Radha Krishna (eternal love) 25 (silver jubilee spl)


The epi starts with the ppl in a rush running here n there bumping into one another, stealing d money and rushing to n fro in their houses in a haste to hide the money. Krishna follows all of them n notices them turning into the same object they’ve hid money into.. In sum minutes all ppl were turned into pots, boxes, safes, utensils, clothes n what not..!

Krishna looks around n sees there’s no one in the whole village except him n balram. Krishna asks dau to b there only n runs to the forest stealthily. He notices there the same butterfly flying here n there! He smirks n shouts loudly.. Oh god! I’ve so much of gold, bt now to whom ill give it?? There’s no one there! Hmm if anyone return my Vrindavan to me I’ll probably do so… Noooo noooo I can’t do this, I should hide the wealth somewhere.. Or….

Lobhasur is listening all of it sitting on a flower ??. Krishna has trapped him in dreams of gold, in the meanwhile balram comes n traps d butterfly in a mayavi bottle.. Lobhasur comes to true form n shouts Krishna take me out of bottle otherwise all ur Vrindavan praja will permanently become objects. Krishna asks balram to put d Bottle in Yamuna. Lobbhasur shouts and says noooo I’ll chng Vrindavan ppl to normal form but take me out first. Balram opens d bottle and lobhasur turns into butterfly. The butterfly flies all over n everything gets normal. Krishna asks lobhasur to go n apologize to his father. Lobhasur flies away…..

Krishna retrieves d gold n gives it to the soldiers. D soldier leaves Nanda n goes.
Everyone go in their homes except Krishna and his friends..
Radha comes to Krishna and thanks him for saving her.. Bt the convo gets more fighting twist.
Radha-Thanks Kanha.. Today u saved me and whole Vrindavan

Krishna – yes radha.. Bt whatever happens remember that you never have to b greedy…
Ra-pls forgive me for that..
Kr-Yes yes, for sure, if u give me a pot of butter daily..
R-Now u r getting kinda greedy Krishna,.
K-I’m not getting greedy. U don’t frgt that u called Nattu wrestler from other village to fyt wid me
R-W..a..t..! Whatever, u deserve it.
R-Yes yes n u r now changing the topic. U should say sorry.
K-I won’t….
R-either return my thanks or say sorry.
K-Now u r changing the topic.
R-No no u r changing the topic…

K-U r changing the topic..
R-See friends he’s not even returning my thanks , he’s not even saying sorry and he’s changing d topic..
K-Oh hey u r changing the topic.
R-Noooo u r a cheater
K- you’re a cheater
Vishakha says that always keep fighting lets do something… Lalita says let them fyt, lets go otherwise we’ll get mad ?. Vishakha pushes Lalita n she falls on Radha n Radha falls on Krishna ‼

Lalita says sorry Radha actually this Vishakha pushed me.. But radha was not in any mood to listen to anybody’s clarification. Her eyes were locked inside the prettiest lotus eyes of Krishna , something she had never seen b4.. She could see the whole universe in those eyes.. Vishakha says enough now Radha get up at least now, will u sleep here only, it’s night now..!?! Lalita says she’s impossible… Sudama says kanha where’re you.? Get up plz now.. Balram bends down n shouts in Krishna’s ears… Krishna looks at Radha. What’re you doing upon me? Radha says even I’m thinking the same..
K-so u’ll bring butter tmrw?

R-Noooo not even dream about that..
K-this is unfair..!
R-not at all.. U r d real Lobhasur.. Or I should say makhansur? Go away n don’t dream of butter…
K-U r very bad ?

R-then dream of butter but sleep ryt now..
K- so u’ll give me butter?
R-not at all!
R-You’re the real cheater n will always b!
K-Yes yes I’m cheater n u r lyk my sis so u r also cheater ??‼

R-I M NOT AT ALL UR SISTER….. All the village girls may b ur sis I’m not ur sis….
K-I treat everyone equally if they’re my sis u r as well…..
R-okay okay nobody is ur sis all r friends, happy????
K-???? Say something else with friends,….
R-stop dreaming now!
K-If u wont let me sleep I’ll kip dreaming…..

Precap:-Radha is praying to a peacock feather and Krishna’s flute‼

Plz leave a comment so that I kip writing more better! N I was laughing while writing it sooo I hope at least I would’ve managed to bring at least a smile on ur face..
Thanks to Astra Devi, Tiyasa, s.v, Varshu dii, Padma, Preeti, Radha n tanu di fr being regular readers.. Kip reading n commenting always….

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  1. Astra

    Congrats dear…ur ff is celebrating silver jubilee…yay..????????? This super epi is awesome….. keep it up dear….?

  2. Superb epi dear…and congratulations for silever jubliee….yay….

  3. Super…

  4. Hi dear, this is astra… i don’t know why, comments r not going frm my id and name…
    The epi is awesome dear and congratulations… it’s already silver jubliee….

    1. Vanshika

      N thanks for the comment ?

  5. Padmaja

    Hey vanshu cutie…. I loved it soooo much….. I was amazed by the cute fights btw them.. waiting for the next..

    1. Vanshika

      Aww thanks alot Padma sis…. Love you ?

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