Radha Krishna (eternal love) 13 (Sand storm)

The episode starts with Kansa angrily throwing the objects. Shukra asks him to stop and summon maha Vinaashak. Kansa asks who is Vinaashak..? Shukra says he has mayavi sand, which can bury whole earth underneath. Kansa says what more..? Maha Vinaashak comes there and greets Kansa. He says I’ve such Astra/weapon which can kill the person whose name I’ll take. Kansa laughs haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa..! Vinaashak says I’ve vardaan/blessing that I can b killed by only my weapon, n only I know its mantra.. Kansa says then what’re you waiting for..? Go, n kill my kaal.. Vinaashak goes..

Krishna wakes up and goes out. Sandy winds are blowing all over ??.. He gets shocked. Sun rays fall in Radha’s room. she wakes up n frowns ?. What kinda morning is this..? How did sun rise today without Krishna’s flute..? She gets ready n goes out.

Whole Vrindavan goes outside Nanda Bhavan with the same thought in mind.
The mayavi sand starts spreading all over. Nanda says what’s happening..? He holds the sand in his hands and says it is increasing.. It isn’t ordinary sand, it is deceptive sand. Yashoda says it is increasing and increasing…
The feet ? of the ppl start sinking in the mud. They shout fr help. Balram asks Krishna to do something. If u want u can remove all this mud in a while, then y r u jus watching lyk this..? Krishna says dau, don’t worry, I can remove all this sand in a second, bt I won’t do so. Vrindavan’s praja will themselves save them from this sand. Balram asks how..? Krishna sys wait and watch ?.

The land starts shaking … Yashoda, Nanda raj, Kriti, Vrishbhan, Krishna’s friends, the gopis, Radha everyone starts sinking in the sand dunes. Vinaashak laughs ??. Krishna says I’ve a solution for this problem. Radha smiles ☺ n thinks I knew u would hv a solution.. Krishna says rain is the solution.⛈⛈. Long long tym ago, there was a demon named Kurur.. He did penance for 1000 years. Indra dev, Varun dev, Agni dev, all tried to distract him, bt failed. Finally lord Brahma came and gave him vardaan. Kurur asked fr vardaan to b the only person to hv knowledge of four Vedas in the whole world.. Now no body had the knowledge of Vedas. The saints didn’t know what to do..? The temples became empty. There was gr8 famine. Kurur ruled the world. Even devtas/gods didn’t know anything n failed.. Everyone started dying of hunger. At that tym, Mata Durga n the gods together gave birth to goddess Shakumbri. She cried seeing the situation of the earth, n her tears rained all over. Everything became normal. L8r she also killed Kurur. So in this situation what’ll b the apt solution..? Everyone says Mata Shakumbri.. Yashoda says bt now it seems lyk u hv gt the knowledge of four Vedas.. Radha says yes, only he hs solution of evry problem. Krishna says no no, Rishivar told us the story.. Yashoda says okok.. The ppl pray to Mata Shakumbri. Mata Shakumbri appears n it starts raining in Vrindavan. Radha exclaims! The sand is decreasing. Kriti says yes. It is chamatakar/miracle of Devi ma. The ppl continue to pray ? ? ? ? ?.. Vinaashak gets shocked seeing his powers nt working. He says I hv to stop the rain somehow. He makes a shield around Vrindavan n the rain stops.. Yashoda says ohno, rain stopped.. Nanda says Mata forgive us if we made any mistake.. Krishna looks up.

Precap:-Vinaashak gets his maha vinaashak Astra n says go, kill Krishna. Krishna runs from that weapon while it continues to chase him. Vinaashak says you won’t escape from this weapon this tym Krishna… Krishna gets tensed.


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  1. Astra

    how do you get these ideas yar… oh my dear…. it’s very very awesome…. your imagination is extraordinary… feeling so happy to read your ff. keep writing dear…. love u

    1. Vanshika

      Astra di thank you so much for your lovely n overwhelming comments.. I get these ideas only because of the love of you. Love you loads and thanks fr reading ?? will update soon ? lets see what I’ve to kill this Vinaashak ??

      1. Astra

        ur welcome dear…. 🙂

  2. Tiyasa

    Ohhh…. so nice ff, really love it……well, the waking of Radha from sleep was too cute……
    Love u sweetie, ur writings r as sweet as u r……

    1. Vanshika

      And ur comments r as sweet as u r.. Thnx ff for ur comment u made my day ?

      1. Tiyasa

        Oooooooooooooo ur words r so sweet….love u dear

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