Radha Krishna (eternal love) 17 (Radha challenges Maha Mahishasur)


The episode starts with Maha Mahisur killing all Vrindavan praja one by one until only Krishna is left. He takes a sword and cuts Krishna’s head n brings the peacock feather n flute to Kansa. Kansa laughs while gazing at the belongings of Krishna, suddenly remembering what happened some tym ago.. He says Maha Mahisur, Krishna has cheated us in the same way once b4 also, hw cn v believe u..? Shukracharya takes some water from his kalash/ewer and throws onto the flute n peacock feather, which turn into a leaf n stick irritating Kansa.. Kansa sys what big things were u saying, u ll kill Krishna, this is how u kill Krishna, this tym Krishna wont escape.. Acharya (shukra) tell me where is Krishna, use ur divine sight n tell me asap. Acharya sees Krishna n Vrindavan praja all in a cave. He says Vrindavan ppl n Krishna r hiding in cave below Govardhan parbat. Fb shows Krishna plays his melodious flute and all the Vrindavan praja follow the sound n reach under the cave, while Krishna creates the replicas in Vrindavan ??. Maha Mahisur says I’ll kill Krishna. No one can kill me.. Hahaha. Shukracharya says don’t frgt that a woman had killed mahishasur, she was, Devi Durga. Don’t worry, have this apple ? .. Shukra gives an apple to Mahisur who eats it. Shukra says now Devi

Durga can’t kill u till sunset ?. U hv to kill Krishna b4 sunset ?. Mahisur says that’s easy. N heads towards Govardhan.
The Vrindavan praja open their eyes.
Yashoda-How did I reach here..?
Radha-yes, how did v reach here..?
Krishna-Don’t worry Radha, whatever happened, happened in the presence of ur shri Hari, we’re safe in this place.
Maha Mahisur comes n rocks start falling in the cave. Everyone get shocked. Mahisur says Krishna, where r u, u r nt safe anymore…!! Remember it.

Come out. Krishna says v should pray ? to Devi, she’ll save us. All ppl nod n pray ? to Devi. Jai jai hey mahishasur Vardhini… Plays…. Krishna goes to Kailās calling Devi Durga n prays…. He sys where’re u Devi, we need ur help, if u wont come Vrindavan won’t b anymore, Krishna’s flute won’t b heard anymore, you’ve to come here. Devi comes n says Krishna, I can’t help u, that’s why I didn’t come, sorry for the delay, but don’t stop playing ur flute. Krishna says that’s only possible if u kill Maha Mahisur, n only u can kill him cos you’ve killed his ancestor also. Devi sys I can’t kill him till sunset ?, shukracharya has given special powers to maha Mahisur, I can’t kill him till sunset ?. Krishna says he’ll destroy Vrindavan till sunset, only u can help in this situation. Devi says there’s one solution, only a female can distract him till sunset. Krishna smiles ? n thanks Devi. He returns to cave. Maha Mahisur shouts and says come out u Vrindavan residents, no one can save u. Radha says we together can kill u. She’s about to go out wen Kriti stops her and says, no putri don’t go out, you’ll die, there’s danger. Radha says won’t we die if we r here..? That demon will kill us here also, look at the rocks.. Balram says Krishna stop Radha… Krishna says no dau, I won’t stop her, she’s doing ryt. Vrishbhan holds Radha n says no, u wont go anywhere. Radha says we’ve to go, I know no one will show bravery, death is fr sure even if we stay inside lyk cowards, so its better that we go n fight against the demon, coz we know that goodness never loses, don’t we..? Kriti n Yashoda grasp Radha n says we cant let u go. The cave shakes again n evry1 fall down. Radha takes advantage n goes out.
Maha Mahishasur sys it seems lyk u have lost ur way, small girl..
Radha-I’ve not lost my way, I’m on the ryt way, you’re standing on the wrong way.
Maha Mahishasur-hhahaha..
Radha-Laugh as much as possible, I want to fight with you..
Mahishasur-U will fight with me, hahaha, I think I’ve to start destruction by killing u. Maha Mahishasur aims at Radha…………..

Precap- Radha runs superfast n Maha Mahishasur tries to catch her. Vrindavan praja look on wid wide eyes ?. Devi Durga comes there n says ur end is near, maha Mahishasur….!!
Guys how was it..? I think u know what’s gonna happen next , ryt..? Plzzzz leave a comment ??☺?? I’ll post next epi very asap n damn sure u’ll lyk it..
N next epi Radha will b jealous….

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  1. Astra

    Sory for late comment dear… I was bit busy with works…

    I read it…. it was too beautiful as always yar…

    Krishna is very naughty. .

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks sissie ?.. No sry btw friends.. N next Epi I’ll post on Sunday.. Radha’s jealousy,. Then u wont stop urself from saying Krishna is very naughty ??????? love u ?

  2. Tiyasa

    Yaa eagerly waiting for Radha’s jealousy……
    Love u sweetheart……

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks and love to u sweetheart, keep commenting I’ve posted next epi it’ll b there tonight…

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