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 belated happy birthday yashu I didn’t post on your bday sorry for that..

I wish you a day filled with great fun and a year filled with true happiness! Let yourself do everything that you like most in life, may your Big Day be cheerful and happy! Wishing you the abundance of fun and glory, Happy Birthday! May this day be so happy that smile never fades away from your face. 🍰 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎈🎈🎉

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Twinkle went in trial room she gets shocked to see the dress falls down from her hands.


(you all guest right it’s none other than buja hua chirag😛)…

Chirag:yes baby me. How’s you. Looking hot.hoo this sindoor Mangalasutra chuda i thought you are not this type of girls I mean so shanshkari..

Twinkle: what are you doing here haa.

Chirag:you leave this you come for. Changed do it 😜.

Twinkle:just shut up..Kunj get call he went in side. Chirag held twinkle hand and try to kiss her. Twinkle jerk him.

Chirag:Arey baby why you get wild haa your husband must be done everything 😜.

Twinkle: it’s none of your business don’t dare to come near me I’ll call my husband he’ll not leave get it go from here chirag before I call securities.

Chirag:you take footage he held twinkle hand so tightly which hurting her lot..

I’ll not leave you he said this and went out of the trial room.Twinkle take deep breath.

Twinkle: this Psycho come here shit if Kunj see him here with me than it will be very bad for me as soon as possible i have to told kunj about this chirag he now cross his limits.already he is very possessive kind of husband. She takes the trial of dress. Kunj come back.

Kunj:where is twinkle stuck she takes so much time in everything Man.twinkle come out of the trail room she sees kunj back. Kunj heard sound of her bangles he turned and look at twinkle who looking breathtaking in off shoulder dress she look down feeling shy in front of kunj lil.

Kunj blinking his eyes. Kunj see twinkle whoever standing there they all looking at twinkle only Kunj see them specially mans seeing twinkle which lit Kunj little. he takes the duppta of dress and went towards her put the duppta around her shoulders..

Salesman: mam you look very beautiful in this dress I must say this just made for you only. Kunj look at Salesman which roar eyes twinkle see his face expression which exchange in a roar way slightly she smiled inside in her heart. Salesman went kunj look at twinkle she tries to hide her smile.

Kunj:what why you smiling.

Twinkle:me no no.. he takes her In side where no one is there. Kunjj.

Kunj:can’t you take your duppta before.

Twinkle: haa so what see I’m looking so beautiful even that salesman too said.

Kunj:acha I don’t think so. In irritating tone. Twinkle burst out in laugh.


Kunj:what so funny..

Twinkle: you kunj looking like a red angry bird 😛😛. Aww she pulled his cheeks.


Twinkle:Kunjj why this sadu face haa. Just because of someone other man praise me.

Kunj:nope you live in dreams.

Twinkle: okay fine leave this is it good. He looks at her.

Kunj:I don’t know about girly things you know better than me see Itself.

Twinkle:you are very bad kunjjj. She looks at herself in mirror. Hmm good. Bolo na.

Kunj:acha lele.

Twinkle:if you said no Than also I’ll take it 😂. Twinkle take many dresses after they went in side while going kunj eyes went on in saree shop.Twinkle looking other side he went in shop and seeing sarees. Arey where this kunj went she turned and see kunj in shop she too went in shop.What are doing in sarees shop haa.Hoo finding saree for your Lavanya 😛.Kunj look at her.

Kunj:very funny Mrs Sarna.. bolana don’t take her name.

Twinkle:so what.Let me see some sarees.

Kunj eyes went on one saree he really like it.

Kunj:Twinkle see this it’s good.

Twinkle:show me he gives her. It’s gorgeous nice choice Kunj Sarna 😎.she placed on herself.


Twinkle:hmm I have so many sarees what I’ll do of this. It’s too much heavy. This one is more nice. Just to tease him.

Kunj:his face drop down. Hmm your choice.But take these na at least for me.


Kunj:because he takes the saree and put on twinkle see you looking so beautiful more than your cheesy clothes try na I want to you in this.

Twinkle:why so suddenly you want to see me in this.If I take this you have to do what I’ll tell you.


Twinkle: accept you are a sadu and egotistic 😛😛.

Kunj:never huhu take or not I don’t care. He went out of the shop.Twinkle giggled.

Twinkle:my cute husband.She buys the saree and went to kunj but didn’t tell him she buys the saree which he wanted it. They roam in mall.Than twinkle take Kunj in men’s collections.

Kunj:Twinkle I don’t want anything I have already so many I’m not like you who wanted to filled wardrobe.

Twinkle:you are very boring see this shirts. Wear some bright colours. She just put him and check and take itself didn’t ask kunj he just looks at with a smile.

Kunj: bas kar Meri MAA ek hi din me apne pati ka pura Balance Exhausted.

Twinkle:so mean and you so kanjoos for name’s sake you are millionaires.

Kunj:yup😎.Now let’s go madam ji Kunj hold the shopping bags.They went

downstairs and sit in cafeteria oder something for them.Twinkle see one couple sitting and cuddling each other’s. Their coffee and sandwiches comes. Twinkle take the sandwich while kunj take his coffee. Just than twinkle stop him.

Twinkle: rukho.

Kunj:what happened 🙄.. she snatches coffee mug from kunj hands. Arey..

Twinkle:wait kunj let me check I told him bring sugar free. She takes sip of coffee and look at Kunj. You can’t drink this.

Kunj:please twinkle my head paining its fine for one day.

Twinkle:no my husband ji you are so careless I mean when you know you had diabetes still.

Kunj:you are so zidi twinkle.

Twinkle:yes I’m because I care about you that’s why.Kunj feel happy to see

concerned for himself in twinkle heart. Have this sandwich it’s very tasty.With puppy face he looks at sandwich okay I’ll have it she about to take the plate before kunj take it.Happily eat twinkle smile.Lo pe Lo But last time.He gets happy and take the mug.He looks twinkle lipsticks Mark on mug he about to turn the side but stop and drink from same side…!Twinkle having Kunj admiring her cuteness she makes face while having.

Kunj:in heart she look so cute when she makes this cutie faces babaji what happening to me when I see her smile my all stress vanish for her smile I can do anything just wanted to see her happy at any cost.Why I felt so connected towards her finding myself very closed.Ek number ki pagal hai Kunj you think too much you are not mad.He gets busy in call. Slightly some sandwich tiny piece stuck near lips corner twinkle see this. She went near him slightly Kunj get confused what she does it.She wiped it out and sit back.

Kunj touch his lip and understands. Twinkle looking at him only she rests her chin on both hands palms.And adoring Kunj deeply.

