Radha Krishna (eternal love) 36 (maha maha episode)

The episode starts with the demons pulling Krishna inside the deep waters of Yamuna. A fight ensues. Krishna asks them not to try to captivate him. The demons get the special rope of TatvaSur and capture Krishna in one second. Demons take him away.
Radha and others wonder where Krishna vanished in a second. Balram goes deep but found no traces of Krishna. He gets tensed. Haahaa, they all hear a laugh. They look up to see Krishna over a tree. Balram says you’ll never stop your pranks, would you? Krishna’s eyes turn red, he thinks poor Vrindavan praja will never remember your light pranks after I wreak havoc all over this place.

Dhanupati asks TatvasSur what’s going on. Tatvasur tells him that he has replaced Krishna with a demon.. Evil Krishna. Now Vrindavan people’s faith will be shattered forever. And then we’ll see Krishna die.. Dhanupati says what if Krishna freed himself? Tatvasur says impossible. TatvasSur does mayavi magic and all cattle of Vrindavan turn evil. The cattle start destroying huts. All the people reach Nanda bhavan for some solution to the vast issue. Radha suggests maybe Krishna’s flute can help us out. Evil Krishna smirks and plays the worst tone ever heard by anyone. The animals get more violent. Everyone close their ears and ask evil Krishna to stop. But evil Krishna doesn’t stop and starts destructing Vrindavan. Yashoda pulls him off the spot and closes him in his room. Stay here till I say.. Balram also comes in the room. Yashoda goes. Balram asks Krishna what’s happened to him. Evil Krishna says nothing has happened, Andy why do I tell you? Balram asks him why he’s talking rudely. Evil Krishna says I can talk in any way and don’t need to tell you everything. Balram asks him will you not do anything to save Vrindavan?

Evil Krishna says why shall I do anything, and why to tell you? Radha is listening all of it. Balram says don’t make me angry kanha.. Evil Krishna says what’ll you do? You don’t have the guts to fight with me. Balram says you know I won’t fight with you. Evil Krishna says You’re a strengthless person. You can’t defeat me. Balram says is it so, then lets see. He takes his mace. Radha enters into the room just then and stops balram. Calm down dau, don’t attack your little brother like that. Balram says what do I do Radha, he’s crossing all his limits, don’t know why he’s behaving weird since we returned from Yamuna. Radha says don’t worry dau, I’ll talk to him. Balram leaves the room.

Radha makes evil Krishna sit down and says this anger doesn’t suit my kanha. Evil Krishna says I don’t need to ask you as well. Radha says don’t worry, I’ve something, that’ll make you alright. She shows him a bowl of butter and Laddoos. See I brought your favourite dishes, now don’t get angry, have them. Evil Krishna says I am not feeling to eat. Radha says why, what happened, you’re Krishna only or someone else, Krishna can’t do this after seeing this bowl full of butter. Evil Krishna thinks control control, if she doubts you your game is over. He takes bowl from her hand and eats butter and Laddoos. Radha excitedly asks how’s it? Evil Krishna says Good. Radha asks him not to fight with anyone and leaves. Evil Krishna says she seems to have much faith on Krishna I’ll break it to pieces in no time. Krishna says that’s impossible you foolish demon, you can never succeed..

Krishna asks Tatvasur demons to leave him once. Demons say not at any cost, Tatvasur says this divine rope/chain can be opened only by sheshnaag’s tail. Dhanupati says what if sheshnaag comes here? Tatvasur asks are you mad? Dhanupati says I’m talking intelligently, what’ll you do if he comes here, nothing’s impossible for Krishna. Krishna says knowing this you always try to kill me, how weird. TatvaSur smirks. I’ve a plan.

Tatvasur creates mongoose demon there at the entry of room Krishna is captured in and says now I’ll see which naag/snake comes to free Krishna. Dhanupati says you’re very intelligent Tatvasur. Krishna sys but you’re very foolish Dhanu kaka. But now its time for some real action, before that evil demon spoils everything. Fire emerges from Krishna’s eyes and burns down all demons standing around him. Krishna closes eyes and call Balraam. Balram says why does it seem someone is calling me? It’s kanhaa…. Krishna asks Balram to come in his divine sheshnaag form soon. I need you! Balram gets converted to sheshnaag and enters Dhanupati’s house, only to be stopped my the mongoose demon. Sheshnaag thinks from where did he come,, whenever I’m in hurry burry someone interferes. Mongoose demon NevlaSur says I’ll kill you sheshnaag.

Sheshnaag says kill me if you will to but first let me save my lord you demon. Mongoose says go to your lord after defeating me, which is impossible. Sheshnaag says every demon thinks defeating him is impossible, I’ll kill you right away. Mongoose says I’ll kill you. Sheshnaag says that’ll be clear in a moment. He swirls himself around mongoose and says you’ll kill me, or I’ll kill you before…! Mongoose throws sheshnaag away. Sheshnaag ends up unconscious on the ground. Mongoose laughs and about to attack sheshnaag again when Krishna shouts get up sheshnaag, sheshnaag gets up in a whack and attacks mongoose with double power. He beats up mongoose to death and enters the room. Krishna points to his tail. Sheshnaag opens Krishna’s chains with his tail. Krishna smiles and says hmm, so lets go away from here, we’ve to give TatvaSur a surprise.!

Precap:- double trouble, double Krishna, double fun as well.. Evil Krishna pushes some men inside a deep pit, which is filled with snakes, seen by Radha, who gets puzzled….

How was maha maha episode? Hope you loved it.. And if you did do tell below ha. Love you all ??

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  1. Vanshika… Excellent….u wrote beautifully… I am also a mythology lover… Nice to meet u… Waiting for the next episode….

  2. Astra

    awesome dear…loving radha a lot….

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