Radha Krishna (eternal love) 38

The epi starts with Yashoda going, leaving Krishna balram locked in room. Balram says what to do now? Krishna says you go to see if the villagers are safe. My job is to make maiyya realize that her kanha can’t do anything like that. I know how to calm her down. And here (Krishna takes a bottle using magical powers) is the remedy for the poison of the snakes. Balram takes the bottle and goes out from room using his powers. Krishna reaches the kitchen and tells servants that he’ll cook the food for Yashoda. He starts cooking the food. Evil Krishna is hiding in kitchen with bottle of poison. I’ll ensure that you and your maiyya both die now.

Balram arrives where Nanda raj has taken all the villagers out of pit. Balram gives him the Medicine bottle and says that Vaidya Gave this. Nanda takes and puts two drops in everyone’s mouth. Al of them wake up in a split second. Nanda asks them how it happened. They reason tat Krishna did all this. Dhanupati smirks.

Krishna puts the food in a plate and evil Krishna makes the food and keeps in plate. Evil Krishna shouts in Radha’s voice..SAVE ME KANHA,. SAVE ME..!! Krishna smiles and goes out. Evil Krishna uses his magic and makes servants unconscious. He mixes poison in the food and water and goes out.. Krishna returns and takes food plate and goes in Yashoda’s room, who’s crying ?. Krishna wipes her tears and says what happened maiyya, why’re you crying? Yashoda scolds him and says why shouldn’t I? You know how much that Dhanupati insulted your father because of this deed of yours? Krishna says I didn’t do anything to harm someone. Yashoda says you did. Krishna thinks its no use of calling myself not guilty here, its of no use. Everyone stopped believing me because of that demon. He says I’m sorry for whatever I did, and I’ve tried my best to rectify the mistake. I sent dau with bottle of medicine. Yashoda asks who gave you medicine? Krishna says Vaidya raj.. And leave it maiyya have food. Yashoda says noooo. Krishna says please please please please please please please please please please please please please please….! Yashoda turns face other side and says no no .. Krishna leaves plate on table and says I ve committed very big crime that now I cant even feed my mother.. I can’t eat without my maiyya who taught me to cook. He is about to leave the room when Yashoda stops him. Why won’t you eat anything? You’ll eat. I’ll feed you, I know kanha can’t do anything wrong son, I was worried thinking about your father. Krishna feeds Yashoda and says don’t worry maiyya, Sri Narayan is up there ready to help. Yashoda smiles and eats. She feeds kanha. Evil Krishna smiles and Says very good, both of you’ll die soon.

Nothing happens to Krishna Yashoda shocking the demon. Krishna smiles and thinks poor demon, forgets all times that I know everything already what’s happening. I already removed the poison. Evil Krishna gets worried and goes out.

Evil Krishna thinks I’ll have to do something huge now.. He attacks with fireballs on Vrindavan houses. All villagers shout out and say what’re you doing? Have you gone mad kanhaa you’re hurting your own people? Evil Krishna doesn’t care and starts throwing fireballs again.
Vrindavan is filled with smoke. Nothing is visible.. Krishna comes there and shoots water balls, blowing off the fire. Evil Krishna says what’re you doing you demon? Harming my Vrindavan people? Krishna gets shocked. All Vrindavan people get shocked seeing two Krishnas…! Krishna says what’re you saying? You’re troubling Vrindavan people from two days and now….. Evil Krishna says just by wearing peacock feather, yellow cloth and holding flute in hand nobody can become Krishna. Krishna looks at Radha. Now you’ll solve the problem, not me… Balram says what is your favourite thing? Both Krishnas say butter. Balram says what else? Both Krishnas say my parents and friends and my cows. Sudama swirls his head. Nothing seemed different in the two. Dhanupati says he’s real Krishna, pointing to evil Krishna. Radha says there’s one solution, tell me what I like the most? Evil Krishna stares Krishna in anger and confusion. Krishna runs away. Dhanupati laughs and says he got afraid, he was fake Krishna. Krishna runs to the Yamuna river and brings a lotus.

He gives it to Radha with a smile ?. Radha smiles and says he’s my Krishna..! Dhanupati says just by giving you lotus how can you prove he’s Krishna? Radha says I can..! Nobody can play flute as melodious as he does! Evil Krishna says i can play flute. He blows in the flute and it plays a very bad sound. Evil Krishna points to Krishna and says this demon did something with my flute.. Krishna says Vinaash kale Budhi Vipreete….! He takes out his flute and plays the most melodious music. Radha hugs him and says you are my Kanha..! Dhanupati frowns.. Nanda raj says what to do with him (Evil Krishna)? Krishna says I’ll give him his punishment. He removes peacock feather from his head and snatches flute from his hand.. Just by wearing peacock crown and holding flute one can’t become Krishna..! You only said right? Now I’ll show you what Krishna can do. Evil Krishna runs towards forest followed by Krishna. Krishna takes his sudarshan chakra an beheads the demon. He says before attacking Vrindavan again think of history Tatvasur…! No one who shall try to harm my devotees has ever escaped..!

Tatvasur gets shocked to hear that evil Krishna is dead. He calls Dhanupati and says both our plans have failed.. Its time for something huge now. Tomorrow will be Krishna’s last day! His kaal will kill him.

Precap:- Tatvasur vs Krishna…

Hope you enjoyed reading.. I’m extremely sorry for the late updates nowadays , I’ve my exams from Feb last week so updates will be bit delayed.
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      Siya ke ram a time machine travel, a fun fanfic
      Mahabharata ff
      Siya ke ram alien adventure
      I also wrote
      Jahan ram hai wahin Janki-sita ram marriage
      Ashoka samrat and Devi love story-suryoday hone se jisne roka hai
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    vanshi… it is awesome episode as always dear… i thought it was last one.. hehe… thanks krishna..!!! awesome dear..awesome..

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