Twinkle:hayee kuch bhi bolo mera pati bada hi dashing hai.😛. I’m so lucky ek dam perfect man see perfect height face mind smile everything. I can’t say this in front of him he sits on my head.I never thought this arranged marriage become so important for me that I don’t wanted to lose my in laws and most my husband.My sadu he is just mine why but this question I’m asking from myself why I’m saying this he is just mine.I didn’t like when any girl near him expect than me only I’m first and last girl in his life that his wife twinkle Kunj Sarna. I Itself wanted he stays near me but when he come slightly closed to me why i felt so many butterflies and my heart started beating so fast babaji.When he is any kind of stress my heart aching lot. Didn’t get sleep when he didn’t beside I’m the girl who didn’t interest in boys that chirag behind me he can do anything for me but his simplicity stole my heart I don’t want anyone else just wanna my husband Kunj with me till my last breath. Kunj see twinkle looking at him only he snap the finger near her face she come out of his love thoughts..

Kunj:what where are you lost twinkle haa why you look at me like this hmm. Something doing in your head like that night 😝😝.Twinkle remember about what night he talk.To just show Lavanya twinkle try to getting romantic with kunj.

Twinkle: kunjj how many times I told you don’t talk about that night.

Kunj:still twinkle how you did kunjj in sensual voice she become all red.

Twinkle:I just did are you okay.

Kunj: mean.

Twinkle:I mean you didn’t react when this beautiful raw beauty in front of your eyes and you give sadu and plan looks I’m you are a boy na😝.

Kunj:what do you mean by this.

Twinkle:I’m right kunj you didn’t turn on anyone can doubt na you Are interesting much in boys I mean your and omru bromance and that Rahul Jiju always around them.

Kunj:because I didn’t like girl so annoying.

I didn’t like you.

Twinkle: mat karo na who telling you I have many if I call one boy whole Amritsar boys come for me. Because I M The best twinkle Taneja.

Kunj:sorry Sarna now.

Twinkle:huh Sarna yeh karela mere hi naseeb me tha kya babaji.

Kunj:same here yeh chalti phirti makeup and talkative girl in my life only.

Twinkle:don’t start here.I’ll see you in room.

Kunj:do whatever but don’t do that😝😝.

Twinkle:youuu Sadu Sarna. They both get up and going kunj see something.

Kunj: in excited voice twinkle your real favourite place..

Twinkle:what my real favourite place. He points out his hand forward shop. Twinkle see the shop and look at Kunj. What is this.

Kunj:it’s your favourite place na see your love makeups shakeups is there how can you leave this felt bad na there twinkle mam didn’t come to take 😂😂.Funny tune play in bg twinkle curse him.

Twinkle; I did wrong that I come with you I should know you always making fun of me when you talk to me in sweet way I should understand you planning something in your mind to make fun of me.

Kunj:waha waha Meri miss Amritsar being with me now Tera top floor is working.she makes faces and went from there. Kunj run behind her. Hey

Twinkle:that rubal is better than you I’ll go with him next time kunj held her hand tightly.

Kunj:don’t dare to think about this get it twinkle.

Twinkle:why you get possessive in seconds.

Kunj:I’m like this only when you didn’t like something even I’m too and I told you already about everything about me I didn’t like when things go above my way. And didn’t from my wife at all.

Twinkle:what about others.

Kunj:you are my wife or else other. She thinks and nodded her head in yes.

Twinkle:me.So definitely I’ll follow your rules.

Kunj:exactly I don’t know about you how much your nature but my is very cut and clear I didn’t care about anyone. If I didn’t say anything that doesn’t mean I didn’t understand anything I can I just speak less .

Twinkle:who knows better than me. Now let’s go na they went and sit in car Kunj starts the car. Kunj you stay in London still your mind is so bad.

Kunj:My mind is worse than why you so insecure madam.

Twinkle:I’m not about anyone just about my husband.

Kunj:and I’m about too my wife Simple. Everything is good in limits and I’m not telling you don’t go anywhere with anyone you can.

Twinkle:only with whose whom you want.

Kunj:yup I didn’t let go my sisters and brothers as well with anyone on whom my heart doesn’t willing.

Twinkle:you have any problem with rubal 😂😂.

Kunj:nope why I’ll have, but he sticks so

Much with you and top of your are same.

Twinkle:over possessive husband and brother.

Kunj:not possessive just caring lot about my beloved ones.Today you can’t trust anyone apart from yourself.And you are very childish you don’t know anything about this world.Always be in safety.

Twinkle:acha ji protecting man.she rests her head on her seat..so now where we going on..

Kunj:now where you wanted half day you went in shopping.

Twinkle:I told you before only na..

Kunj:yeah my fate.. she hit on his arms playfully ouchhh twinkleee.

Twinkle:tum na bhut bhure ho see rudra and omkara or Rahul they are so sugary.

Kunj:so what can I do.

Twinkle:don’t you have work today I mean when I want your one minute you can’t give me how today.

Kunj:today I’m all yours very few peoples are get my time..

Twinkle:aisa hai kya stretch her eyes. Hmm lemme think where we should go. Kunj I didn’t went to beach from many months after our marriage let’s go there.

Kunj:okay.Soon they reached to beach both come out of the car twinkle off her shoes and running in beach.Kunj seeing her childishness.Her hairs flying in air.

Twinkle:wow.. kunjj come na.She screamed kunjj name so loudly which echoed back. Saduu. He come and stand beside her.

Kunj:siyappa queennnn very loudly echoed.She hits him Twinkleeee everyone looks at them.Twinkle running behind kunj.she about to falls down kunj hold her on time they both look at each other’s twinkle push kunj he falls down he pulled her back she falls on him. This all chirag see from side.

Chirag:so he is twinkle husband great business tycoon Kunj Sarna.He dare to marry my baby now get ready to payback mr Kunj.twinkle and Kunj get up and look at each other both burst in laugh twinkle clicking their pictures.She sits down and making house with kids Kunj get so happy to see her cuteness she is overloaded of cuteness.She sees gola did persistence to have gola make her mood off.

Twinkle:Kunj I wanna gola give me money.

Kunj:I’ll not give you single penny. This is all is unhygienic.

Twinkle:keep your hygiene in your pocket mr Kunj.I didn’t bring my wallet huhu.Wait I’ll take from someone here.

Kunj:nobody gives you anything.

Twinkle:I’ll give anyone hug let me find some boy.She acts finding here and there Kunj see her.

Kunj:look at this shameless girl. Sit down she and bow down her face.Okay don’t be gloomy I’ll bring it. She gets happy and started dancing they both went towards gola vendor.

Twinkle:bhaiya give me gola.

Man:which flavor.

Twinkle:all.She wait for gola like a child.

Kunj:you aren’t less than Aayat. Her gola is ready she took.

Twinkle:kunjj see my gola aww..

Kunj: you get happy like you got something huge.

twinkle:yes I find myself in this all. She enjoyed her gola while kunj adores her. Some juice gola on her face. Kunj take handkerchief and clear her face she smiles and offer him.

