Radha Krishna (eternal love) 29

The episode starts with a new morning.
Radha n the gopis reaching Yamuna bank, horrified by the scene that was in front of their eyes ?. Radha says oh no no.. What’s happening? It’s looking as everything has frozen. Yamuna’s water isn’t moving. The leaves of the trees r not fluttering at all, the flowers are not blooming. Butterflies aren’t flying all around. Birds r sleeping inside the nests. Balram comes with his friends n the cows. Radha looks at the cows n exclaims! The cows r not grazing. Oh lord what’s happening here? Jus look at those peacocks who always danced merrily, they’re sitting over sadly. Vishakha says Radha, who dances without music? And which cow eats food without its owner. Hearing this balram n the boys start laughing ? haaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Radha n gopis look puzzled. Radha asks dau, why this is happening,,? Balram says u really don’t know? N starts laughing again. Radha asks what Happened? Balram says I’m laughing seeing ur face. U want everything normal. It’s simple. Call Krishna here. N c d magic. That’s my promise. Radha says what?? How?? Ok if u say. Sudama, go n bring Kanha, I’ll see his magic,
Sudama goes to Krishna who’s swinging merrily on his swing. Sudama asks Krishna to come as Radha is calling him. Krishna says ask her to come and ask herself,I won’t come. Besides, I’m having fun here.. Sudama says what’s all this Kanha y r u doing this? Come plz. Krishna says even if I want to come maiyya won’t let me come till Radha asks her. Sudama goes to Radha n conveys the message. Radha says oh lord what a stubborn that Krishna is? Anyways I’ll go jus to prove him wrong. Krishna says you’ll yourself prove me ryt.

Radha comes to Krishna who’s enjoying butter on the swing. She says you’re sitting here, you’re not planning any mischief today ?.? Krishna says I don’t want to talk to u. Radha says why? Krishna asks y r u here? Radha says my wish. Plz come to Yamuna bank. Krishna says y shall I? I’m enjoying here more than Yamuna. Radha says shut ur mouth. Krishna says why shall I, it’s the reward of almighty to me. Radha thinks control anger Radhe, you’ve to convince him. She says u r so nyc, won’t u come for ur cows? They’re not eating anything. Krishna says they’ll eat, dau is with them. Radha calls Yashoda n asks her to forgive Krishna. Krishna says I won’t go anywhere. Radha says plz come na, I’ll listen to every word of urs. Krishna says really, then move this swing for me. Radha thinks he’s revenging me for yesterday.. N pushes the swing in full speed. Krishna says r u pushing me inside well, u don’t even know how to swing properly? Radha moves it calmly n asks is it ok Now or not? Krishna nods it’s ok ?. Yashoda says kanha, ah,I forgive u, she’s saying with so much love can’t u Agree? Krishna winks at Radha with a smile ?. Radha says kanha I’m sorry for my mistake plz come na.. Krishna says so someone is feeling guilty here. Radha nods yes. Krishna says now u understand-milk n sugar..? Without sugar milk doesn’t have taste but sugar is sugar inside milk, n outside milk as well. Radha says OK I’ll never fyt with you plz come. Krishna finally goes with her. Radha thinks now I’ll c what magic he’s gonna do.
Krishna keeps first foot on Yamuna bank and the soothing breeze starts blowing. He keeps second foot and the trees start fluttering as Radha looks on with wide eyes ?. His third step makes the flowers bloom, his fourth step makes the butterflies fly. The birds start chirping with his fifth step, the cows start grazing. The gopis n boys smile ?.balram says now u believe or not Radha? Radha says yes or no I’m shocked. She looks at Krishna’s graceful face n says yes, it’s special.. Really special. Krishna puts his hand in Yamuna waters n says sorry Yamuna Devi, I got bit late today, but now u start flowing.. He takes out his melodious flute n plays the best of melodies. The gopis n Radha smilingly lost in the music dance.

Someone is noticing all of it from far away. Same man goes n informs it to Kansa. Kansa says noooo not at all.. Till guru shukracarya is doing his tapasya, we cant let that Krishna go free, he’s snatching my peace and happiness, go n summon Aghasur, if Krishna dies hand of Aghasur then its OK otherwise Krishna’s kaal will kill him..
Krishna says that’s interesting, kaal of kaal…

Precap:-Radha tells Krishna that his sins can get washed off only if he bathes in seven rivers. Krishna blows his flute and seven streams of water come n fall in a pit.

Plz leave a comment. Thanks for reading it. Happy new year, may lord Radha Krishna bless u ?

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  1. Astra

    What an awesome epi dear… loved it a lot… and precap is very divine..! Waiting for it….

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you ? very very much Astra Devi…

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