Radha Krishna (eternal love) 16 (everything cleared)


The episode starts with Nanda asking Krishna why he threw the garland away. The boys complete their garland n put it in Nanda’s neck and shout we’re the winner. Yashoda asks Krishna what did he do..? Krishna says I did so to save Mata. That garland was mayavi. Radha says ooh Ho, now this trick Kanha, what do u think we’ll come in your fake stories, you’ve won by deceit, but remember the win you’ve got by deceit can never b a win, you’re a loser..

Krishna says trust me Radha, that garland was mayavi, if it wasn’t tell me where it is now..? Every one look at the spot n around it bt the garland had disappeared.
Radha says no, I’m sure you’ve hidden it somewhere, you can do anything, u hv done deceit. Krishna nods no.. Yashoda tells Nanda that her son is mischievous, but he cant do deceit. The praja present there also repeats the words , our Kanha can’t do deceit. Krishna says if u think I’ve done deceit, then girls’ team is the winner, cos they’re worthy of it, they’ve completed the challenge. Subal says what’re you saying, you’re making ur own team loose..? Krishna says no, they’re the real winners, they’ve won the challenge, I threw her garland bt only to save Maiyya. The boys refuse to accept it and r declared the winners of the challenge, while Radha is totally angry on Krishna n tells him she’ll never talk to him. She leaves with her friends.
Radha n her friends are sitting in the room.
Lalita – see that Krishna, we were abt to win bt that Krishna..
Ananda-yes, we’ve lost today coz of him.
Radha-Bt if he had to win really, why would he have saved me, and shown me the trick to pluck the flowers ?.
Vishakha-what..! He told you the trick..?
Lalita-Bt the truth is also what that we saw, he won by deceit.
Ananda-The garland wasn’t really there, what if Krishna was ryt.?
Chandrika-If that’s so then ur words have really hurt him, Radha.
Lalita-That was clear from his face.
Radha-You’re ryt, I know Kanha can’t do this, bt still I am confused.. But I’ve scolded him unnecessarily and I’ve to apologize to him for my rudeness, how angry he must b on me..
Vishakha-No Radha, our Kanha can’t b angry on anyone, he would b angry on himself, you should do what u feel lyk. Radha goes to Nanda Bhavan.

Balram n Krishna r sitting in their room.
Kr-Don’t know what’s happening dau, I’m trying to see that mayavi asur with my divine sight.
Ba-It’s not your fault Kanha.
Kr-It is mine, I should’ve done something else instead of what I really did.
Radha Asks Yashoda where Krishna is. Yashoda tells her he is in his room with balram. Radha goes to Krishna’s room.
Ba-Kanha, whatever you did was not wrong , you did this to save ur maiyya.
Kr-Bt Radha doesn’t trust me.
Radha looks on.
B-What if she doesn’t trust you kanha, I do. N who knows she must have spoken in anger. She wont b angry with you for long.
Radha comes in the room.
Kr-I’m sorry Radha , I know I’ve hurt u, bt trust..
Radha keeps her finger on his lips. Balram shrewdly goes out of the room grinning.
Ra-I trust u kanha, I am sorry ? bt I know u haven’t done wrong coz u can never do wrong.
Kr-You’re no more angry with me..
Kr-You don’t want to be punish me..
R-I want to punish you. And your punishment is you’ll have to come out and play ur melodic flute.
They smile ?.
Krishna comes out and plays his flute, which irritates Maha Mahisur. He gets annoyed while all Vrindavan ppl r happy. Maha Mahisur throws fireballs on Vrindavan n destroys all the things. Krishna gets shocked. Maha Mahisur comes in his real form and starts killin Vrindavan ppl.

Precap-Mahisur says I’ve killed Krishna n gives his flute n peacock feather to Kansa. Shukracharya puts mayavi water on it and it turns into a stick n leaf. Devi Durga tells Krishna she cant help him. Krishna gets shocked.

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    Awesome dear… loved radhakrishna… they are too cute….

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    Awesome vanshu dearie…..
    Radha krishna’s quarrels r too cute
    love u

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