Radha Krishna (eternal love) 37

The epi starts with real Krishna arriving in Vrindavan along with balram, next morning. Krishna meets radha on the way. Radha says, hope you’re feeling better now, yesterday you were acting so weirdly.. Krishna says yes, I’m alright now, after eating those special tasty Laddoos of yours, I couldn’t praise them yesterday, sorry for that, but they were really wonderful. By the way, where’re you off to without giving me my share of butter? Vishakha says again you started kanha, it’s your daily routine right? And ours too, same as daily., you’re not going to get any butter.. Radha says she is right, come friends, lets go away before he’s upto his mischief. All gopis run away from there. Balram says won’t you break their pots today? Krishna says no, I’ve another plan ???. They’re going to come back, and keep pots of butter in our feet.. ?

Gopis stop in their way as they notice all the way ahead was flooded with water. They all get shocked to see this. Radha says oh lord, what happened here, how’ll we go to market now? Please show us some way. Lalita says its better we would’ve given butter to Krishna. It would’ve been much better than getting trapped here, all the way is blocked. Radha says yes, you’re right, oh lord we’re going back to give Krishna the butter..

They go back all through the route and reach Krishna. Krishna says I had told you already, had you given me butter earlier, you all wouldn’t have to come all the way back. And when you had to come back, why did you go? Radha gives him butter pot and says sorry kanha, you have butter, then we’ll go to market. Vishakha says but please leave some for us to sell, otherwise Maiyya will scold us. Krishna says yes, for sure, but first let me taste all this.. I’ll have these two pots, the remaining you can sell. Gopis go back, and to their surprise, the route was all clear ? .

TatvasSur gets shocked to see his mongoose demon dead and Krishna vanished from the palace. He summons evil Krishna. Dhanupati says lo, Krishna is kidnapped……, TatvaSur gets annoyed and says not at all. My plan hasn’t failed yet. We still have a option..! I’ll make use of the villager’s trust on Krishna.

A group of men are going towards Yamuna. Evil Krishna stops them. That is a unsafe place. There’re poisonous snakes there, they’ll harm you if you go there. All villagers change their direction and go to the other way… They fall in a deep pit there. Evil Krishna laughs ?. Villager says why you did this with us? Radha looks on puzzled. How can Krishna do this?? Villager says take us out of pit Krishna.. Evil Krishna says if I had to take out why would I put you inside? Many snakes creep inside the pit. Radha says what’re you doing kanha? What kind of mischief is this? This is foolishness. Help them to get out instead of troubling them. Evil Krishna laughs. Radha thinks he cant be Krishna, I’ve to inform Nanda kaka about it.

Radha goes to Nanda and informs him of the same. Real Krishna comes there. Yashoda says what’re you doing kanha? Your mischief had crossed all limits now. Why did you push the villagers inside the pit? Krishna says I didn’t do anything. Dhanupati says then what radha said was all false? Krishna says I didn’t do anything.. Radha you believe me don’t you? Radha says I believe you, and I know you can’t do such but….. Dhanupati says you saw it with your eyes, didn’t you? Radha says yes I saw, but its possible he is not Kr……… Dhanupati says see Nanda raj, villagers are in trouble and you’re standing still. Nanda raj leaves with troop of people..

Precap:- evil Krishna mixes poison inside the food Krishna made for Yashoda,. ., ., later double Krishna are standing face to face..

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