Radha Krishna (eternal love) 27


The epi starts with Shukracharya shown doing tapasya. He takes the five elements and puts them in the yagna.

Next morning.
Radha is going with her friends n they come across a four sided path. Radha sys we will go through the left path. Vishakha sys no, we’ll go straight, Kanha goes by d same path. Radha says I know Krishna goes through same path, that’s y only I’ve not to go by this path, u lyk him breaking our pots?? Lalita says noooo, not at all, lets go through the left path..

Balram says see Krishna, Radha wants to ignore u… Krishna says not at all ?.
Radha sees Krishna standing in the middle of the route. Krishna sys hmm, so how’re u sakhi?? Radha says come friends we’ll go from the right side route. The gopis go through the route n Radha sees Krishna there also. Krishna says u want to ignore me?? Radha sys come friends, we’ll go from the straight route. Vishakha gets angry ?. What’s it, Radha? First u say we shouldn’t go through the path Krishna goes through n now u r….. Radha says don’t know why Krishna comes in the path I go through.. Lalita says where did u c him? We didn’t see him. Radha says what!! U didn’t c him, he was saying-hmm, so how’re u sakhi??

He comes always in my path. Ananda says u r mad Radha, where’s Krishna? If he’s here y don’t v c him? Radha says Oh my god, was it sum illusion. Whatever it was, O Narayan, plz don’t let Krishna come in our way again. Lets go friends, lets see, will he come again. Balram says c Krishna, she’s asking u only to get rid of u, lol. Krishna says wait a moment dau, lets see what she’ll do without me, a big problem is coming her way, but we’ve to solve someone else’s problem first.

SOMEONE HELP ME ‼‼ A sound is heard. Krishna says come friends, we’ve to go there. They reach the place, where an old man is crying ? in front of a cart. One of the wheels of the cart is sunken in mud. Krishna asks what happened kaka? Kaka sys the wheel of my cart got sunk in the mud, and I’ve to go to the market to sell the grains. Krishna says don’t worry, we’ll help u. Krishna n balram push the wheel while the other boys pull it from the front.

Radha n the other girls reach Yamuna shore n keep the pots on the side. Radha says first lets play for sum tym in the water, then we’ll go to the market. The girls nod n jump in the river. They splash water on each other and enjoy. A whirlpool develops in the river and Radha gets trapped in it. She shouts for help. The girls try to pull her out, but all in vain. Lalita says if Krishna would b here, he could’ve saved Radha. Amanda says bt where is Krishna, did he not come Yamuna bank today? Vishakha sys call him… KRISHNA…! KRISHNA…! KRISHNA..!

Balram sys don’t worry Krishna, I’ll take this wheel out alone, u go n save ur luv. Krishna sys ok dau, bt if you need me, call me.. He rushes to Radha’s rescue.
Krishna says hold onto my flute and come out Radha. Radha says r u a fool, all these girls together couldn’t take me out, u state I’ll hold ur flute n cum out¿? Krishna says try sakhii, u’ll believe me after that. Radha holds onto the flute n Krishna pulls her out. They fall on each other. Vishakha sys noooo noooo not again, if they saw each other then they’ll get lost in each other eyes, n we’ll kip shouting.

But it had already happened ☺ . Radha is glaring Krishna who in the meantime pulls Radha’s dupatta n runs away.. Radha gets up n says stop u thief, give my duptta back.. Lalita says he will not return u. Krishna says If I had to return I wouldn’t have stolen it, think abt it, then ask me 2 return it. Radha says u do one good thing and then u start ur mischievousness again. It’s impossible to understand u. Krishna says do u want it? Radha says if I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have been running behind u madly. Krishna finally gives d dupatta to her.
Radha takes the dupatta n says I ll c hw he troubles anyone tmrw. Kanhaiyya, and maiyya… Boom ??

Precap:-Yashoda tells Krishna he wont b going to Yamuna bank. Krishna is making Radha swing.

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  1. Vanshika dear it was superb.in my opinion radhakrishna are the most perfect example fr selfless luv.u r writting in a beautiful way by portraying krishnas adventures and love side.i lijed it a loooooooot.bcz i too luv radha krishna a lot.by the way dear in which wall of telly updates ur ff appears.bcz last i have seen it in recent updates and the same this time also.i want to follow this pls tell me where i can get this ff.bye dear.

  2. Vanshika dear its too lovely.u r too good.radhakrishna is a perfect example of selfless love.ut writting too good.ur balancing btween krishna s adventures and love very well. Iam also biggest fan of radhakrishna.dear i want to know in which wall of telly updates ur ff appears.bcz i want to follow it daily.

    1. Vanshika

      Hi ? didi.. Thnx for ur comment. ? even I luv KriDha.
      I don’t update daily I’ve exams this week so my update will b delayed, bt next week I’ll try to update once in three days.
      Here’s the link u’ll find all latest epi of the ff, save it.

  3. Astra

    Awesome dear..

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