Episode 9.??


Episode starts..

After twinkle and Kunj get ready for marriage. Their families hell happy. Their siblings happiness has no boundaries. Kabir and Mahi teasing twinkle like anything while rudra and Anjali was too same they didn’t leave even a single minute to tease kunj with Bhabhi words he didn’t say anything just ruffled his hairs..

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All siblings along with Lata they all were sitting together at poolside area.enjoying cold breeze.. Rudra: by the way Bhaiya how you get ready so suddenly till morning tak you have no plan for marriage. How so suddenly he winked at om who giggles slightly.

Om: yup..

Lata: whatever is it I know my kunj.She cupped his face with teary eyes and Kunj please once again I wanted to ask you did really you get ready for marriage. Tell me honestly no pressure on you. Kunj look at his dadi with loving eyes small cuties smile appeared on his lips.your happiness matters for me and your dadu too lot. Without your happiness everything is incomplete when you aren’t ready what we get later don’t think about tej I’ll see him too you just tell me What’s in your heart.Kunj look at Anjali and om or rudra who keeping their palms on their chin. Looking at them with puppy faces. Kunj ignore them. Kunj keeping his hands on Lata arms..

Kunj: dadi nothing is like that why you think about this haa no pressure on me Itself I’m got ready for marriage.I’m happy for this and my happiness inside in your happiness that’s I wanted nothing else i don’t have any problem it just that dadi I can’t trust any random girl she’ll come and if she did something which against our will I see in many families after marriage everyone changed and I’m not that one who like Those type of man after wife he forgot his family just because of his wife talks.. so nothings else my lovely dadi and even you too needed your grand daughter-in-law who take care of you Till when I’m living alone with naughty ?expressions even I too needed someone. Now i get bored with this two moneys?. Om and rudra looking at each other face than Kunj.

Rudra: hooo Bhaiya ???. See O.,

Om: yeah rudra he got bored with us haa. Kunj smiling slightly cam laugh..

Kunj: yup ?my baby brothers grown up.

Rudra: never let our bhabhi will come she will be in our team. And talking about you hardly you stay at home always went out due to your business trips, so she’ll support us not you hehe show his tongue to him in funny manner. ?. Anjali arms around rudra shoulder.

Anjali: no my Rudy don’t think so this. After marriage Kunj will not leave his wife alone for a single seconds ???. Kunj giving her curious look..

Kunj: achhha ??.

Anjali:yes bro..

Rudra: But I didn’t understand one thing till now all together say they know him ?? (WHATTTTTT.) see dadu give Bhaiya option too that he can find girl Itself for him still Bhaiya didn’t golden chance he left it.,

Om: duffer he hardly interested in girls interact with no one specially with girls expect than his pa Sara.. ??..

Anjali: now he is very much curious for his would be wife don’t you listen what he said last time when rudra told that his wife will do backbite ?.

Rudra: yes how proudly he said that in same Kunj voice he said my wife will never complained and backbite about me ??

Lata: acha when he said that??

Om: dadi you don’t know about your kunj ?..

Rudra: Anjali Di gang up with bhabhi and do Bhaiya backbite and fill her ear against Bhaiya ????. Kunj took flower and throw at rudra. While om catch it..

Om: bacha ke rakh apni Biwi ke liye???.

Kunj: this three of them is impossible.

Anjali: in flow he said it. ???..

Lata: you all continue I’m going your dadu is waiting for me..

Rudra: jaa Simran ??.Raj intezaar kar raha hoga???.. Lata get up and kissed on their forehead wished them goodnight even they all too. Kunj look at rudra he garbed his collar and cuddles him.

Kunj: now you tell me nowadays you started speaking too much in front of dadi you saved now who will save you from me he raised his eyes brows ??.. AB BOL HAA.

Rudra: O in crying voice ?. Om come stand beside rudra.

Om: Leave him kunj if he started crying we can’t stop him ??that would be difficult for us ???. His bhabhi will not come to stop him..

Kunj:yeah rudra you always blabber bhabhi and bhabhi where she is haa. And why you are so much curious about bhabhi haa??? Without any avail you can’t be so tell us..!

Rudra: today I’ll tell you all.

Anjali: what??

Rudra: first leave me.. he come out of kunj grip and stand little bit far from them.. they all looking at him in a confused way..

Kunj: BOL…

Rudra: woh na Bhaiya baath yeh hai ki. When your wife and my bhabhi will come than why I have advantage from her. Priyanka bhaav khaati hai aaj kal. So my bhabhi will complete my all notes ???. Kunj and om or Anjali shocked ?,

Om: what???.

Kunj: just for your notes you behind me and my Marriage haa.sab ke tub light on kar raha ta haa.. Om: hmm Bhaiya ki shadi karo karo.. ek ratah bas…

Anjali: awww ???. Kunj took cushions And started hitting rudra while he hides behind Anjali covered his face with Anjali saare palu.. om enjoying it even Anjali too laughing ?…

Rudra: I’m just joking Bhaiya she will be my bhabhi MAA ??..

Kunj; acha bhabhi MAA haa notes complete karegi hoo.look at him who went college once in a blue moon ?. I’ll see her. Om raise his eyes.

Om: hmm abhi se ???Bhai Bhai na raha?. Kunj: even you too. Di you side please.