Kunj: just now you didn’t let me drink coffee now offering this.

Twinkle: you drink na coffee try this it’s really tasty.

Kunj: I didn’t have this all things.

Twinkle:please for me at least I Listen your all talks now you too.He held her hand and take the sip of gola how’s it.

Kunj:good.Twinkle lips become so colorful. She shows him her tongue.Then both walking near beach shores playing with water.

At Sarna Mansion everyone come back from office they all where sitting in living room.

Lata:where is twinkle.

Rahul:yeah Even Kunj too went from office early.

Avantika: kunj take twinkle out so.

Prithviraj: that’s good first time he Itself take her out.

Tej: yes always thinking how this boy managed his marriage life.

Lata:my kunj is very mature but just shy lil.

Omkara:True dadi.

Rudra:too much. But where they went.

Anjali:why they will tell you haa they are husband and wife they can go anywhere where were they wanted it.

Avni:absolutely how’s you college rudra.

Tej:how he care about his college. Rudra hide his face. After sometimes later twinkle and Kunj sit.

Kunj:uff twinkle I’m tired now.

Twinkle:me too.I can’t walk now kunj.

Kunj:even we parked car so far.

Twinkle: haa why.

Kunj:let’s go twinkle home. You want anywhere else.

Twinkle:bas for today some other day.

Kunj: as your wish. He gets up and look at twinkle.

Twinkle: kunjj help me na he gives her hand making her stand he can’t. O my mata. He immediately carries her in his arms twinkle get shocked. Kya kar rahe ho.

Kunj: helping you na.

Twinkle: today I’ll get heart attack yeh ladka babaji Meri sab baate maan raha hai…

Kunj:Haa.they went towards car and sit and left for Sarna Mansion soon they reached.They take the shopping bags and went inside everyone was there only.They see twinkle and Kunj who coming.

Anjali:Lo your son and daughter has come back.They all see them.

Rudra:aww finally bhabhi you come back.

Anjali:hoo shopping.. Interesting.

Rahul:See the Kunj Sarna holding shopping bags who never did and didn’t like at all to hold anyone shopping bas. 😛. Kunj look down he knows they’ll not leave chance to tease him.

Anjali: offo rahul he didn’t like to hold others, but he has to hold his wifey shopping bags after all he didn’t want to out from Their room😛😝.Twinkle giggles out.

Manohar:biwi ka karna padta hai.Kunj went from there quickly.

Avantika:you people na when you know him.First time he did something you people teasing him.

Lata:enjoy twinkle beta??

Twinkle:every much dadi today.

Aayat: without Aayat.

Rudra: why tu PM hai kya India ki. Even people don’t want him too 😂😂.

Aayat:don’t put your nose.she screamed loudly.Twinkle went upstairs goes in her room.Kunj who take out his coat and throw it on bed keep the bags aside

Twinkle entered in room and see him.She went inside.



Twinkle: kuch nahi.

Kunj:give my night dress.

Twinkle:yeah she went towards wardrobe and take out his night dress and give to him with irritating face he takes and went in washroom.He gets freshen and come out of the washroom his towel around his neck he was shirtless twinkle turned and see him. Water petals resting on his body. Twinkle see his six-pack abs Kunj ruffles his hairs.He wears his T-shirt and throw the towel in side twinkle see this. Kunj what is this here is your coat and you throw wet towel it’s really messy you call me but you are the one.

Kunj:hmm.He sits in side she takes out everything.He went down and sit in lobby and get busy in laptop after twinkle get freshen up she went down.After sometimes later rudra and omkara or Rahul anjali went towards kunj.And they sit in side.

Rahul: Arey you get busy in work.. he didn’t say anything..

Rudra:Bhaiya what you did today tell us.

He looks at him and look down immediately.Twinkle come there with cup of coffee for kunj she placed on table.

Anjali:come sit with us today you have a great time with kunj.she sits beside Anjali..

Omkara:Arey why you so silent..

Rahul:haa like you both did something 😜.

You both are officially husband and wife.

Kunj give him death glares.

Rudra:ahem ahem😛😛.

Kunj:jada nahi bol raha hai tu rudra.

Rahul:hayee twinkle I’m damn sure he gives you to this roar looks. She nodded her head in yes 😛😛.. Aayat come there. M

Aayat: ru bro please drop me at my friend house na.

Kunj:why at this time Aayat.

Aayat:so aise hi.

Rudra:I’m not going anywhere take your pa.

Aayat: please chalo na they both started arguments.Aayat screams Kunj was already pissed off due to work.

Kunj:you both just keep silent and you Aayat.She keeps quiet immediately and looking down.Nikhalo Dono yeha se. And you rudra take her. He gets up and hold Aayat hand they both left.

Om:uff what happened today..

Kunj:I told you send this project details.

Rahul:I did your pa knows about report.

Kunj:let me see her.. he called her in sometime kunj pa Sara come kunj leave the work and look at sara who looking down.

Rahul:Sara did you make reports.she didn’t say anything.

Kunj:he asked you something. She scared.

Anjali and omkara or twinkle get up. Answer me…

Sara: woh woh…: sir.

Kunj: what sir haa don’t eat my head I told you this work 2 days before.Till now, you didn’t make the reports. There in office do you want we both fire off from office haa.

Sara:sorry sir.

Kunj:May I know the reason Sara..

Sara:sir woh I didn’t get time..

Kunj:wow you didn’t get time what so important work you have Sara…

Sara:I’ll do it sir now..

Kunj:you have to do it.because I’ll not leave you at any cost.Kunj throw file in side twinkle eyes pop out.. she takes the file now go from there if your work has not done than no need of to come in office.

Rahul: haa Sara this not expected from you.

Kunj:she and that assistant didn’t come for work they both come office to spend jolly time.now don’t see my face out.. she went from there:.

Twinkle:so rude kunj..

Anjali: haa this is the way to talk with her.

Kunj:haa you both will say this.See that time too when your great bade papa will take our class..

Rahul: that time our soul come out and shivering in some corners 😣😣.. Kunj and Rahul walk out.

Om:you don’t be shocked twinkle your husband is like this only even her too.

Twinkle: I thought he is sadu with me but with others as well.

Anjali: great sadu.

Kunj and Rahul sitting near poolside and both talking with each other’s.

Rahul:at least mujhe toh bata kya kya kiya.

Kunj:why you people are so curious to know what we did man like a normal people’s

First madam wanted to go for shopping, so we go for shopping. Than beach he tells him everything what they done.

Rahul:good to see you at least did something.You need more.

Kunj:why is it important.

Rahul:very important Kunj bro it’s Make your relationship strongest..

Kunj: she is very childish.

Rahul:haa But very good from her heart and matured towards her families..

Kunj:woh toh hai.understands all ups and downs twinkle passing from there kunj see her.Find her I feel great..

