Radha Krishna (eternal love) 15 (Boys v/s girls-cute competition)

The epi starts with Kansa breaking the mountain. Three black flowers come out. Shukracharya puts the three flowers into the sacrificial fire and MahaMahisur comes out from it and laughs.. Maha Mahishasur says I cn kill Krishna, I can take any form, n no animal, insect, asur, god or man can kill me..! And until I’m on the earth, no one can see me..! Maha Mahishasur takes the form of a cloud ☁ and reaches Vrindavan.
The competition between the girls n boys starts. Krishna says in the first part of the competition we’ve to go to the forest and then bring flowers from there. Then we’ve to make a garland and the girls will put the garland in Maiyya’s while we boys will put it in baba’s neck. The one who did it first will b the winner. Nanda raj says there r two kinds of flowering trees in the forest. Krishna says v boys will choose white flowers while the girls will choose pink ones. Krishna winks at Radha n the race starts. The boys n girls r running almost equal to each other while Ananda’s dupatta gets caught in the thorns. Radha rushes towards her to help her while the boys go ahead n have a good laugh.. In the excitement Madhu falls down. The girls laugh n say now laugh.. The race again starts while Maha Mahishasur takes the form of a puddle. Radha says friends lets go there it’ll help us reach the flowers soon. Krishna stops her. No Radha don’t go there, the place is unsafe. Radha says Is it so…? Bt kanha I think ryt now agreeing to u is unsafe. Come friends let goo. Krishna looks at her going. Radha runs ahead of the girls. Vishakha asks her to wait. Radha runs n slips into the puddle. The girls get shocked n try to pull her, bt Radha slips more n more into the puddle. Radha shouts. The gopis wonder what to do. An idea strucks there minds. They call for Krishna. Kanha… Kanha.. Where’re you…?

Krishna n his friends stop in their tracks hearing the voice. Krishna runs towards the direction of the voice n reaches there. Vishakha says see Radha has slipped into the puddle. Krishna says give ur chunris/dupattas to me all of u. He ties them n gives the end to Radha. All the boys n girls pull it together, bt in vain. The dupatta in Radha’s hands gets torn. Krishna gets shocked. It’s surely some mayavi power. Krishna sees a tree trunk n asks his friends to bend it towards the puddle. Radha holds it. Krishna pulls her out using his powers. Radha gets out n hugs Krishna. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to u, still u came to save me.. Thank u Kanha.
KriDha share an eye lock. The boys say leave him, he doesn’t seem interested in the game let us go.

Vishakha sys Radha come, the boys have gone. Radha… Radha doesn’t listen, she’s continuously lookin at Krishna. Chandrika says Radha come, we’re getting late. Vishakha shakes her, Radha.. Radha gets out of the eye lock n says what happened..? Ananda says nothing happened yet, bt it can happen any moment, come lets go. Radha goes away smiling. Krishna looks at the puddle. It’s some mayavi powers, I couldn’t take Radha out till I used my powers..
Balram calls him and asks him to come.

Both the teams reach the flowering tree n start picking the flowers. after picking the flowers from below, they find out the flowers r less to make a garland. Balram says I’ve an idea. The boys climb on one another and make a tower. Balram goes on top n plucks the flowers. The girls stand shocked n confused. Krishna is on the other side of the tree. He holds the branch on top, bends it n starts plucking flowers and winks ??? as Radha looks on. Radha smiles n calls her friends. She holds the branch and bends it, while the girls pluck the flowers. With sufficient flowers in their baskets, the teams return to their places n Radha n Krishna start making the garlands. Sudama says do faster kanha, see how fast Radha is doing.

Lalita says go go, no body is faster than our Radha. Radha makes the garland n goes to put it in Yashoda’s neck while Krishna gets shocked. He runs as he sees a snake in the garland and throws the garland away. Radha stares him angrily.

Precap-Radha thinks Kanha helped me during competition, bt hw cn he cheat at last moment. Maha mahishasur throws fireballs on Vrindavan ? ?..
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