Radha Krishna (eternal love) 38

Tatvasur decides to kill all Vrindavan residents by trapping their souls. He shows Dhanupati a magical bottle which will help him in his fishy plans. He goes to Vrindavan and starts shooting fire balls all over. Krishna and Balram head off the room only to be stopped by Yashoda.
“Where’re you two going?”
“Outside maiyya, the village is in danger.”
“We know that it is in danger. That doesn’t mean you’ve to stake your lives every time you save them. I and your father are there.”
“But maiyya!”

“No ifs and buts this time kanha. Do you’ve any doubt? Lord Narayan is there to save us whenever we’re in problem, then why to worry? He saves us everytime, he’ll save this time as well.”
Yashoda goes out saying so.
Balram gasps. ‘How to tell you Maiyya that Kanha is only Narayan? When you won’t let him go how’ll he save you?’

Krishna Balram peep out of the window. Whole Vrindavan is set on fire ?. All the people are surrounded by fire. They start fainting gradually, not because of the fire, but because of Tatvasur trapping their souls. Krishna and Balram rush out of the room, to find all the people have lost their lives. Krishna says, “Enough is enough now! Tatvasur has crossed all possible limitations. Now its time for killing one more child of mine…”
“But how kanha, he has grabbed all the souls and vanished. Don’t know where and why?”
“I know where.”

“Paatal loka”
“Paatal loka?”
“Because he feels he’s safe there.”
“And what makes him think so? How’ll we reach there? Don’t confuse me at this serious moment at least.”
“We cant ‘secret'”
“Then how’ll we defeat him?”
“Leave that to me dau. Grab my hand. We are going right away to Paatal loka to teach some lesson to that demon!”

At the entrance of Paatal loka.
A three headed serpent is standing at the entrance. Balram says, “I’m enough for you!” He transforms into Shezhnaag and engulfs the serpent in a moment. Krishna and Balram enter into Paatal lok.

Tatvasur laughs upon seeing their entry.
“hahaha! Look who is coming! Krishna and Balram, you defeated that serpent single handed, you know why? Because he wasn’t your death. I’m your death! I’ll kill you. You won’t be able to take back the souls of Vrindavan residents back from me ever. Leave that, you’ll never be able to approach me even!.” Tatvasur creates a huge puddle between Krishna-balram and himself. Krishna-balram start sinking in the puddle, amusing Tatvasur. Tatvasur hangs nets above the puddle and the net starts falling down slowly. Balram tries to get out of the puddle using his divine powers but fails. Krishna says, “Forgot so soon dau what I told you?”

Fb shows balram saying, “Don’t confuse me at this moment.” Krishna says, “Leave the way of reaching to me. You worry about This. We won’t be able to use our divine magical powers once we reach the Paatal. We’ll have to use our mind”
Fb ends.
Balram says, “Then what to do now Kanha?”
“We’ve to get out using his traps only. Hold my hand before it also drowns.”
Balram holds Krishna’s hand and Krishna holds the Nets hanging around them. He jumps out of the puddle with it’s help. Balram says, “Tatvasur, my Kanha can defeat you without divine powers also, he possesses enormous strength and wit, 100000 times more than you do.” Tatvasur gets annoyed and sends 10 demon soldiers who surround Krishna Balram. Balram says “what next?” Krishna says, “Hold my hand once again. We’re going to jump again.” And off at the speed of lightning they escape from the demons, beating them up. Krishna says, “You’re interesting Tatvasur, using same trick again and again?” Tatvasur says, “You used same trick not me. I’ll kill you.” “Believe it or not, every demon says the same.”
“I’m not every demon.”

“Then who are you like?”
“I’m extraordinary.”
“But you’re showing your cowardness.”
“I’m not.”
“You are! Don’t believe me?”
“How’s that possible? I’ll kill you right now and then everyone will believe my greatness and bravery”

“Nobody will believe you fool!”
“And what makes you think so?”
“everyone will call you a coward who killed a weaponless 10 year old child. That isn’t sort of bravery I think. I told you in advance, I know you’ll kill me anyways (???) even if I’m armed or unarmed, but I’m saying for your good, as you’ll still stay alive. I hope you won’t live to be defamed, right?”
“yes yes, you’re right, I’ll kill you even if you’ve powers, I hope you know that. Okay, we’ll go to Vrindavan and fight. I’ll kill you and then everyone will call me great. I’ll also dethrone Kansa then.”

“Okay Tatvasur.” ‘Time will tell who will kill whom’

Tatvasur, Krishna and Balram reach Vrindavan. Tatvasur traps Balram before he could defend. He attacks Krishna by fire, but Krishna blows it off using water ball. Tatvasur attacks Krishna using water but all of it accumulates at Krishna’s feet instead of drowning him. Tatvasur throws sandstorm at Krishna but Krishna blows the storm back to Tatvasur using wind. Tatvasur blows wind at Krishna but is unable to even move him from his place.

Tatvasur gets annoyed and says, “Why I’m unable to kill you?” Krishna smiles and says, “You’re trying to kill the creator of Five elements using the elements? I’ve never seen a big fool like you! You’ve been created by the parts of five elements and your very existence will diminish the moment I return their portions to them. You’ve done the biggest mistake by trying to ruin nature’s balance and trying to misuse the elements. It’s time for your end!”
“You’ve cheated me!”, Tatvasur says in anguish but it has been too late. The five elements’ gods and goddesses, Fire(Agni), Air(Vayu), Earth(Prithvi), water (Varun) and Sky (Nabha) appear there. Krishna beheads Tatvasur using Sudarshin chakra and returns the elementary particles back to the gods. Krishna frees Balram of the trap. He takes the souls of Vrindavan residents and restores their lives..

Precap:) Krishna asks Radha to wear yellow dress. Radha wears blue dress and turmeric falls on it. She wears pink dress and butter falls on it. She looks at the yellow dress in confusion.
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