Rahul:so my kunj ji used your mind on your biwi.They both talking.after later everyone sits for dinner happily they have their dinner.Twinkle went in rudra room.

Rudra: acha you come please forward oil bottle.

Twinkle:yeah sure.she takes the oil and doing his hair message.Rudra relaxing. Aayat back hugging twinkle.

Rahul:Arey Arey rudra Leave Twinkle for sometime kunj will get jealous to see this.

Kunj:why I’ll.

Rudra:my bhabhi is the best.. Rudra and Aayat cuddles twinkle tightly.

Anjali:omkara why mahi calls you. Before he.

Rudra:she had work with o maybe😂..

Om: very funny she calls for Priyanka..

Rudra:Bhaiya bhabhi Love us more than you.Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s

Rahul:I don’t think so haina kunj.He didn’t say anything.Rudra and Aayat or twinkle doing masti. Aayat or rudra kiss on twinkle cheeks she too.Rahul and omkara teasing Kunj.Kunj yeh rudra teri biwi leke jayega😝.

Rudra:jeshe Tina Rahul ko😝😝..

Rahul: bada kameena hai tu toh.

Aayat:hoo what did you said wait I’ll tell pa..

Rahul:go ahead baby.what your Hitler father did tej come there Rahul get shocked.All laugh to see his face. Later they went in their respective rooms.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle was alone in room she gets chirag calls and calls which irritates her lot she takes the phone and went in balcony.

Chirag: hey baby.

Twinkle: please stop calling me..

Chirag: why scared of your husband.

Twinkle: what you wanted Chirag..

Chirag: you.

Twinkle:you are impossible she cut his call and went in room kunj entered in room he closed the door.Twinkle composed herself. Kunj come and lay down twinkle too.She cuddles her teddy bear.Kunj looking at her hand which was reddish.

Kunj: Twinkle what is this haa.

Twinkle:what kunjj..

Kunj:you hand why is this so red haa show me he sees her hand.

Twinkle:haa kunj leave na.

Kunj:why this happened.

Twinkle:don’t know.Kunj bring pain relief ointment..he applies on twinkle hand she still lays.he lay down beside her and massage on her hand she look at him only both lay opposite to each other.


Twinkle:better than Kunjj.she linked their hand fingers pillow boarder in between them. Today we enjoyed lot..

Kunj: haa woh toh.

Twinkle:you shouldn’t scold your pa this much.

Kunj:I didn’t like lied..

Twinkle:Kunj I want to tell you something.

Kunj:you always say this you wanted to tell me something now tell me today.

Twinkle:woh Kunj I want to say.. just than twinkle phone beep..

Kunj:at this time who message you..

Twinkle:maybe company. She knows who is..

Kunj:haa now we should sleep I have lots of work tomorrow.

Twinkle:hmm. Kunj closed his eyes and sleep twinkle look at him with wet eyes babaji how I’ll tell me I’m scared very much if he gets to know about this he asks me already but I never know chirag didn’t leave me after marriage and Kunj already very much possessive nature I don’t know how he’ll react.She went near kunj pillow and caress his hairs and kissed Kunj temple.I can’t be unfaithful with him his willing at me very important in case due to this if something happened between us how ill survived.Please Babaji give strength that I can tell Kunj each and everything about Chirag. She closed her eyes sleep..

Next day…

Chirag sending twinkle messages from many numbers.twinkle and Kunj sleeping. Twinkle wake up and sit there only rubbing her eyes she looks at Kunj.She covered him with blanket.due to this kunj wake up..


Kunj:good morning..

Twinkle: get up.

Kunj:first you go don’t take time..

Twinkle:haa baba.. she gets up and take her clothes and went in washroom while kunj sleep again after sometimes later twinkle come out of the washroom and see kunj again this boy sleep huhu.She went towards dressing table and started getting ready. This Chirag messaging me like idiots if kunj see this.What I’ll answer him.She gets ready and went downstairs preparing breakfast in tension.Anjali come and Joint.

Anjali:Twinkle all elders went to guru ji place.

Twinkle:why di so suddenly.

Anjali:they kept something so.

Twinkle:hoo.they both making breakfast.. they make the breakfast went out of the kitchen place everything on table..

Anjali: I’ll call them..

Twinkle: hmm. They both went twinkle entered in room and see kunj still sleeping peacefully she holds her head.Kunjjj what is this she went towards him and pulled the blanket.kunjj wake up na it’s too late you’ll get late for your office. She pats on his back try to wake up him..

Kunj: hmm in sleeping tone..

Twinkle: uto na baba.. office nahi jana hai kya.?

Kunj:haa.let me sleep na please for

sometime. She hides his face under pillow twinkle open the window and curtains sunlight coming on kunj face due to this he gets up and sit there looking at twinkle.

Twinkle:now don’t sit there go and get freshen up fast..

Kunj: haa.. towel

Twinkle:everything you wanted in hand kunj.She gives him his towel he gets up and run in the washroom.She takes out his clothes.Kunj come out of the washroom quickly wear his clothes white T-shirt with black coat.he went downstairs while twinkle take his coat and wallet and went downstairs she kept in table rudra and omkara or Priyanka Anjali, Rahul they all come for breakfast and sits..

Rahul:today you sleep till late??

Kunj:haa still sleepy 😛🙄..

Anjali:why didn’t you sleep.twinkle bring his medicine and breakfast and served him.Kunj take his medicine she sits beside kunj.

Kunj:where is other’s.

Rahul:they went for party 😛.

Kunj:very lame.they have their breakfast with a smile while having twinkle thinking about kunj how to tell him about Chirag.. twinkle phone ringing she gets shocked to see number now in very big trouble she look at everyone.

Rudra:bhabhi aap ka phone..

Twinkle:haa.. Kunj see its unknown numbers.

Kunj:who calling you from unknown numbers twinkle.

Twinkle:I don’t know na..

Kunj: acha you don’t know you getting calls. She gets nervous.

Rahul:kunj what happened it’s a normal. Maybe any random calls..

Twinkle:haa try to give fake smile..

Kunj:whatever. At least check na..

Twinkle:cut gaya Kunj..

Omkara:hehe Kunj look at her face she scared of you so much.

Anjali:absolutely kunj.Kunj look at twinkle face..

Kunj:I didn’t say anything to her..

Rudra:Bhabhi I can understand your situation bhaiya eyes is very dangerous 😛.

Kunj:still you are same like shameless.Eat fast and go to college.After breakfast twinkle come from back Make him wear his coat..

Anjali:how romantic 😛😝.Twinkle and Kunj smile at her.


Kunj:thanks he takes.

Rahul:Anjali please come with me..

Rudra:okay bye Everyone he hugged twinkle pulled her cheeks and went from there.

Omkara:even I’m too going.Only twinkle and Kunj left.Both looking at each other’s.

He went near her and take her hands in his.

Kunj:everything is okay na twinkle you seemed in stress.

