Radha Krishna (eternal love) 32


The episode starts with all the children assembled in the park. Krishna says so, for our picnic, we’ll go in the forest that’s clear. Now we need delicious food for our picnic. So whatever yummy delicacies you’ve, bring them all in the big ground of the village, from there we’ll go to the forest.. Sudama says I’ll bring pooris. Madhu says I’ll bring fruits. Vishakha says I’ll bring special Gulab jamun. Lalita says I’ll bring butter, specially for Krishna. Krishna says I’ll bring kachoris. Balram says hmm I’ll ask maiyya to make pakoras..Krishna turns to Radha. What’ll you bring? Radha says whatever I bring, what do you have to do with it? I’ll bring ladoos. But for everyone else, not the biggest thief. Krishna smiles and says ooh Ho, is it? I challenge you Radha, none of your ladoos will get their shape till you take my name. Radha says yes yes, as if you are lord Narayan.. What’s so special about your name? I’ll see.. Sudan comes running. I’ve arranged our cart. We’ll go in sometime. Everyone heads back to their homes, for the yum delicacies.

At sheetal’s home
Padma looks around. Where’s Raghu? She goes out looking for him.
Sheetal asks her mother in law where is Raghu? What did you do with my son? Mother in law says you don’t keep care of your son, what can we do?

At Radha’s home
Radha prepares the mixture for the Laddoos and smiles. What did that Krishna think, I cant make Laddoos? She starts shaping the Laddoo but it breaks. Radha says oh no, seems like that Krishna was saying right. The Laddoo gets shaped. Radha starts making the second ladoo. It also breaks. Radha says what does Krishna think of himself? How does he do these miracles? The second ladoo also gets shaped. Radha gets shocked ? oh no.. It seems like whenever I’m saying Krishna, Laddoos are getting shaped.. Oops…. One second, now how’ll Krishna know that I have made them by saying his name? Obviously he wont. I’ll make all Laddoos the same way ?. Radha says Krishna and makes all Laddoos saying Krishna Krishna.
Padma is looking for Raghu in the forest and comes across a four sided path. She says ooh no. What’ll I do now? Oh Lord, help me…
Yashoda is packing food for Krishna. She goes towards the cupboard. Krishna says maiyya, you kept it on the table, in the left not the cupboard. Padma says I’ll go to the left. Krishna smiles ?. Yashoda says don’t know what has happened to me today, kanha tell me where did I keep the baskets? Krishna says in the right, maiyya. Padma moves to the right and finds Raghu tied to a tree. Yashoda gives Krishna the basket of food. Don’t do any mischievousness again there, ok kanha? Krishna nods. Padma unties Raghu and hugs him. Raghu says didi, you came finally, you know how afraid I was? Padma says don’t worry, come with me ?

Krishna and his friends board the cart. Radha says hmm, where do I sit? Lalita says ooh Radha, only two places are empty, one is besides Krishna and one is between me and Vishakha. Radha says yes, I’ll sit between you two. She turns to sit while Krishna says hmm, so you made any thing for me? Radha says no and sits.. She gets up shouting the very next second. Something pricked me hard. Krishna says hmm, that’s the punishment for lying. That means you’ve something for me. Radha goes to sit while Krishna asks so did you make Laddoos by taking my name? Radha nods a no and sits.
She gets up shouting the very next second. Something pricked me hard again
What’s it? Krishna says the result of lying. Prabha says if its pricking you so much why don’t you sit next to Krishna? Radha looks at Krishna. Seems like I’ve no other option. Krishna smiles. Balram says wow ? two targets one arrow ?? Krishna nods. He turns to vishakha and says Laddoos used to be my favourite but after smelling your Gulab jamun I’ve decided to change my mind. Radha stares him.

Precap:-Krishna says three important motives will be fulfilled today. Padma is going with raghu while some thieves attack them. Radha steps in between. Aghasur goes to Nanda bhavan and asks where’s Krishna?

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