Radha Krishna (eternal love) 28


The epi starts with Krishna sleeping on his bed. A demon comes there with a fire torch n puts fire in his bed n disappears…..
Radha wakes up from her dream shouting KRISHNA ‼‼‼ Krishna says who’s recalling me at midnight.. Radha says so it was a bad dream… Oh god.. Is he alright??? Krishna says yes.. Radha says One second… Why am I so concerned about that thief? Oh god. I’m mad seriously. Krishna sys so u r.. Radha says Bt whatever, he’s my friend. Whatever, that was a dream n I should sleep now ?.

Nxt morning ?☀?☀
Radha n the gopis go to Yamuna bank. Krishna and his friends look on from top of the tree as the gopis kip their pots on the bank of the river n jump inside the cool water. Krishna says lets start today’s mission. Balram says how? Krishna says I’ll show u how. He takes his flute n plays it melodiously. The gopis get lost in the music ? ? ? ?.. Balram n Sudama go n bring the pots to Krishna. The boys start relishing the delicious butter. Radha exclaims our pots..! Vishakha notices the peacock feather peeking from the tree n says we all know where it has gone. Radha says dis tym u wont escape Kanha.. Radha goes stealthily behind d tree and holds Krishna’s hand. All the other boys run away seeing the gopis in full anger mode. Krishna says everybody has gone, let me too go plzzzz.. Radha pulls him n says I’m not going to leave u at any cost. I’ll go to Yashoda kaki n complain abt ur mischief ryt now. Krishna makes a cute face n says plzzzh leave me dearie. Radha says I’m not going to melt seeing ur cutie faces. Krishna makes angry face n shouts leave me ‼.. Radha says I’m not afraid of uu. Krishna smiles n says leave me plz.. Radha says I’m not going to get lost in ur sweet smile. Krishna says I didn’t know u luv my smile. Radha says leave ur smile look in front. They both were standing in front of Nanda Bhavan. Radha says that’s the result of ur talks.. Krishna says noooo. Radha calls Yashoda kaki ..yashoda kaki.. Se what ur son has done. ….. Radha tells her what happened.. Yashoda says what Kanha, u again started na, u never stop ur mischief. U’ll not b going anywhere outside the house from tmrw,. Krishna says bt maiyya.. Yashoda says balram will alone go to graze the cows, at least wen u wont b there no one would try to steal butter. Radha says okay kaki, now I may leave. Yashoda says and Kanha , u’ll have to obey Radha for one day. Krishna says u close me in one room Maiyya, bt plzzzz don’t ask me to obey her.,. Radha sys why, I’m a demoness? Krishna says no idea. Radha says cum, n move the swing. Yashoda goes inside. Krishna says Radha, shall I move more fast? Radha says why, u want to push me down so I fall down? Move it nicely so that I think of forgiving u. Krishna says u hv already forgiven me. Radha says n who told you dis? Krishna says it’s my estimate. Radha says r u mad? Krishna sys no idea, I’m investigating still. Radha jumps from the swing and says I’ll tell u na, u r completely…….. Krishna comes closer to her n says completely….. Radha says nothing n turns to go wile Krishna holds her hand n says, now I’ll leave u only after listening. I’m completely….. Radha says different. Yashoda comes with two glasses of milk completely shocked seeing KriDha thus. Oh lord, sometimes they fight lyk ram n ravan, n in a moment they’re fully changed as if they’re the best of friends.. Krishna says what else I am? Radha smiles n says u r a thief. Yashoda says hmmm… KriDha turn to her. Yashoda says here’s milk fr u n sugar. Take it. Krishna keeps the tray on d swing n sits down. How much sugar do you want? Radha says I love plain milk. Krishna says ok, hv a sip of plain milk. Radha gulps one sip. Krishna puts sugar in his glass n says nw hv one sip. Radha drinks it. Krishna says nw eat this sugar. Radha says wat r u upto? Krishna says u trust me na, then eat it. Radha sucks the sugar crystals. Krishna says Wen u mix sugar in milk it changes the taste of milk completely but the taste of sugar doesn’t chng. Radha says I didn’t understand. Krishna says if u didn’t understand, wait fr tmrw morning ????.

Precap:- radha is moving swing fr Krishna.Krishna says r u pushing me inside well? Radha says come wid us na. Krishna says its ur mistake.

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  1. Astra

    Oh my krishna, what an sugar explanation dear. I loved it. Radha krisha are awesome
    .. jai sri krishna…

  2. Loveu soooooi much dear and ur ff its mind blowing.its very nice dear.kridha were awesome today.krishnas way of explanation is always different and unique.

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