Twinkle:na kunj I’m fine.She closed his coat button and rest her head on his chest kunj smile and lock his hands around twinkle arms and hugged her tightly she too. Kunjj tum Meri Baath bhi suno na..

Kunj:tum sunao twinkle.. she raises her face and look at him with wet eyes.

Twinkle:Kunj if I hide something from you.

Kunj:what you hide from me as per my knowledge we know each and everything about each other’s. First why this tears haa he wiped her tears.You tell me today what you wanted to tell I’ll listen carefully.

He kissed on her forehead she closed her eyes. Again hugged him.

Twinkle:in heart I don’t have strength Kunj. I hide one thing from you. Anjali and Rahul come there and see twinkle and Kunj they both giggles and cough.

Anjali:ahem ahemmmm😛😛.Twinkle and Kunj heard they composed themselves. Twinkle looking here and there.

Rahul: kunj if you busier than I’ll go office.

Kunj:no need of this..

Rahul:I thought you busy in your romance.

Chalo wife bye..

Kunj:bye.in low voice she blinked her eye.

Kunj and Rahul left for office Anjali come and stand beside twinkle shake her in teasing way.

Twinkle: diii aap bhi na 😊😊.

Anjali:wow so romantic blushing cheeks. She run from there.Twinkle get busy in her work arrange their room.After sometimes later.Twinkle received photos from Chirag he makes his and her photo collages and send to twinkle.

At office Kunj leave his work he think about twinkle what so important which bothering her..

Kunj:what she wanted to tell me don’t know why she is so nervous.Let me call her he dials her number twinkle arranging clothes with Anjali. She sees kunj call.

Twinkle: me aai di..

Anjali: you talk I’ll come.She went out of the room Twinkle pick up kunj Call.

Twinkle: haa kunj bolo.

Kunj: kya bolu. How’s you.

Twinkle: what I’m fine na..

Kunj: acha I think something else.

Twinkle: my dear husband ji I’m fine why you think this.

Kunj: Twinkle still you thinking about Lavanya??

Twinkle:no kunjj why I’ll think about her we talk about that topic it’s ended now.

Kunj: I thought you must be because she work in my office na.

Twinkle:so what she work with you I trust you fully that time toh I’m become mad.

Kunj:than I’m happy.

Twinkle:but don’t get too much happy I permit you can work with her but still 😛.

Kunj:very bad you are. your Train still stop there only.

Twinkle:yes mr Kunj Sarna.I warned you last time.Both talking with each other and doing there work.Tej entered in kunj cabin see him busy in phone he gets so happy he understands he talk with twinkle. Kunj eyes went on tej.

Kunj:Twinkle pa is come I’ll talk to you later bye:.

Twinkle:haa bye kunj.. they end the call kunj get up and look at him.

Tej:good to see you kunj. It’s also important to give your time to your wife first.

Kunj:hmm..they both father and son sit and talking about work.later in evening.

Twinkle get chirag calls she takes his call and telling him whatever coming in her mind.

Twinkle: you a*sh*le I told you don’t call me.

Chirag:I’m thinking to meet with your husband what so special in him that you get ready to marry him.Twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:don’t ever try to do this chirag I’ll kill you that’s why promise..

Chirag:twinkle baby I like your this tashan seriously 💖💖uff… she cut his call and started crying wildly. Omkara and rudra come there and see twinkle they both get surprised to see her went near twinkle.

Om: Twinkle what happened??

Rudra:yeah bhaiya why you cry haa. She looked at them and hugged them.

Om: did that Kunj told you anything ha..

Rudra: this Bhaiya bhi na..

Twinkle: he didn’t tell me anything.

Om:than what.. they take her in omkara room.Make her sit on her they too sit beside her..

Rudra: now tell us..

Twinkle: I want to tell you both something really important please don’t understand me wrong.

Om: okay If you think it’s needed to tell us than tell.

Twinkle:om and rudra I hide something from your bhaiya..

Rudra: what..

Twinkle: did you know chirag Rudra..

Rudra:that who is in our college.

Twinkle:haa he is obsessed for me.. she narrates them each and everything they both get shocked tears escaping from twinkle eyes. I thought after marriage he leaves me, but he didn’t he teasing me with his calls and messages and now he cross his all limits what I’ll do..

Rudra: Bhabhi you shouldn’t hide this from bhaiya he didn’t like this when anyone lies to him.

Twinkle:what I’ll do rudra I try many times to tell kunj about this he didn’t listen to me once.

Om:we can understand your problem how can this man did this all things he can’t understand when you clearly say him no.

Twinkle:numbers of time I told him, but he is psycho pathetic.didn’t leave me.now what I’ll do you both know kunj he will be very upset with me..

Rudra:first don’t cry you didn’t do anything in this it’s normal. Bhaiya will definitely will understand you we’ll make him understand.

Om:you do one thing twinkle if he got to know about this from anyone that make him more angry so it would be good you Itself tell him each and everything as you see him and know about his nature.

Twinkle:that only scared him lot.They wiped twinkle tears she composed herself and drink water….

At Taneja Mansion mahi making some painting she thinking about omkara.. smiling Itself.


Mahi:om is so good his talks it’s so lovely feels like just listen him and lost in his words.He is first boy with whom I can talk perfectly.malika and Kabir entered in room and see mahi face and her blushing smile.

Malika: see kabir your sister blushing itself what’s going on.

Kabir: how I know baby you asked her mahi aur blushing I didn’t see twinkle like this.

Malika:my bestie and your sister both is unromantic couple… they went to her sit.

Mahiii she didn’t come out of her thoughts again mahi she look at them.

Mahi:bhai Ana bhabhi…

Kabir:why you smiling mahi.

Mahi: aise hi bhaiya woh thinking about something.

Malika:tell us too what so good which

Make you happy. Kabir you know I have one boy in my eyes for mahi I’m thinking this is her last years why not we did mahi his alliance 😜😜just teasing her. Mahi smile fade away.

Kabir:if boy is good like kunj than I don’t have any problem.

Malika:you know Sarnas brothers are unique no second piece.now toh Omkara and rudra left 😝😝😛.

Kabir:Haa that also.

Mahi: I’ll come she get up and went from there.At night twinkle arranging the bed.

Kunj come there with food plate he see twinkle and closed the door due to this.

She look at him and leave the blanket.

Kunj:Twinkle Leave this why you didn’t have your dinner haa sit here he make her sit he to sit beside twinkle. Tore the morsel and take near her mouth.

Twinkle: Kunj mera mood nahi hai please na.

Kunj:why Tere mood nahi tell me twinkle I know something is there which bothered you.

Twinkle: yeh sab choddo phale Meri

Baath suna she cupped his face don’t be angry first listen to me fully than whatever you wanted to do you can do.

Kunj:I didn’t understand twinkle tu khana kha please she open her mouth kunj feed her food with his hands.

