Radha Krishna (eternal love) 3

Krishna goes to maiyya yashoda asking for butter. Yashoda tells him that she’ll bring him lots of makhan. Nanda raj tells her that Krishna won’t get any butter . Krishna asks why?? Yashoda seconds him. What mistake did Krishna commit that you’re not allowing him to have his most fav butter. Nanda raj days he dint commit any mistake, but to know y I’m stopping him from havin butter, you’ll have to come near the yamuna river. N also call all your friends, I’ve something special for u. Krishna rushes away..


At the bank of Yamuna Nanda raj declares that he’s hidden the butter somewhere, and Krishna with his makhan chor toli will have to find it with three given riddles. Balram tells Krishna that the competition will b eon by them only as Krishna knows abt each n every thing of the universe. Krishna tells him that he wont use his powers in the competition. Radha comes with her friends. “Nanda kaka isn’t there any place fr girls in your competition.” Krishna smiles seeing her. Nanda raj agrees. The competition will be more fun now. Girls vs boys. Radha teases Krishna. The girls laugh n make faces. The first riddle is announced.

The thing which is straight and long bt nt a stick
It breathes bt nt a living thing
It has holes bt nt a sieve….
The teams get thinking…

Balram asks Krishna to think. Subala goes to listen what the girls r discussing, bt the girls tease him. Krishna points out.. It’s a flute … Sudama says flute is made from bamboo. Balram– so we should head towards the bamboo forest. They run towards the bamboo forest. Radha n the gopis follow them.

The second riddle is announced.
Radha tells the answer and goes towards the temple. The boys follow.. Third riddle is announced.
It gives u rest, to get it you’ve to give some test, only the one gets it who thinks everyone’s welfare, who is the best.
Sudama shouts, it is a throne, I saw a throne while heading towards the river, lets gooooo… Bt unfortunately till they go there, radha n her friends gave already got the butter… They taunt sudama fr speaking loudly.

Krishna takes his flute n starts his melodious music, which hypnotizes everyone. Radha closes her eyes ? n starts walking towards Krishna. She gives the pot of butter to Krishna, n goes back.,Krishna stops playing his flute n everyone regain their senses. Radha gets angry ? seeing the pot in Krishna’s hands who started eating the butter. Her friends aka the gopis tell her that this is Krishna’s daily Leela, no one has able to understand it, how’ll you?? Radha-it’s cheating, that Krishna did cheating with me, I’ll teach that makhan chor a lesson…

Precap – radha’s mom asks her what she’s doing. She says I’m grinding neem leaves to make neem juice, such that taste Krishna should never forget, I c how he steals butter now… ?


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  1. S.v

    Awww so cute one and krishna is always a makhan chor and his leela is soo adorable lovely waiting for the next part.

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx dear bt I wont b able to update regular this month as I’ve my half yearly exams…

      1. S.v

        All the best but will be waiting for ur update sweet heart.

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