Radha Krishna (eternal love) 19


The epi starts with Sudama, Subal, Madhu and Mangal grazing the cows deep in the forest. A terrific demon (Netrasur) comes there. He laughs n says, I’m Netrasur, Bhasmasur’s descendant, lyk bhasmasur could turn anything into ashes, I’ll turn Vrindavan into ashes. He sees kids playing n puts rays from his eyes on them. The boys get reduced to size of their fingers. NetraSur says Krishna I’m comin..
The boys fully shocked in tension wonder how to get out of the terrific situation they’ve been trapped in. Sudama sees a bee siting on a flower n asks his friends to climb the bee. The boys climb the plant n sit on the bee who’s peacefully drinking nectar. Getting disturbed by the children jumping on the it, the bee flies up high while Madhu exclaims IT IS GOING IN OPP DIRECTION NT 2 VRINDAVAN… The bee turns dropping them to an unknown area. They see cows grazing n jump over them..

In Vrindavan n announcement is heard. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.. Krishna has challenged Nattu wrestler to fyt wid him. Balram says instead of demons u started fyt wid wrestler Krishna..? Krishna says no no Dau, I’ve not challenged any wrestler. Nattu wrestler is my devotee, my loved one, I can’t fyt him, he also once indirectly helped me, he saved PitaShri from sum thieves, I’m indebted to him. Balram asks is it then Mamashri..? Krishna says no dau.. He looks at Radha with a smile n says I know who has done it…….
Balram Sys I know u wont tell me who done it even if I ask 10000 times, it’s better we go n hide b4 this Nattu finds u. Krishna nods n they head towards forest. Radha goes to nattu n says Pehalwan ji/ Wrestler, you’re sittin here, there in Vrindavan a small boy Krishna challenging u, he claims he cn easily defeat u. Pehalwan gets angry n says what..? Radha sys yes, he thinks you’re a fool. Nattu aks who’re you,? Radha replies I’m ur well wisher and I have cum to help u. Nattu n Radha head to find Krishna..

Meanwhile Krishna and Balram lookin for place to hide, they come across place where cows r grazing. Subal notices them and the other children gt happy seeing their saviour, who’s trying to save himself. As Krishna Balram approach d cow on which the kids r siting, they jump over balrams shoulder and start shouting..DAU..DAU..SAVE US.. KANHAAA…DAU.. KANHA..DAU.. Krishna notices the commotion n confusedly asks dau where’s the voice coming from… Balram looks around and eyes fall on his shoulder. He exclaims WAT KINDA CREATURES R THESE..! Krishna takes them on his palm n says dau they’re our friends whom we’re searching from morning. Balram Luks closely n gt shocked.. Krishna says it is all with grace of our beloved mamashri. Balram says we’ve to ensure their security b4 our security gets into danger. Krishna nods n says I know who can help..! He takes off one of his necklaces n opens the pearl in the centre. YakshaRaj comes out. Krishna says he’s Yaksha, a gud asur, once while we were playing I found this pearl in which he was trapped by his fellow demons for being good, he always opposed demons in their bad needs, but he’s very nice, he can do anything., n now he considers me as his Prabhu, as I freed him… Yaksha folds hands n says I’ll do anything fr my Prabhu, u r my Narayan.. Krishna handovers the kids to him n asks him to kip them safe. Yaksha says ur wish, my command. He goes…
Krishna says dau, all this is done by Netrasur, if we didn’t chng them to their real form now, they’ll b reduced to ashes.. Balram gets shocked ???..

Precap:-Nattu holds Krishna n says at last I found u, u’ll challenge me..? Krishna says plz Nattu ji leave me I don’t wish to fyt wid u. Nattu says u hv to fyt or I’ll beat u up. The kids start turning to ashes ?.

Hope u lyk it. Forgive ny typo mistakes n plzzzz leave a comment..

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  1. vanshika i am reading ur ff fr the first time.it was superb.i love krishna very much.especially love story of radha and krishna.i am reading such anff fr the first time.i luv to heard about krishna.pls update this daily.from now onwards i will never miss ur ff.

  2. awesome . really loved it a lot . i am reading this ff after so many days , happy to read this . update next one soon . eagerly waiting….

  3. Astra

    Nectasur…!!! Hahaha..what a name yar.. the epi was awesome as always dear… loved it to core…

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