Radha Krishna (eternal love) 35

The epi starts with Raj crying asking Krishna to bring his daughter back. Krishna says she’s no more. Raj apologizes to Sheetal and asks her to forgive him and bring his daughter back. He falls in feet of Krishna and tells him that he’ll never repeat such mistakes ever again. Krishna calls Padma who comes from behind the tree. Family is reunited ?,
But something evil as well.

15 days of Shukracharya tapasya are complete and he’s up with Krishna’s ‘kaal’.. He opens the door of room in which he was doing tapasya and comes out. Kansa is very excited to see Krishna’s “kaal”but gets irritated when shukracharya comes out with an ordinary man. Kansa laughs and says gurudev, so many ferocious demons couldn’t kill Krishna, this,, this ordinary man will kill Krishna? Are you ok? Shukracharya says patience my child, patience, this demon is made from five elements, so we’ll name him elementasur ? Um sorry I mean TatvaSur. Kansa says that’s alright, but where’s demon? Shukracharya says show your real Form Tatvasur. Tatvasur changes into a ferocious form, with fire circling his face, his hands are made from rock, he can swirl air storm from his mouth, and all qualities of a demon he has. Kansa laughs and says go, my death’s death is certain now.
Krishna chuckles and informs Balram that Kansa has sent one more toy for them to play.

At midnight.
TatvaSur goes to Nanda bhavan and says I’ll blow off this bungalow and Krishna as well. Krishna wakes from sleep with a mischievous smile, knowing the plans of the demon. TatvaSur starts blowing air all around the house. Krishna goes to Yashoda and Nanda’s room and makes them unconscious so they don’t know what’s happening. Krishna notices that the pillar is about to fall and holds it. He multiplies his divine form and makes thousands of Krishnas who hold all the pillars, walls, doors, furniture, window sills of the house. Krishna says poor TatvasSur, his wind is very fast and cool but he doesn’t now I’m faster than wind. Tatvasur is shocked, his powers aren’t working. He starts shaking the earth madly but Krishna balances the earth with one foot. Tatvasur gets angry and says I’ll return Krishna, with a brand new plan. Krishna says I know all your plans..

Next morning.
TatvaSur reaches at evil Dhanupati’s house. Dhanupati welcomes him happily thinking that Krishna will die soon. Tatvasur asks Dhanupati about Krishna’s weaknesses and strengths. Dhanupati says his friends and cows, and the gopis, most of all Radha, and his parents, they’re his weaknesses, he’ll do anything for them. Krishna says foolish Dhanupati , they’re my strength not weaknesses. TatvaSur says what if they start hating him? Dhanupati says that’ll be a miracle, but still, why’ll they hate him? Tatvaaur says that leave on me, I’ll come after a round around Vrindavan soon.
Krishna is playing with his friends. TatvaSur looks on. He says hmm, their bonding seems great. I’ve to make use of this. He goes back to Dhanupati’s home and then, he takes five elements and creates a lot of demon soldiers. Dhanupati looks in confusion. TatvaSur orders them to kidnap Krishna. Dhanu laughs and says kidnap him!?!? Are you joking? It’s impossible! Tatvasur says I hate the word impossible. Nothing is impossible. I’ve a special chain made from five elements. It’s special because it can be opened only by one creature. And that’s…. Dhanupati is interrupted by his wife calling him.
Krishna and his friends along with gopis are playing inside the deep waters of Yamuna river. The demons of tatvasur come there and pull Krishna inside the deep waters. A fight ensues..

Precap:- Duplicate Krishna wreaks havoc in Vrindavan. Krishna is kidnapped by TatvaSur. All Vrindavan praja starts hating Krishna, but someone has due faith till now ?..

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  1. Astra

    radha..it’s radha who will have faith right..!! krishnaaa…come and solve prblm soon….!!! waiting for next part….

    1. Vanshika

      Haahaa my intelligent dida you’re right right it’s our cutie Radha only. Sorry for the late update because I thought to stop writing as I’ve not more than two readers. Thanks for comment and I’ll update soon

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