Radha Krishna (eternal love) 10

The epi starts wid Radha feeding butter to Krishna.. Krishna feeds her also. Sound of khat khat is heard and Krishna wakes up from his sweet dream annoyed. What’s it?? Wen I’m awake mamashri doesn’t let me enjoy. Now I can’t even enjoy while sleeping. Who waked me from the sweetest dream of the world?? He gets up and goes on the direction of the voice where his friends n the gopis r watching sum ppl who’re cutting the trees of the forest. Krishna asks Balram what’s happening. Balram tells him that Dhanupati has gone mad. He has planned to wash of all his sins. He has planned a maha yagya. That’s y he’s cutting the trees. Krishna says he has planned to increase his sins. What kinda holy deed is this? By cutting off trees he is increasing his sins. How can he cut these trees? Trees provide us so many things. They serve as home to so many birds. They give us food n shelter. Radha says yes. We gopis collected dry sticks from the forest n gave to him. Bt he threw them and is cutting the trees mercilessly. He could’ve done his work with these dry woods. Bt he’s…… We need to teach him a lesson. Krishna says I’ve a plan. Radha says I don’t need ur plan. Krishna says think again Radha.. Unity is strength.. Radha says okay what’s ur plan?? Krishna smiles.

A servant informs Dhanu that the kids have surrounded the trees and r nt allowing us to cut the trees. Dhanu sys what!! He goes to that place n says, don’t u understand hw imp this yagna is?? Krishna says y r u cutting trees. Dry sticks will do ur work. Dhanu says u’ll tell me what to do? This is my land! Radha says land is urs bt nature isn’t ur. Dhanu says you’ve learnt all this by staying wid this naughty boy. Wait! Wait till I get ur parents… Dhanu argues n brings Nanda raj, Yashoda, there. Nanda asks Krishna to get away from the trees. Dhanu sys Nanda raj, ur luv has spoilt ur kids. N nw they’re spoiling Gokul’s other kids. This is unfair Nanda raj. I want to perform ritual fr the village’s good bt ur kids don’t…

Krishna sys what gokul’s gud will happen if u cut these trees which r lyk God?.. Dhanu argues. Nanda says ok. Cut the trees bt don’t let any of the eggs of the birds fall down. Everyone smile. Dhanu fumes n makes excuses. I knew… I knew.. U’ll take ur sons side. You’re the worst village head. The pundit comes shouting .. Very big disaster!! The fire blew off.. Nw nobody can save Gokul. Dhanu scolds the kids n goes away mumbling. Radha asks Krishna if anything wrong will happen? Krishna says nothing will happen n they smile ?.

Krishna makes a tower from stools in order to steal butter from the pot hanging high. He stands on the stool and holds the pot. Radha looks on n says again he’s stealing butter. She goes stealthily and removes d lowest stool. The tower collapses n Krishna falls down with the pot breaking on his head. Radha runs n calls Yashoda. Kaki kaki … See Krishna is stealing butter. Yashoda comes n gets shocked to see everything. The whole room is painted white wid butter and Krishna is lying on d floor, surrounded by the stools n broken pots.. Radha grins as Yashoda scolds Krishna. Bt Krishna’s attention is on Radha’s smile ?. Yashoda gets annoyed and leaves, telling Krishna that he wont get butter fr the whole week..

Kansa and shukeacharya r busy in performing a yagna. Three terrific ghosts step out of the fire ?. They introduce themselves as Bhaya/fear, Mahabhaya/great fear, and Mrityu/death ?. Kansa says bhaya, mahabhaya, mrityu!!! Hhahaha.. Nw who’ll save Gokul?? You, Krishna!! U one, they three!! Wherever they go, will spread fear and death!!
Precap for Mahaepi (11)- Krishna balram r fighting wid d ghosts ???. Radha comes there shocked., Mrityu captures Radha and tells Krishna to kip his weapon to save her. Radha gets unconscious…

Author’s ? note- From epi 12, see the dawn of eternal love ❤ of Radha Krishna..
With A two years leap.. Thnx fr reading n do leave a comment dears ??? Kip reading n enjoying.. Have a nyc day ?..

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