n goes. Vishakha fills the pot with neem juice …..

Next day…..
Vishakha, along with two other lovely girls walk through the path where Krishna is already waiting with balram, sudama n subal. He hits the stones at the pots. milk n butter starts falling from the pots, shocking Radha ?.. Krishna n his friends enjoy the butter milk.. Krishna sees Radha n asks her to have butter. Radha says I won’t eat. Krishna-but its toooooo tasty ?..
Radha-but I had mixed neem juice in the butter..
Krishna -Does neem makes butter more sweet?
Radha -shut up.. How cum the butter is white?? Oh so you’ve exchanged the matkis.
Krishna-No I’ve not exchanged the pots.
Vishakha-these r indeed the same pots Radha…
Krishna-C I told u..
Radha-what magic did u use??
Krishna acts innocent ?. Taste the butter yourself. Seeing everyone enjoying the butter Radha puts her hand in the pot n eats the butter. It gets bitter. Radha angrily looks at Krishna. Vishakha brings water fr her. Radha looks at the butter which appears green. Krishna smiles innocently ? ?..

Radha goes to Yashoda n complains her that Krishna has broken the pots of the gopis and stolen butter.
Yashoda-Kanhaiya is it true??
Krishna-No mom, Radha had tried to punish ur Lalla. She had mixed neem leaves in the butter.. Bt by the grace of lord I was saved ?.
Radha angrily looks at Krishna ??.
Radha-but kaki it was my pot. I can fill whatever I wish in it…
Kriti comes n holds Radha’s ears. Yashoda, it was Radha only who mixed neem leaves in butter, in order to teach Krishna a lesson.. Our Radha isn’t innocent, she’s as mischievous as Krishna is.. Yashoda smiles. Radha Krishna’s friendship will b really nice…

Precap-Vrishbhan tells Nanda that it’s radha’s birthday, n he needs kadamb flowers fr ceremony, bt there wasn’t single flower in the forest. Radha wakes up by Krishna’s flute..

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  1. S.v

    Cute very cute indeed dear when krishna is tasting it is butter but when radha tastes it it is neem lovely leela of krishna eagerly waiting for the next part all the best for ir exams dear.

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot @s.v di.. Yup its the lovely Leela of Krishna, n also an indication that whenever u try to create prob fr sum1 u gt dat prob.. Next epi is gonna b more lovely… Thnx once again.. ?

  2. very sweet

  3. Tiyasa


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