Radha Krishna (eternal love) 21 (Raas-Leela)



The episode starts with scene of night ? ? ? ?…. Krishna is shown playing the worlds most melodic flute in Madhuban.. The gopis get out of their homes hearing the sound and start following the sound. Radha also hears d sound and thinks y m I feelin dat this flute is attracting me towards itself.. I can’t follow It, I’m angry wit Krishnaaa… Bt keeping these thinking aside she follows the flute..
All the girls of Vrindavan, with dandiya sticks in their hands reach Madhuban. Stars twinkled more than ever. The full moon is on its pace ???? shining more than the sun.. Butterflies r flying all over. Flowers blossom all around.. The beautiful scenery with d combination of the melodic flute create the atmosphere more beautiful than swarglok itself.. All the gods and goddesses await d most beautiful scenario on the earth as the gopis dance in a circle around Krishna. Radha comes there and enters the circle..Krishna makes as many divisions as the gopis and dances with the gopis and Radha ????…. Aai sharad poonam Ki raat.. …. Madhuban Mein aaj racho Maha Raas…, plays….

On the other hand netrasur reaches Madhuban where Balram is standing already in his welcome… Netrasur asks is Krishna inside…???? Balram says NETRASUR…!!! DON’T EVEN THINK OF HARMING MY BROTHER…. Netrasur sys so u showed ur real colour.. You’ll get the result soon. I’ll reduce u too ashes. Balram takes a big rock and is about to throw towards netrasur bt it gets reduces to ashes. Netrasur says its ur turn now…!!! Netrasur emits out exploding rays from his eyes, only to b blocked by the great Sudarshan chakra.. .. Krishna comes from behind smiling ?.. Fb shows Krishna breaking the girls memory nd goes…. Netrasur is shocked.. Krishna says Netrasur this is the last chance, if you again appeared anywhere in Vrindavan u’ll face disaster. Netrasur says u cant kill me I can b killed only by myself.. Krishna says lets see. Catch me if only you can…! Krishna holds balrams hand and disappears from there.. Krishna says dau, now it’s illusion tym!! Krishna creates a mirror replica of Netrasur.. The real demon looks from behind a tree and thinks who is this..?? Krishna talks to the replica and says Netrasur, u’ll die by my hands today. Netrasur comes in front and shouts I’m real Netrasur, Krishna, y r u talking to this fake asur.. Krishna smiles and says netrasur I didn’t know you have a brother as well… Netrasur says first I’ll destroy this enemy of mine than u… Krishna says brother is kiling Brother. Netrasur says I don’t have any brother. He attacks d mirror replica and d rays bounce back.. Netrasur gets reduced in size. Krishna picks him on his palm and says adharm always gets this end only.. Netrasur changes into ashes. Krishna says lets send d prob where it came from.. Krishna throws the ashes and it reachees Mathura on Kansas face, turning it black ????….

The girls r churning out butter…
Lalita- You know I saw a dream that I’m dancing with Krishna in Madhuban…
Vishakha-Even I’ve seen same dream… Chandrika- You know, I am feeling as if I hv danced with Krishna in real..
Radha- shut up.. It was an illusion dream which we all have watched..none of you’ve danced with Krishna.
Lalita- you’re saying as if you’ve danced with Krishna all alone..
Radha-Okay okay, who’s interested in dancing with a cheat, I was jus saying a thing…. Anyways, lets go, we’ve to hide this butter from that butter thief…

Precap: Krishna gives Radha a butterfly. The butterfly sits on Radha’s hand and Radha’s eyes turn red. She says I want gold..

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  1. Astra

    Wow….so beautiful and cute dear…. and precap is interesting….

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so much ? sweet sister.. Yeah Precap is interesting ? lets see what trick I’ve in my mind now. ? jai shri Krishna ?

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