Radha Krishna (eternal love) 12 (A new start in Vrindavan-dawn of eternal love)

(Radha Krishna are now friends)
The episode starts with a five years leap..
With the peacock feather crown, his beautiful smile ? and yellow dhoti, 10 years old Krishna is playing his flute and the cows r grazing on the banks of the Yamuna. Vrindavan gets lost in the melodic music..
The beautiful Radha, with flowers adorned in her open hair, wearing a pink dress wid a yellow chunri/dupatta, with jewel studded necklace adorning her neck and a smile adorning her face, is churning out butter with the gopis and smiles hearing the flute music ?. She says today I’ll gv butter to Krishna. The gopis take the pots n reach there. Krishna says Radha you here..? Radha says why, I’m an unexpected guest..? See Kanha, im in a gud mood, don’t ask silly questions. I’ve brought this for u. She kips the pots in front of Krishna. Krishna looks at the pots full of butter and says, It Luks very nyc bt my stomach is full. Radha says daily I stop you from stealing butter, now I’ve brought ur fav butter fr u n u r nt eating it ?. Krishna says okay, u eat it first. Radha says noooo Kanha, its fr u. Krishna smells it. It’s very nyc, u eat it first Radha.. They argue. Balram steps in between. Get silent. I’ll eat it first. Krishna says no, it’s fr Radha. Radha says it is fr Kanha. They argue again. Balram closes his years n says okay okay, you only eat, my stomach is full ?.
Radha says okay, lets eat together ?. They feed each other.. Krishna asks Radha to pinch him. Radha says why..? Krishna says that he had seen this in his dream also. Radha pinches him and he shouts. The boys and girls break to laughter ?. Everyone eats the butter. Subal says come Krishna lets play. Krishna says yes lets go. Radha, the butter was really tasty ?. Radha smiles. Madhu pulls Krishna n says yes yes, now cum.
Kansa says now Krishna isn’t our hurdle anymore. Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha… Now it’s tym fr Vishwa Vijay/World conquest..! Shukracharya say I knew you would want this. I’ve brought this fr u. He shows Kansa a three headed horse ? ? ?. This is Vishwa Vijaya Ashwa/horse. Shukrachaya shows Kansa a map. The blue spots r the places under u, and all these red spots r places where other kings rule. Wherever the horse will go, it’s special powers will
make other kings under ur rule. If someone opposes Kansas rule, then the horse will kill him. Kansa laughs. Then what’re u waiting fr..? Lets move. The horse goes and certain places start turning blue (under Kansas rule).
Krishna and Balram r sitting under a mango tree. Balram says how peaceful it is Krishna, no demons hv attacked Vrindavan from so long.. Krishna says yes but it is time that I have to go. Balram says why, where..? Krishna says For dharma sthapan/establishment. It’s tym Mamashri come to know we r alive. Balram says but that’ll bring problems.. Krishna says don’t worry dau, I’m here fr that. I’ll come sooon, u manage everything here till then.
The Vishwa Vijay horse ??? comes in Vrindavan and divides into three. Seeing him Krishna also divides into three and combats with the horse.
Kansas servant sees the horse stop at the red point n says it seems sum one has stopped our horse ?. Shukracharya says that person wants his death. All the spots that had turned red again turn blue. Kansa gets angry ? and says what’s this..? He throws the map. Shukracharya says it isn’t work of ordinary person. Kansa throws all the things here n there.. It can b only one thing…. Krishna…. Krishna is alive…!!!! My kaal is alive..!! Kansa calls the three demons ??? who had claimed to have killed Krishna (Bhaya Mahabhaya N Mrityu) and takes out his sword. He tells them abt Krishna being alive n kills them..

Precap:-Radha gets up and says how did today sun rise without Krishna playing his flute..? Whole Vrindavan is covered in sand with all ppl buried underneath…

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