Rabba Ve Episode 2

Khushi is sitting under a tree lost in her thoughts.Geeta comes to her taking a newspaper.

Geeta:See there is a beauty contest in Mumbai.

Khushi takes the newspaper from her hand.


Geeta:Don’t you think we should go?

Khushi:But will we win?

Geeta:Not we you.You will surely win.

Khushi:No but now lets get ready to leave for Mumbai.

Geeta and Khushi go to Khushi’s house.A lady is seen sewing cloth.


Geeta:Naina Aunty.

Naina turns


Khushi:Ma actually I and Geeta want to go to Mumbai for a beauty contest.

Naina:No you will not go.

Geeta and Khushi look at eachother.

Geeta:Please aunty let us go.

Naina:Where you will live?What you will eat?

Geeta:Aunty I have planned everything.


Geeta:When I saw it.

Khushi:Please ma let us go.

Naina smiles

Naina:Okay but be careful and take care.And call me everyday.

Geeta and Khushi:Thank you!

They both hug Naina.

They go to station to leave for Mumbai.

On other side Arnav is in conference room.

Client:Mr Raizada we want you to please be a judge at our beauty contest.

Arnav:What profit will I get?

The clients look at eachother.

Client:We will give you 1 crore rupees and a night with the winner of the cont…….

Arnav stands from his place in anger

Arnav:Just shut up.You are really a devil in form of human.

Arnav was going when the client stops him.

Client:We are sorry please be our contest’s judge.We will give you 40% from our profit.

Arnav stops and turns towards them.The client pushes the file towards Arnav and gives him pen.He takes the pen and signs the file and throws the pen aside and leaves.

On other side Geeta and Khushi go inside the train.The train starts.

Khushi is thinking something and looking outside the window.

Geeta:What are you thinking?

Khushi:I am going to Mumbai first time but it seems like I know Mumbai very well.

Geeta:Not only you,everyone knows Mumbai very well.

Khushi:Not like that


Khushi:Let it be

She again looks out of the window.She gets a flashback

She sees herself with a boy.They are hugging eachother.

Her flashback gets over.

Khushi:What was that?And who was he?

Geeta:What happened?


Geeta looks towards Khushi.

Geeta:After 2 to 3 hours we will reach Mumbai.Aren’t you excited?

Khushi:Yeah I am very excited.

Precap:Khushi give her name for beauty contest.

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