Radha Krishna (eternal love) 11 (Mahaepisode-End of Gokul leelas)

The episode starts with the Krishna n his friends feeding the cows ??.. The three demons reach in Gokula.. They start spreading fear among the Gokul praja. Bhaya uses his powers and winds start blowing all over.. Mahabhaya attacks the ppl and they get lifted by the wind. The demons laugh while the ppl shout fr help. Krishna and his friends get shocked ? and follow the sound, only to find whole Gokul lifted up in air. Seeing Krishna, they ask him to save them. His friends also get lifted up. He’s the only person who was there on land. Krishna asks the ppl not to be afraid. If u’ll get afraid then the demons will succeed in their motive! Their powers r able to work only till u ll b afraid. So leave fear, close ur eyes n u’ll get down. I’m down only cos I’m nt afraid. Radha asks him what if his trick won’t work..? Krishna tells her to first try then say. All the ppl close their eyes n get down. The demons get shocked ?. How’s this possible…??? Krishna smiles ?. Radha says you’re a thief, bt you’re also intelligent.. Krishna says yes, intelligence is needed fr stealing butter also. Nanda raj says that this place is not safe anymore. We should depart asap to a safer place tmrw mrng.
Krishna and balram r sitting in their room..
Balram-What happened Kanha, u r sitting sadly, won’t u sleep ?.?
Krishna-No dau, tmrw a new prob will cum, n huge loss…..
Balram-Oh come on Kanha, stop talking, I know till u r here, nothin will happen, sleep now..
Mrityu comes in Gokul n laughs. He says my brothers (Bhaya n Mahabhaya) alone couldn’t do this, I’ve cum now, wherever I’ll go, death will cum there.. He sees two men returning with their cows and asks them where is Krishna..! The men get afraid and pass out. Mrityu laughs.. Now no one can escape death….!!
Krishna wakes up n goes outside. He gets shocked to see all the cows lying down. He says Mrityu, you didn’t do ryt by doing this.. What did you think, you’ll destroy whole village lyk this..? No you were wrong.. Krishna plays his melodious harmonic flute n everyone gets up, including the dead ppl. Radha gets up n says start of the day can’t b better..
Kansa scolds the three demons. What did u do..? I asked u to kill Krishna, bt you couldn’t even kill an ant there..? You got afraid from a 5 years old boy..? You can’t defeat him? What useless fools r u? Nanda comes out n says we should go towards Vrindavan.. It’ll b safer area then Gokul now.. We cn go there fr short while.
They all go on the other side of the forest, aka Vrindavan.. Krishna n Balram r standing in the last of the crowd.
Balram-Come Krishna, lets go and teach Mrityu Abt mrityu/death.. We’ve to save Gokul otherwise he’ll destroy our village.
Krishna-Yessss Dau, a lesson even mamashri won’t forget.. Lets go.
They go only to be stopped by Radha..! Hey where’re you going..? Don’t u remember Nanda baba has asked not to go anywhere else n remain here till the danger not over? Where’re you going?
Krishna says we’re going nowhere, you go back.. They hurriedly reach Gokul where the demons ??? r creating havoc. Radha thinks what r they upto..? I ws talkin politely n he hurried away.. I’ll hv to find out what’s their plan. She follows Krishna Balram.
Balram says Krishna r u sure this is Gokul, I mean it not at all is looking lyk our pretty Gokul which had happiness spread all over. It’s looking lyk Paatal loka, So much destruction, there’re no trees no plants what’s happening..? Krishna says destruction is happening..
The three demons come there n laugh ???.. Krishna now who’ll save u..? A huge fyt starts.. Radha reaches there n gets shocked at the sight… Three huge demons..two small kids..! She gets astonished ? to see Krishna fighting with Bhaya n Mrityu singlehandedly.. Mrityu takes the opportunity and holds Radha. Krishna gets shocked ?. Mrityu says surrender yourself to save this beautiful lil girl.. Radha gets unconscious. Krishna says Mrityu your animosity is with me, leave Radha… Mrityu says noooo, first surrender urself. Krishna says alright.. He hides behind Balram. The demons laugh. Mrityu says don’t u want to save ur Radha..?? Krishna comes out and says ok I surrender. Leave her now..! Mrityu leaves Radha and thinks aftr u both die, she’ll b the third one..! Bhaya captures Balram. Mrityu cuts off Krishna’s head and laughs.. He presents it to Kansa.
Kansa laughs ??. Very good…!! Very very good..! Hhahaha.. What did u say devtas, he is my kaal..? He is my kaal.. Hahahaa.. I’m world winner.. I’m the swami of the universe now..! None can stop me nw..!!
The real Krishna and Balram get out from behind the trees smiling. Fb shows Krishna hides behind Balram n multiplies into two,I.e makes his n Balram’s duplicate. The beheaded Krishna was the duplicate. Krishna says he thought he can kill me by trapping my power (Radha).. Now v should return Dau. Balram says yesses, but what abt her..? She has seen our real form.. Krishna says don’t worry dau. He carries Radha and they reach Vrindavan. Radha opens her eyes and says what has happened..? I don’t remember anything.. Krishna smiles ???..
PRECAP:-Life in Vrindavan.. Radha decides that she’ll no more fyt wid Krishna n they’ll bcm friends..
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