Radha Krishna (eternal love) 1


Balram asks Krishna why he’s so happy ?.
Krishna-ohh.. This.. This happiness is cos of the new guest in Gokul.
Balram-New guest…. Umm… U mean.. Vrishabhan kaka n kriti kaki… O I c.. U mean radha, right??
Krishna-yes dau, Radha..
Balram -hmmm.. Only Devi Lakshmi can bring this happiness on your face.
Krishna smiles ?.

Kansa summons a new demon Pralambhasur, who has the capability of changing into any human being. He laughs n proceeds towards Gokula.. Laughing hhahaha.. He takes the form of Krishna.

A chariot arrives in gokul. A lovely girl is shown, wearing a pink dress, n she gets down from the chariot and runs out. The sound of her charming anklets spreads all around.. Krishna turns and says Radhaaaa………. Radha’s mom asks her to stop. Nanda raj welcomes vrishavhan n kriti. They get seated. Kriti says radha is so mischievous, don’t know where she went. Radha goes towards the beautiful gardens where she hears the melodious sound of the flute of Murli Manohar… She sees him from the back n smiles. She walks ahead n walks.. N walks.. Her father comes calling her name, n Radha goes with him. Krishna turns to see her, bt is only able to see her beautiful eyes ? as she turns….

Krishna goes to maiyya asking fr makhan. Yashoda only scolds him n ties him to a barrel. Krishna asks her why she tying him. Yashoda tells him that she’s tying him so that he doesn’t do any mischief. Pralambhasur comes to his actual form n laughs. You foolish lady, these ropes, you’ll tie me with these ropes.. Hhahaha. No one can tie me, these ropes,I can easily escape these ropes of yours, hhahaha… He tries to break the ropes n says, u ordinary woman, aren’t u afraid of me, a terrific demon is standing in front of you and you’re still there unafraid??? I’ll kill you before I kill Krishna. Yashoda starts laughing n comes to her actual form,I.e. Krishna. Pralambhasur gets shocked. Krishna asks him-did u think you’re the only mayavi who can change his form?? Your end is near Pralambhasur.. Pralambhasur laughs. No one can kill me hhahaha… Krishna-I dint understand till date why all the demons sent by mamashri keep on laughing n laughing n laughing??? What’s the secret of your laughing?? Pralambhasur gets angry n flees away…

Precap-Nanda declares that he’ll distribute as much money as Krishna’s weight. The servants kip all the jewels on the weighing scale still they’re unable to weigh as much as Krishna.. A voice is heard, I’ve a solution..

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  1. Radha is going to do something may be . Anyways awesome episode.

  2. Vanshika

    Yup ashnoor.. It’ll b Radha rani’s magic.. Thnx dear fr commenting..

  3. S.v

    aww so cute lovely i loved shri krishna’s words why do all the demons sent by mamashri is always laughing. Nice one next part soon. Lovely dear.

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot dear @s.v … While writing those words I also laughed.. Evn I’m unable to understand that lolz ??..

  4. Jay

    superr episode ….Loved Radha entry

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