Radha Krishna (eternal love) 14 (Maha Vinaashak Astra)

The epi starts with the the ppl praying to Mata Shakunbri. Krishna looks up n says dau, I’m going to break the shield made by Vinaashak. Balram sys yes, bt beware, if he threw his weapon on u, u wont escape. Krishna nods n goes up to see the shield. He takes out his mace to break the shield while Vinaashak comes there n says not so soon, first u’ll die my hands then I’ll destroy Vrindavan. Krishna says as u wish, first I’ll kill u, then your shield. Vinaashak throws a weapon n Krishna cuts it with his powers. Vinaashak throws a disc towards Krishna who ducks n escapes from it. Vinaashak says u can escape from these Krishnaa, not from this..! He takes his Maha Vinaashak Astra. Swarglok shakes. All the devtas get tensed seeing Vinaashak Astra. Vinaashak says go,n kill Krishna. The weapon goes towards Krishna. Krishna moves away bt the weapon chases him. Narad says only some miracle can save Prabhu now..

Krishna runs n Vinaashak laughs saying how much u’ll try Krishna , u’ll die by this weapon now itself..! Krishna gets tensed and hides behind a cloud ☁. Vinaashak laughs n sys u r hiding behind cloud , no one can save u. Weapon comes behind cloud n Krishna runs towards Mahavinaashak who is laughing ?. The weapon pierces Krishna n he dies. Bt as Vinaashak was behind Krishna, the weapon pierces him and reduces him to mere sand. The shield breaks n it rains all over Vrindavan n the sand vanishes. Krishna comes from behind the cloud ??. Fb shows- Krishna hides inside the cloud n makes his replica which was chased by the arrow ???..

Krishna goes to Mata Shakunbri n greets her. Mata , thank you for saving Vrindavan. Now ur children r happy. So plzzzz stop ur tears and bring a smile on ur face which suits you the best. Mata smiles n it stops raining. Krishna goes back to Vrindavan.
Kansa shouts noooo NT possible… Krishna is a conspirator, he’s a cheat. I’ll not leave him. Shukra takes him to a mountain n says if u break this mountain, then u’ll get bonus chance to kill Krishna n superpowers. Kansa takes his mace n attacks the mountain.

A nyc mrng. Gopis come to Krishna n ask him to hv lunch at their homes. Krishna smiles n sys okay I’ll come. The gopis dispute on whose house will Krishna eat food. They start fighting. Krishna says I’ll come at everybody’s homes. Gopis get glad n go. Krishna goes to everyone’s house and has a hearty meal, pleasing the girls, while they wonder how he’s eating so much…. Radha gets angry seeing Krishna enjoying eating from the gopis n tells this to Yashoda out of jealousy.

L8r Krishna returns to his home..
K-Maiyya, where’re you..? Ur kanha is hungry.. Plzzzz give food.
Y-Hungry…?? You’ve eaten at the homes of the village’s girls n then y u need my food..?
Radha looks on smiling ?.
K-Ooh maiyya, how cn my stomach b full without eating by ur hands..? Maiyya I’m hungry, plzzzz give food na..?
Y-Okay okay, now stop buttering ur maiyya.
K-Maiyya, y will I butter u..? If I’ve to butter something it’ll b my mouth. N ryt nw I’ll eat ur rotis with butter.?

Y-Oh I forgot.. Come, eat well.
Ananda comes to call Radha. She goes with her.
Outside the boys r teasing the girls.
Madhu-we boys r greater than girls, we r more powerful than u.
Vishakha-Shut up, we girls r more intelligent and strong then u fools r.
Mangal-U girls only know making butter n cooking, it’s we boys whooo…..
Ananda n Radha come there.

Radha-Yes yes, we girls know cooking, do u know that..? If we wont gv u food, wat ll u eat..? Remember that it is a female only who gives birth to you.
Subal-If boys wont gv u money what’ll u do..? We boys are strong and guard u.
A huge argument starts until Krishna comes there. Balram says see kanha,our friends hv lost their mind somewhere, how they’re insulting the gopis.?
Krishna-Why r u fighting Madhu, Mangal, Subal, Sudama..? Don’t u know the might of the girls. Don’t u know Mahishasur who couldn’t b killed by the gods was killed by a woman Devi Durga.? ?
Radha smiles n nods.?

Sudama-So what, she was a Devi, these r ordinary girls.. ?
Balram-See how they ve gone mad Krishna..?
Krishna-If it is so, we’ll decide it by a competition.. ?

Precap:-Kansa breaks the mountain n Mahishasur’s descendant Mahasur comes out. Radha hugs Krishna.

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  1. Astra

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      1. Astra

        Take ur time dear… I will read pakka.. Bcz, i lv ur ff.

  2. Tiyasa

    Wow cutie, its soooo nice……really loved it…..Precap is fabb, really it will be very romantic…….
    Love u loads sweetie pie…..

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