Radha Krishna (eternal love) 31

The epi starts with Radha digging the soil with her golden sparkling bangle. Vishakha says let it be now Radha, you cant do that. Radha gives her a sharp look and says not at all, I trust Narayan and he won’t let anything wrong happen to me. I’m sure I’ll be able to do this till he’s with me. The sun shines brightly. Half of the group falls asleep but Radha is still digging. Lalita yawning says yaar plz let it be Radha, you’re boring us. Radha says Oh Narayan help me.. Krishna puts his peacock feather inside the tiny pit. The pit starts digging more fast n deeper. Radha looks at Krishna with a smile. the pit finally gets dug. Radha says pit is dug, what about water. Ananda sleepishly says come on Radha, shake ur bangles and water will flow in. Everyone laughs. Radha says shut up. Stop making fun of me. You know I can’t do that. Krishna says you can. Radha glares at him. What do you mean?

Krishna holds Radha’s hand and pushes her finger inside the pit. Water starts emerging from the hole created thus. Radha shouts Oh my god..!! I made a pond..! All the sleeping kids wake up startled.. WHAT HAPPENED..?!? Radha says see, water is entering my pond. She hugs Krishna in her excitement. Thank you so much kanha..! Everyone smile. Krishna says the sun is going to set, lets go home now. Balram says what’s the plan for tomorrow? Krishna says picnic. Radha sys picnic?? Sudama says yes, its an amazing idea. We’ll get lots to explore, lots to enjoy and lots to enjoy. Subal says yes, well we’ll plan all of it tmrw morning itself. Right now I’m feeling like only one thing. Vishakha says I know that very well, SLEEP ?…

Raj leaves Raghu in the deep forest. Raghu gets up and stops raj. Pls don’t leave me. Raj says shut up. He Ties him to the tree and says now remain here. After some time your mother will also come here.
Radha is making a pearl necklace. Vishakha says WOW Radha what a beautiful necklace.. Lalita says whose lucky neck will it adorn? Radha says whosoever’s neck it’ll adorn, is really special for me. Ananda says that’s clear from the blushing smile on your face. Radha says what do you mean.? Lalita says Krishna… Radha says shut up..
Balram n Krishna are grazing the cows

Aghasur comes n hides inside a basket. Krishna smirks seeing him. Radha comes there. Kanha I’ve a gift for you. Krishna says really.. hmmm show me. Radha shows him the necklace and says this is for helping me in making the pond and for making me realize.. Krishna says yes yes, for making you realize that you love me. Radha says shut up… I hope you like this. She gives the necklace to Krishna but as soon as Krishna holds it it breaks, all the pearls fallen apart. Radha looks at him sadly, what did u do? Krishna says I didn’t go anything, you didn’t give it to me with love so it broke. Now Radha stares him angrily, what do you mean? I gave it with loads of love. Krishna says I’ll show you. He takes a flower and gives it to Radha. I’ve given it with love, now….. Radha says what’s big in it, I’ll break all petals in a second. Krishna says try it. Radha tries to pull off the petals with full force but none moved from its place. She says what’s it, this is some plan of yours, that’s impossible.impossible.impossible…..

Krishna says no problem, I’ll pick these pearls. He picks up the pearls and gives them to Radha. Aghasur peeks in from the basket. Radha angrily says what? She throws the pearls and says keep them. Just go away, I don’t want to talk to you. The pearls go n hit Aghasur’s eyes. Radha goes away in anger. Krishna says she’ll come back in a jiffy.
Precap:- Padma (Raj’s daughter) comes in the forest in search for her brother. Krishna asks Radha to bring ladoos for picnic. Radha sys I’ll bring but not for you. Krishna tells Radha the none of her ladoo will get crafted perfectly until she takes his name..

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