Radha Krishna (eternal love) 20



The epi starts with Nattu wrestler and Radha finding Krishna in the forest.. Krishna hides behind a tree. Radha sees the peacock feather and says Nattu wrestler there’s Krishna… Bt as the two reach the tree all they find is a peacock feather trapped in the tree.
Krishna Balram talk in d bushes..
B-Kanha.. What’ll happen now?
K-whatever will b our luck……

Jus then the wrestler gets hold of Krishna and says ur luck is that you’ve to fyt wid me… Krishna says no no pehalwan jii, see I didn’t challenge you, I don’t want to fyt with u.. Bt Nattu drags Krishna n says coward you’ve challenged me and I am not going to tolerate this, my heart is good bt not for cowards lyk uuu., Krishna says no no kaka I can’t fyt with you plz understand plz,…. Leave me let me go. Nattu says I don’t know anything, if u wont fyt I’ll crush u. Krishna says okay okay, ill fyt wid u on a condition, u’ll have to catch me.. Krishna runs round n round n round the wrestling field with d speed of lightning ⚡.. Radha says kaka he’s cheating , he’s a cheater. Krishna stops n says I’m not cheating Radha. Bt Nattu kaka gets hold of him n says now you’ve to fyt wid me… Krishna says how do I tell u I cant fyt wid u..? All d gopis cheer fr Kanha while Radha cheers for Nattu wrestler. Suddenly rays of bright light r emitted blocking the sight of the spectators. Krishna turns into his Vishnu form and shows to Nattu.. Nattu gets shocked and falls at Krishna’s/Vishnu’s feet.. Krishna says Nattu wrestler, you’re my true devotee n my blessings r always with you, bt forgive me I can’t fyt wid u. I’ve to do an important work, plzzzz let me go. Nattu says I’m sorry Prabhu, I couldn’t identify you, u can do what u wish, my life got fulfilled.. Krishna disappears from there and so does the bright light while Radha stands startled… Where did Krishna disappear???? Nattu falls down in Radha’s feet further shocking her. Radha says what’re you doing?? Nattu wrestler says Radha , thank you very much because you made me meet my Prabhu today… Radha thinks what Prabhu did he see in Krishna???

Meanwhile Krishna reaches the place where his friends start turning into ashes……. Krishna says dau, you’ve to do something. He whispers his plan to balram.

Balram goes out shouting. How bad this Krishna is. He never listens to me. I’m his elder brother. He should obey me. He always eats all my butter.
He shouts NETRASUR….! NETRASUR..! N finds Netrasur behind the mountain. He says Netrasur, I want your help in destroying Krishna… Netrasur in disbelief. But you’re his brother, ryt?
B-yes I’m, but He always eats all my butter and then maiyya scolds me. I want to kill him bt that’s impossible. So I need ur help. I’ll tell you where Krishna will b tonight. Bt on a condition.
N-What if you cheated me
B-Feel free to turn me to ashes
N-Then tell where’s Krishna
B-on a condition
N-what’s that
B-You’ll have to make my friends normal b4 they completely turn to ashes
N-Okay….. . I’ve done it. Now tell me where’s Krishna
B-At night in Madhuban
N-If I find you’ve cheated me u’ll be turned to ashes… Netrasur goes.
All the kids get super happy being normal n hug Krishna….

Precap:- What do u think is the most popular Radha Krishna moment??? Yeah its Raas-Leela.. So get ready fr raas Leela in
next episode ???? …

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  1. Thanmathi

    aww love it so much please update soon dearie

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so so so much Thanu akka ???? update on Monday or Tuesday ??

  2. Tiyasa

    Nice epi loved it but will love the next epis as rasleela will be there…….excited……
    love u loads Vanshu cutie

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot Tiya cutie pie ?????.. Yeah I’ll love writing next episodes ?

  3. Astra

    Wow..raas leela….actually, waiting for that part…. soon update… awesome api…

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