Twinkle:with wet eyes you are so good and I’m doing this with you.tomorrow is Lohri function after that I’ll tell him each and everything.She happily finished the food while having she bite kunj finger.

Kunj:ouchh.. twinkle giggles out.Siyappa queen..

Twinkle:Sadu Sarna 😛😛Mere.She pulled kunj cheeks. Give me this I’ll keep in kitchen she take the tray and went downstairs.

Kunj:pagal “ladki.. Kunj went in washroom changed his night dress.twinkle come back she too changed her clothes went to dressing table removing her earrings she tie her hairs her back seeing which little open it Kunj see her.Twinkle see him through mirror who just looking at her only Kunj went towards her and stand beside her they look as if they back hugging. Twinkle try to closed zip, but she can’t kunj hold the zip.He look at her she back off her hand kunj slowly closed her zipped. His hands went on her waist he pulled her he make her turn towards himself she look at him he too her hairs coming on her face he tucked her hairs he cupped her face and caressing her cheeks with his thumbs slightly Sajna ve play in background.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Kunj:I think you hiding something twinkle. Twinkle phone ring. Kunj look at phone.

Let me see today who calling you this much. Twinkle get shocked kunj take twinkle phone still his one hand on twinkle waist. Kunj see number and smile. While Twinkle closing her eyes. Lo tumhari two butterflies ka call chinki..

Twinkle:what chinki..

Kunj: haa.. kunj pick up the call and put in speaker.

Chinki: Arey Twinkle what happened why you didn’t answer my calls.. where you have been busy after your kunj you literally forgot us. Kunj look at her. What your sadu gives you 😂😛.Twinkle looking here and there take the phone off the speaker.

Twinkle:kunjj leave me she push him. Talking with chinki while kunj went to bed and lay down. Looking towards who talking with Chinki. While looking at her kunj sleep after twinkle keep her phone aside and look at Kunj who sleep but in very uneasy position his pillow in side she went to bed and take out kunj hand beneath his head set the pillow and put his head perfectly on pillow covered him.she admiring for something making circles on his chest. Rest her head on kunj head and closed her eyes sleep took over her in deep slumber.at middle of night twinkle phone she seeing nightmare that Chirag tell kunj everything and Kunj get angry with twinkle.chirag push kunj he falls down

Twinkle screaming his name to stop him kunjj due to this she wake up with jerk. Breathing heavily.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes she look at Kunj she see her phone and throw it in side and hugged kunj tightly. Twinkle tears drops falls down on kunj hand kunj feel something and Kunj cuddling him more and more he wake up and look at twinkle who hugging him..



Kunj:kya hua you didn’t sleep..

Twinkle:nahi I wake up.. neendh nahi arahi ti.

Kunj:acha soja..patting on her back.While thinking, she sleep kunj check her and place her on bed see tears stuck near her eyes he wiped.. pata nahi aisa KYa hogaya Iss ko suddenly. He too sleep..

Another [email protected]@@…. Kunj and twinkle wake kunj see twinkle dull face she get up and went in washroom while kunj too he see twinkle on floor he take out and on her phone see numbers of messages from unknowns.Kunj see one message baby he get shocked and closed his fist.. twinkle come out of the washroom and see her phone in kunj hand his face expression killing her.Kunj see twinkle. She going towards dressing table kunj held her hand.

Kunj:Twinkle what is this..

Twinkle: what kunjj..

Kunj:who messaging you from unknown numbers may I know the name of the person.

Twinkle:woh woh kunjj..

Kunj:Listen I’ll not spare.

Twinkle:Kunj she turned towards him woh yeh mere. Kunj laugh out so loudly twinkle get confused and shocked as well.Kunj

Kunj:uff twinkle look at yourself you look so scared hehehe you call yourself sherni but this Amritsar ki sherni toh fuss…😂😂.Yuvi ka message ta.telling you

Call him he wanted to talk to his baby who she is.

Twinkle:uff Kunj Tum bhi na I get heart attack man she beat him he had many baby he calling me too baby 😜😜.

Kunj:acha ji..

Twinkle:Kyu only you have people who calling you baby.. in teasing manner.

Kunj: baby my foot..

Twinkle:haa same here she give him tashan and get ready.after sometimes later office people went office and other get busy in lohri function arrangements.

Lata:avantika and usha see everything today is our kunj and twinkle first lohri after shadi..

Anjali:haa dadi..

Avantika: Anita saying to celebrate at her place but I told her daddy ji kept here, so I invite everyone.

Lata:and tell kunj come back from office early. Later at night everyone went to get ready. Twinkle take out kunj clothes and give to him.

Kunj: you didn’t get ready till now haa guests started coming man.

Twinkle;I’ll get ready you please first. He went in washroom and get read soon and sit in side twinkle give him look. Kunj go out of the room now let me too get ready everyone must be waiting for us.

Kunj:so what let me send this mail you go and get ready na I didn’t stop you..

Twinkle: ha I wanted to lock room you go.

Kunj: you are very irritating girl.She throw him out of the room kunj went outside in garden where everyone was presented. Twinkle take out saree which Kunj wanted to see her.

Twinkle:you wanted to see me in this saree I didn’t get chance that day so I can show you today I’ll wear this. And after I

Told you each and everything about Chirag no more puzzles.She went in washroom get ready she did her makeup light apply red lipstick..

At [email protected]

All Taneja and Luthra kapoors others too come they all meet with each other’s Yuvi lost in Avni and omkara in mahi.😛..

Malika:looking hot kunjj..


Tej:my wife isn’t less today 😛.

Avantika:hoo tej.

Rudra:waise Pa mummy look younger than you why 😂😂😛.. all giggles out.

Lata: today each and everyone looking beautiful.

Prithviraj: ha true.

Rudra: but dadi more than dadi did you find anyone here 😂😂.

Rahul:in front of dadu eyes just dadi 😛😝

Bebe:this is there love 💖.

Anjali: our raj and Simran what’s say.

Lata: Arey where is my bahu.

Leela: haa twinkle didn’t see here. Look at Kunj.

Kunj: what..

Rahul: they all asking you where is your wife??

Kunj:she is in room getting ready.

Yuvi: this girl always take time at last she will come.

Kabir:I don’t know how she get ready on her wedding on time 😛😛. If not than our Kunj will Leave her.

Rahul: for kunj she get quickly 😛😂😜..

Avantika: it’s okay let her.

All get busy in talks.Yuvi and Rahul teasing Kabir on baby.

Yuvi: kabir bro soon you’ll behind baby😂.

Rahul:do some practice … malika will not leave you make you run lot..

Kabir: I’m ready ever 😎😎.

Malika:my hubby not like you rahul..

Just than twinkle coming rubal eyes went on twinkle and others as well..

