Radha Krishna (eternal love) 2


Recap-the lovely Radha comes to Gokula. Krishna fools Pralambhasur.

Krishna, balram, sudama and their friends r playing in the garden ?. A servant tells Krishna that Nanda raj has called him. Krishna gets tensed. Balram tells him that he’ll handle everything. Krishna n the others go away with the servant while balram looks fr Pralambhasur…

Nanda raj shows a big weighing scale to the Gokula public. Everyone looks on. Nanda raj says that he’ll distribute as much wealth as the weight of Krishna. The servants come with utensils filled of gold jewellery and gold coins. Everyone gets happy ?. Krishna sits on one side of the scale n the servants start placing the gold on the scale. Everyone gets shocked seeing all the wealth finished. Nanda raj says kanha doesn’t hv so much weight. A lovely voice is heard-kaka kaka I’ve a solution. It turns to b Radha. Krishna smiles seeing her. All the devtas see the lovely Radha Krishna together n get happy. Mahadev says we had to wait so much fr siya ram Milan, this tym Lakshmi Narayan have met in balyakaal, their Aalokik Jodi is jus beautiful, no one can equal them. Parvati agrees. Krishna n Radha look at each other. The gods shower flowers on them ????… Radha takes out a flower from her hair n keeps it on the gold jewellery. The scales get equal shocking everyone. Krishna smiles. Brahma dev says that it is impossible to compare Narayan with wealth. Only true love lyk that of Radha Krishna has made it equal..

Radha goes back n then Nanda raj distributes the wealth between the ppl. On the other hand balram fights with Pralambhasur. Pralambhasur increases his size and balram also increases his size. They fight n balram compresses his size. He climbs on Pralambhasur n dances on his head.Pralambhasur hits his head n balrams jumps down. Pralambhasur falls down. Balram laughs. This is the first time I’ve seen someone hitting himself… The duel continues. Balram hits Pralambhasur n kills him.. Pralambhasur shouts Krishna…. Balram says that’s good u remembered Krishna while dying, your sins will get reduced.

Radha asks kriti to hide all the butter. That evil Krishna is a thief, he’ll steal all the butter. I’ll teach him a lesson. Kriti smiles n goes…

Precap-Nanda tells Krishna he wont get butter. The gopi girls tell Radha that its impossible to defeat Krishna. Nanda raj organises a competition between the girls, lead by Radha n boys, lead by Krishna..


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  1. S.v

    super awesome soo lovely true love is the only thing which god expects us and thats what is being said so lovely one dear do continue more Stay blessed

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx @s.v fr commenting n supporting me..

  2. Jay

    Great episode dear………….precap is much interesting

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx jay di… Very happy to c ur comment ?

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