RABUL: love forever ( EPISODE 7)

Purvi wiped her tears. She went to Bulbul’s room.
Purvi: are you okay now?
Bulbul: yes
Purvi: sleep well. Good night.
Bulbul: good night Purvi.

In Arjun’s room,
Arjun: hey purab. What are you thinking?
Purab: nothing
Arjun: how are you going to propose her?
Purab: I don’t know.
Arjun: what?
Purab: I will decide it tomorrow.
Arjun: I have one idea
He said something in purab’s ears

Morning, purab and Arjun went to college.
Arjun called Purvi.
Arjun: come to college now.
Purvi: why?
Arjun: we need your help.
Purvi: okay.
Arjun cut the call.
Purab: everything ready.
Arjun: fine.
Purvi came and joined in their plan.

Bulbul came to college. Some girls came and gave her ??. She received it. They left. And one girl came and give her a letter. She opened it and saw a message,”come to library”. She came to library. Purvi came and gave her a letter. Purvi left. Bulbul opened it and saw a message,” see ‘ABC’ book”. She saw that book. She saw a letter in that book. She opened it and saw a message, “come to ‘XYZ’ restaurant at 1.30”.

Bulbul(in thoughts) : I know Purab it is you who is torturing me. But I enjoy this.

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  1. Amazing …….Oh god a cliffhanger……eagerly waiting for the next one…..

  2. just amazing……. waiting for next one….. update as soon as possible….

  3. Wow she guessed it correctly good girl.

  4. Umm interesting dear but please please please try to give longer updates!!

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