Rubal: lo twinkle come..Kunj turned and look at twinkle who coming towards them only. He sees the saree and get shocked it was same saree which they see in mall. She looking breathtaking absolutely stunning in this saree.All get so happy to see twinkle. Kunj didn’t blink his eyes just stunned to see her.

Lata:aww see my bahu looking so pretty..

Avantika:yes mummy to wait for her always worth it.you looking very beautiful in this saree.

Twinkle:thanks mummy ji..

Twinkle wearing off-white saree with red worked blouse with full sleeves she kept light everything tie her hairs in bun and wear very long earning which giving her saree perfect touch.

Twinkle meet with her family hugged her father.

Twinkle: papa.

Rt:my daughter is fine.

Twinkle: yes.. papa I’m fine.. Rahul take kunj in side..

Rahul: waha kunj..

Kunj:now don’t start please you Leave me always getting my head. Kunj sit in side he adores twinkle.

Anjali:Twinkle very beautiful saree from where you buy haa.. nice choice.

Rudra:my bhabhi beat you whoever thinking they looking fire 😂😂.

Lavanya:what about you rudra..

Mahi: haa right he looking monkey😛..

Rudra: see bhabhi your sister and bhaiya you too.

Kunj:what wrong she tells you a hundred percent true.. 😂😂..

Rudra: bhabhi you don’t go to bhaiya huhu come with me.

Anjali:rudra you see those girls whom you called.

Rudra:right let me see them he went from there twinkle and Kunj sharing quick eye locks.

Anjali:you didn’t tell me twinkle about saree 😛😛😜..

Twinkle:woh when me and kunj went for shopping that time only.

Rahul:means Kunj gift you this because it’s showing its his choice😛she nodded her head in yes. See kunj how perfectly I know you.. others went in side!

Lata: see kunj your wife looking so beautiful. Lata Make them stand beside each other’s perfect my son and bahu..

Kunj: dadi she is looking same like every day but yes make up is more, 😂

Twinkle: see dadi, he teases me this way everytime,

Lata: i can see everything.

Lohri function starts, Kunj and twinkle or others taking rounds around fire throwing something in fire.

Twinkle: you are jerk Kunj.. I didn’t like to talk to you..

Kunj: I know you are miffed with me because I didn’t praise you, anyone can look pretty by putting Makeup.

Twinkle:you are so cold kunj.Everyone enjoys the lohri function they were dancing with dhols..

Avantika: Twinkle beta can please see dinner arrangement go and check chef in kitchen..

Twinkle:sure mummy ji she went in side.

Goes in kitchen. See the food chefs was doing his work. There is no use he didn’t look at me once huhu..

Kunj laughing at Kabir and Rahul jokes.

Omkara: in heart mahi looking so beautiful when she smiled Yuvi dancing with Avni they both fighting while dancing all see this and laughing.

Rudra: G this Yuvi bro behind Avni 😂😂.

Kunj: hehe true

Rahul:we all know Avni 😂😛. Kunj feel thirsty. He gets up what??

Kunj:I’ll come after drink water he went in side he directly went in kitchen. As Soon as kunj entered in kitchen chef see kunj he went out of the kitchen while twinkle looking at him.

Twinkle: why you come here.

Kunj:I need water.She feels water for him in glass and give to him while giving twinkle and Kunj hands touch.. Kunj drink water. Twinkle giving him death glares she about to go he blocked her way. Wait twinkle this saree I mean. How when you bring why you wear this???

Twinkle:that time only I buy.

Kunj: why buy when you didn’t like na..

Twinkle: but you toh like na and wanted to see me in this saree, so I wear for you.

Kunj: for me you wear this why??

Twinkle: what why you only want na..

Kunj: acha for me you wear specially.

Twinkle: yes Kyu didn’t l look good.. I did so much and you saying that things in front of dadi you are so mean everyone praises me expect than you kunjj.Kunj giggles.He looks at her head to toe she is perfect this saree just made for her only she increased the beauty of this saree more.He doesn’t have words what to say..

Aisa kya dekh rahe ho..

Kunj:haa looking beautiful.. Still, I can’t understand how God could create such an ideal woman like you, you are perfect from the toes to the head. In heart, he said.

Magic is when our eyes meet, and we feel the spark between our hearts.You are wonderful..he went near twinkle ear.. thanks for this you wear specially for me that’s means lot and you really looking beautiful don’t sit on my head after this twinkle hit on his chest..

Twinkle: so mean see other husbands. And my is so rude ahhh babaji.. happy lohri kunj.

Kunj:haa happy lohri my siyappa Queen.

Twinkle:chale everyone waiting for us they went outside all having their dinner twinkle didn’t handle her palu it’s very long.she sits in side and thinking about kunj.. he come and sit bring food for her.

Kunj:have your dinner siyappa queen.

Twinkle:didn’t you happy now.

Kunj:very much first you Listen to me:.

They all have their food mahi was going her leg stuck in something she about falls down but like always our omkara has come and save mahi.

Om: mahi aaram See. Om holding her from waist Malika and rahul look each other’s gestures as well 😛😛.

Rudra: aww O.. started whistling.. they stand and looking here and there.

Rahul: Arey Kunj Leave your wife sit here na talk with her in your room na..

Twinkle:go na.. I’ll have Itself Kunj went to Rahul and all rubal come and sit beside Twinkle he talk to her kunj one eye at twinkle only. Kabir and Rahul see this.

Kabir; Kunj don’t worry you will not go anywhere stop..😂😂..

Rahul:Bhai this miya biwi is very possessive about each other’s 😂😛😝.

Yuvi running behind Avni.

Avni: stop Yuvi.

Yuvi:I’m asking you for date…

Avni: I told you no.. Yuvi held her hand.

Yuvi: at least give me one chance babes.

Avni: hmm lemme think.Yuvi get up give her peck on her cheek and run Avni get shocked you her cheek. Pagal. twinkle gestures to omkara he blinked his eyes.

Rudra lift twinkle in his arms and spin so faster twinkle closed her eyes and screaming.

Anjali: this boy is mad kabir too joint him.

Twinkle: Bhai please drop me down aha others laughing.. 😝😝.

Kabir:my sista why now no one will come to save you 😂😛.. should I drop you down Tera toh boom😛😜.

Twinkle:no no Bhai please. Kunjj papa bolo na Bhai ko..

Rt: you know see your brother.

Tej:yes all elders went in inside.

Kabir:rudra drop twinkle In water..

Twinkle: no na😩😩..

Rahul:kunj gai aaj Twinkle..

Twinkle:kunjjjj.. Kunj went to them..

Kunj:leave her na..Kabir.

Kabir: okay.. he about to drop her kunj held her take in his arms..

Yuvi: aww kunj bro nice.. Kunj make her stand twinkle look at rudra and Kabir.

Twinkle:you both are so so bad hu.Kabir pulling twinkle cheeks..

Maya:let’s go for long drink.

Om:nice idea…

Kabir:Chal twinkle.

