Radha Krishna (eternal love) 26



The epi starts with with a new morning. Krishna and Balram r sitting on top of a tree. The cows r grazing.. The gopis come with butter pots. Sudama says they’re coming Krishna, be ready. Krishna nods n plays his flute. The gopis come under the tree n the cows surround them.. Vishakha says that Kanha was less that now he taught his cows as well to trouble us? Radha says anyways, we’ve to go ahead otherwise we’ll get late to go to the market. Lalita sys there’re branches under that tree. The gopis kip their pots aside under the tree n tk branches fallen down n try to move the cows away. Krishna jumps down, takes the pots n hides behind the tree.. Krishna n his friends eat the yummy butter while Radha comes from behind n holds Krishna’s ears. So this cowboy also taught his cows to trouble us?? Krishna says cows will listen to their cowboy only… Radha says yes yes n this Krishna will listen to his mother only, right?? All the other children run away from there. Lalita says yes yes, lets go to Yashoda maiyya.. Radha sys of course, n ties Krishna to the tree. Krishna says maiyya won’t say anything to me, it’s better u don’t go there.. Radha says lets see… Lalita says we’ll go to the market, u go to Yashoda kaki.

…Nanda house…

Radha calls Yashoda.. Yashoda kaki, ur son again stole butter. Yashoda sys impossible, Krishna is sleeping.. Radha says u wont believe me, come, I’ve tied him. Radha takes Yashoda to the same tree. But instead of Krishna, Madhu was tied to the same true. Radha gets shocked. I had tied Krishna, not Madhu..
Yashoda says u always kip thinking Krishna Krishna Krishna, that’s y u thought Madhu was Krishna, come I’ll show u where Krishna is.. Radha says but…….. Yashoda says come. She takes Radha to Krishna’s room n Krishna is sleeping there.. Radha says Oh my god…. This is impossible.. Krishna there, Krishna here….
Yashoda says noooo Radha, it’s ur mind. Krishna is here only, calm down. Radha says noooo, I can’t believe this, I’ve toooooo go n check.

Radha comes to that tree again and gets another big shock.. Krishna is tied to the same tree. Radha says noooo while Krishna winks at her. Radha says u here? Krishna says yes. Radha says kanha here, Kanha there, Madhu here, Kanha there, Kanha here… How’s that possible.. Am I dreaming‼ N dhad… She falls down unconscious.. Balram comes there n sees Krishna smiling ?.. What’re you doing?? Look at her face, seems like she’s still in shock.. Krishna says I didn’t do anything. Balram says yes yes, now wake her up. Krishna says first open this rope dau. Balram says you know you can do that urself, still u r asking me? Krishna says otherwise this world wouldn’t have existed, if I would’ve done everything.. Balram says okay okay n opens the rope. Krishna keeps his hand on Radha’s forehead n she opens her eyes in shock.. What’re you doing here? Was that a dream? Krishna says may be u saw some dream. Radha sys noooo… Yes.. What happened here. Balram says she forgot everything ‼ Krishna says u forgot I had stolen butter? Radha says no, yes u had stolen butter, I’ve to go to Yashoda kaki to complaint. Krishna says you really wanna go? Maiyya will beat me alot.. Radha says u deserve that, u broke my pot yesterday. Krishna says I had asked u to give butter peacefully, u didn’t agree. Radha sys shut up. Ok I won’t tell kaki. Bt I’ll go now, maiyya would b waiting at home..

In Mathura
Shukracharya tells Kansa that he’ll make Krishna’s kaal/death by jus 15 days tapasya.. But remember nobody should step in my room for these days…

Precap:- Radha is trapped in a whirlpool n shouts fr help. Krishna is shown taking a chariot out from mud far away…

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