Radha Krishna (eternal love) 30 (mahaepisode)


The epi starts with Kansa talking to a big anaconda (Aghasur). He asks aghasur to go n attack Krishna.aghasur leaves.
Krishna and Balram r returning to home. They hear the voice of a lady sobbing. Balram says what’s this kanha, who’s crying in Vrindavan.? Krishna says lets find out. They follow the sound to find a lady sobbing with a kid in her lap. Balram exclaims..! This is Sheetal kaki, isn’t she? Krishna asks Sheetal, what’s the matter kaki, y r u crying? Sheetal replies when destiny takes ur test and u fail in it, there’s nothing left to smile. She goes away. Krishna says when fate punishes you for something you’ve not done, it’s sure that a good day is awaiting u. Balram says don’t put in more riddles now, tell what’s happening around? Krishna says its better if we see with our own eyes ?.
They follow Sheetal to her house.

An old lady (mother in law) scolds her. You again came here? Go away with ur son. You had right on this house till your husband was alive. Now go n get lost. Sheetal falls in the feet of her brother-in-law (Raj) and says you always considered Raghu as ur son also, where’ll we go? Raj says okay okay, stay here, but your son will have to obey us. (he thinks in his mind I’ll kill Raghu and then she’ll also go away)… Padma (Raj’s daughter) looks on…
Balram says how cruel.. Krishna says don’t worry dau, everyone gets fruit of their actions. Balram says yup, I know u surely have a plan in mind always. Anyways tell me……. They’re interrupted by Radha..

Hey you two r here, I’ve been search u whole village, forgot that we’ve planned a race on the Yamuna bank today..? Krishna smiles and says no not at all,I thought u must’ve got afraid of me and thought not to race against me in fear. Radha says what is your problem? Whenever I’m in a good mood u lyk spoiling it? Why’ll I be afraid of a thief? And that too of a….
Krishna pulls her closer and they share a cute eye lock. Balram says kanha started here only, look at this place, is this a place to do all this..? Radha says leave me otherwise…! Krishna sys what otherwise? Radha says look behind u, Vishakha is going with a pot full of butter. Krishna looks back n Radha runs away. Balram laughs ?. Krishna says come dau, we’ve to go to Yamuna asap…..

At Yamuna bank
Radha tells Krishna not to do any cheating in the race. Krishna says anything for butter ??. Radha says if u’ll cheat I won’t talk to u. Krishna says really..! Radha says any doubt? Krishna says no. He picks up a lotus from the Yamuna river. Radha smiles. But her smile got changed into an angry frown as Krishna gives that lotus to Vishakha. She shouts on Krishna, what’re you doing? Krishna laughs. Radha says shut ur mouth. Krishna says dau, did u light fire nearby? I’m smelling burnt thing some where. Radha sys shut up. Krishna Says u love me ryt? That’s y feeling jealous eh? Radha stares him in anger. Who loves a thief? Krishna says I can show many examples, look at ur friends’ group once. Radha says I’m not lyk them. Krishna says u hate me?

“I broke ur pot”
“I laughed on u”
“Yes yes”
“I keep troubling u”
“Kriti kaki is ur mom”
“these gopis love me with full heart”
“You r wearing a pink dress”
“U love me”

Every single person present there starts laughing madly ? ?. Radha stares Krishna for a moment and says no, u r a big cheat..! Krishna Says ooh really, I’m sorry Devi. Radha sys shut up. Even if u bath in seven pure rivers then also ur sins and cheats won’t get washed out. Balram says stop fighting will u? We r here for a race. Krishna says no dau, first let me bath in the seven pure rivers. Sudama says c’mon kanha, how can u do that? Vishakha says he can do that, making impossible possible is Krishna’s only job. Krishna nods with a smile and Puts his hand on the soil. That place gets converted into a big deep pit. Radha looks on in disbelief with her jaw dropping slowly. Krishna enters that pit and everyone else lean down to see wat he’s upto………
Krishna takes his flute and starts playing it melodiously. Everyone gets lost into the melodious music ? ? ? ? ? ?…
Seven streams (Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, kaveri, shipra and Saraswati) flow in the pit. Everyone is staring at the divine scene, hoping that it is a dream. Balram looks at them and says kanha, they’ll die if they stayed lyk this in shock for some more tym. Krishna takes the water n sprinkles it over all of them. Lalita says wow, our kanha won yr challenge Radha. Vishakha says of course he’ll, after all making impossible possible is called Krishna..! Sudama says what’re we waiting for, lets jump over there and have Bath in seven rivers all at once! Radha looks at Krishna and says I’m unable to decide whether I should smile, cry, be angry, or hug u tightly.. It’s seriously impossible oh lord.
Vishakha says com on Radha, accept that Nobody is lyk kanha in this universe. Radha sys it may b possible, but what if he made a pond with his flute? My lord Narayan is with me, and I pledge I’ll make a pond here with my bangle that too b4 sunset ?..! Balram says ooh Krishna, u r trapped now, ur bhakt or ur love.
Sheetal is making food. Raghu is sleeping outside the kitchen. Raj comes there n ties Ragu. He says now Il leave u in the deep forest and then ur mother will also leave the house.

Precap:- Radha starts digging through the soil with her bangle. Raj leaves Raghu in the deep forest. Radha gives krishna a pearl necklace but it breaks as Krishna takes it. Now what do u think, Radha will appreciate kanha for this act? No…!

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  1. Astra

    My naughty krishna is always naughty… he is so cute and sweet… radha is very cute too…. what an maha epi dear… not only in length but its mahaaaa good also… keep it up…

    1. Vanshika

      Hehe ?? Thanks alot dear Devi happy that u liked it ? kip supporting and I promise I’ll kip it up.. Love u n thank u

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