Twinkle:I don’t want to go with you.😍😍.

Kabir: haa jaa na push her.. 😂.

Twinkle:I have my husband I can go you see yourself..😛.

Kabir: badi aai Hushand wali madam..

Twinkle: why you have any problem.

Kunj: why you both fighting like kids.

Kabir: kunj you are right siyappa queen she is..

Twinkle: what about you I’m going from here she about to go kunj held her hand.

Kabir: Chalo guys lets go.. they sit in car and Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:let’s go twinkle.

Twinkle:I’ll not go with them.

Kunj:okay.they went in Kunj car alone.. they all left together.Twinkle teasing Kabir his car next kunj.She laughing so loudly her sound of laugh giving happiness in Kunj ears so much after long drive.they stopped the car near beach all come out and sit in side feeling cool breeze and having ice cream.Chirag see twinkle and get so happy to see her he come to twinkle immediately hugged twinkle in front of everyone.. all get shocked to see this more Kunj just than one my one lights get on and see in side twinkle photos hanging in side.

Chirag: twinkle baby I’m so happy to see you here see so coincident see this I have done this all for you.Twinkle push Chirag..

Everyone was in deep shocked. Yuvi look at Chirag.. Chirag hold twinkle hands..

Twinkle: leave my hand Chirag…

Kunj:who the hell are you leave my wife.

Chirag:your wife I love her before than you. Get it kunj look at twinkle with shocking eyes.

Kunj: what love..

Chirag: yes I love twinkle lot.. he hugged twinkle again she tries to push him, but he didn’t leave her. Kunj push chirag. And become all red in anger and look at twinkle.

Kunj:what is this twinkle.. who he is..

Twinkle: Kunj woh..

Chirag: I’ll tell you na I’m her love..

Twinkle: just shut up chirag get it. Leave from here before I will kill. He twists twinkle. Aha twinkle slap chirag. Don’t show me your face go from here.

Chirag: why twinkle I’m loving you

More than anything why can’t you see my love.What so special in this man that I don’t have haa. He cupped her face she jerks him.

Twinkle; don’t touch me everyone didn’t get it what happening this..Yuvi went to chirag.

Yuvi: Chirag Leave her before I’ll call police.

Chirag: don’t come in my way Yuvi.

Yuvi:acha.. twinkle about to go Chirag held her saree palu and about to pulled her palu Kunj held Chirag hand and grab his collar.

Kunj:how dare you to do this.she is my wife.Omkara and rudra look at twinkle.

Chirag:even how dare you too Marry to her.

Yuvi:oye. Psychopath just shut up get out from here.

Chirag:I’m going twinkle baby but don’t ever think I’ll leave you for a second you are just mine. I love you only.. he said and went from there kunj get numb he sees twinkle photos everywhere and look at twinkle who weeping badly in side. He went near her.

Kunj:what is this all twinkle i needed a answer he takes her photo in his hand show her.

Twinkle: kunjj listen to me I’ll explain you each and everything I didn’t do anything.

Rahul: Twinkle don’t cry.

Rudra: Bhaiya one second listen to me and O.

Kunj:just shut up rudra twinkleeee in loud voice she closed her eyes.What he telling who he is.. he held her elbow tightly shaking her in anger.Her hairs Lose.

Twinkle:woh he is chirag..

Kunj: so he loves you m I right.

Twinkle: no kunj he is just mental man. Kunj Leave her with jerk.

Kunj:very good twinkle. He throws the photos and walk out from there.

Twinkle:kunjj listen to me naa.. she run behind him while kunj sit in car and left from there in anger in full speed twinkle falls down on her knees. Rudra and omkara run to her make her stand composed twinkle. Kunjjj..

Rudra: Bhaiya don’t worry.

Twinkle: he takes me wrong rudra.

Anjali: what is this. Omkara tell them about this all they all get shocked and understand twinkle situation.

Rahul:Twinkle don’t worry you are right at her place.

Kabir: we all talk to him..

Twinkle: no bhai it’s our personal matter I know he must be angry with me at this time because I break her trust I was about to tell him today but this chirag 😭😭😭..

Omkara: good twinkle lets go.. they all left for their place from here only. Sarnas kids reached they went inside till now everyone went in their respective rooms while twinkle run in her room she thought kunj must be in room, but he wasn’t there she gets worried about him.

Twinkle:where is this kunj he didn’t come till now babaji.. she sobs in corner..

Kunj who driving the car in anger tears escaping from his eyes and Chirag words echoed in his ears.

Kunj:today you break my heart twinkle..

twinkle waiting for kunj he didn’t come. At midnight, he come twinkle see him and stand run to kunj hug him kunj break the hug.

Twinkle:kunjjj where are you till now how much I’m worried about you..

Kunj: Kyu haa..

Twinkle:Kunj listen to me once please I know I’m wrong at my place I don’t want to hide anything from you.. I try many times to tell you kunj.

Kunj:please I don’t want to listen anything.

Side please he takes his clothes and went in washroom. Changed his clothes and come he takes his pillow and another blanket and went toward couch twinkle get confused he lay down and sleep.She felt so bad she didn’t change her clothes. Sit on floor resting her head on bed and crying and looking at Kunj..night omkara and rudra passing from room they see twinkle and Kunj position.

Rudra: O see this bhaiya sleep on couch and bhabhi.

Omkara:we know kunj he is very angry right now rudra this matter doesn’t come out in front of him like this. We’ll talk to him let’s go.They closed the room door and went from there at morning.Kunj wake up and looked at twinkle who sitting on floor and sleep there only. He about to go to her but stop remember whatever happened last night.He takes his clothes and went in washroom twinkle wake up didn’t find kunj understand he is in washroom she takes her clothes and went in another washroom get ready she went down make kunj coffee and breakfast. She takes in room see kunj who wearing his clothes and try to close his shirt buttons she kept the tray in side and went near him.

Twinkle:in happy voice lao I’ll do it. She about to closed kunj stop her. Didn’t say anything went in side.Kunj your medicine and breakfast.

Kunj:I don’t want please leave me..

Twinkle:Kunj naraaz mujhe se ho na.Kunj take the phone and went from there Babaji he toh didn’t want to listen me once.

Episode freezes here only..


Wow finally chirag truth come out in front of kunj OmG 😱but in very bad way.. 

let see what will kunj do.did he understand his wife. How was the episode??

Hope you all like this episode. 

I’m late what to do.. 

yes Chirag was only in trail room😝😛right you all..

guys I’m ill due to this heavy winter.. and your comments 🙁🙁.

Belated happy birthday 🥳 Yashika di 🤩🤩🥰🥰. I’m late sorry. You know na this episode for you specially love you dear my bestie 🥰😍 got new one here.. stay healthy and happy.. 

Give your views please \no proof please.

Bye love you all 

Allahafiz 💖💗☺️💖

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