Rudra: no no.. sorry sorry please. Anjali and om covered Rudra don’t let give chance to kunj hit him. Now they all enjoyed it their sound of laughing echoed in open sky.Tej standing at his room window and seeing all from second floor. Avantika come and stand beside tej and clicking their pictures.

Avantika:See how much they all siblings happy in each other’s company prayed that their bond remain like same this and increase more and more.

Tej: this view is best avantika what say?

Avantika: yes tej what else we wanted our first and last priority is connected this family in one knots its daddy ji dream that you fully do.How nicely you and Manohar always stand together never let people speak any words against you both. You both never disobey your father and mother and teach this too your kids too. Now this Kunj turn after all he is elder grand son of this family. I believed on kunj Perfectly he fulfilled his all duties being bother son grand , son now new duty too coming in his life..

Tej:yeah can’t wait for that moment when I see my kunj in as groom look.We understand him, and he too us that’s amazing Avantika. I know he doesn’t want to marry, but we gives him enough time and you know about Papa he wanted that kunj marriage happened soon,

Avantika:yeah even he too knew it about this. Being his mother I proud of myself tej.He never demands for anything like others.You know why?? He knows if he did any wrong things what he expected from his others siblings.

Tej: that’s why Papa expected from him more than us Avantika. He gives her side hug she rests her head on his chest.,

Avantika: rudra is right you just love your girls not my boys.. tej give smile..

Tej: you and rudra omg.Kunj haina rudra ke liye..all responsibilities of Rudra I give to kunj. If on me than till now I’ll send him Australia for his studies from day one but kunj.

Avantika: tejjjj lets sleep..

Tej: yeah first I’ll reply them. They both of went to bed and lay down while tej did goodnight message and switch of the lights and both sleep., After fun they all too went in their room.. like always Trio brother kuomru Went in room and jumped on the bed.Both rest their heads on kunj hands.

Rudra: Bhaiya you always sleep with us na don’t change after marriage even I know you can’t me, and she will not leave you alone always stay with you.if you try than also ?. Kunj and om smiled. Kunj with his one hand pulled rudra cheeks slightly..

Om:in that way kunj you will don’t needed baby in your Future life because you already have two???.

Rudra:huhh. Even you too coming ?.

Kunj: okay bas rudra if you didn’t leave me alone how you’ll do party ??. Rudra happy face changed into confused way ?‍♂️.

Rudra: hmmm whatever when you went for your business trip that time I’ll do party ???.Kunj give him slap gradually.

Kunj:pagal. What about you after your wedding ?. Rudra: my wedding many years have for my wedding Right now yours ?time.

Om: Dumbel Sarna he were talking about you that after your wife what you’ll do.

Rudra: wife heheh not need of her I’m happy like this we needed wife for our personal work and all’s and you both are here for that.. Om: what about that?. We can’t help out you in that..

Rudra: eww I never knew that behind your black zulfi you had dirty mind too.Kunj laugh out like crazy person. Om: less than you did I tell him about you what you were seeing that day along with your friend Nicks.

Kunj: Acha tell me..

Rudra:nothing Bhaiya this o spying on me. He went on dirty track physical ewww?..

Kunj:you both continue this tomorrow now. Sleep because I had work in office.

OM/Rudra: together bhabhi ki Souten office ????… Kunj closed his eyes, and they both hugged him and sleep too,

2 scene:

Twinkle and Mahi laying down their back facing to ceiling. Twinkle giving shape to her nails while Mahi reading novel.. she keeps the book side and look at twinkle who lost in her thoughts since time when she said yes for married..

Mahi: di what happened..

Twinkle: don’t teased me more okay.

Mahi: no no di. Finally you get ready.. Twinkle: hmm just for dadu.. leave about this Mahi let’s sleep.she said this And lay down in straight way.. Mahi too..

Next day:

hansh and rt went for jogging together hansh was hell happy while rt had some confusion about that boy whom his father selected for twinkle.While jogging.

Rt: papa when you call them to meet us once..

hansh: after breakfast I’ll call Prithviraj and tell him we wanted to meet with them

. Rt: that boy grownup in London don’t you think, so he too like others type of boys having bad habits. Hansh: I know about this rt even I too had many questions in my mind first we meet than talk about this all..

Rt: yeah.. they both done with their jogging session both father and son went back to their residence. Leela and Bebe wake up already both get ready to while Kabir who wake up early only but busy in phone with Malika he was in garden giving water to plant doing both work together at the same time.. Malika: Kabir this idea you find good giving water to plant and talk to me too.

Kabir: yup smart nah baby now waiting for my smartest jija ji for Beauty queen.

. Malika:hehehhee you teased twinkle like this only. Bicharii..??..

Kabir: from now only you started supporting your sister-in-law good wifey that would be help you don’t panga with nanad ???..

Malika: very funny. Just than rt and Hansh reaches and look at Kabir and find him water going in side rather than plants ?. Both give smile.. they went towards him while Kabir eyes went on them..

Kabir: Malika I’ll talk to you later P&D come okay bye. LOvE?.

Malika: bye love you too.. he kept his phone inside his pocket..

Hansh: good morning nice way you find watering the plants and phone too. How’s my grand daughter-in-law.?. Kabir looking at here and there

 Kabir: good dadu..

Rt: come.They went inside. Leela and Bebe already sitting and ready pooja tali.They went and took their seats.

Kabir: what’s going on MAA..

Leela: see she show him tali..

Hansh:today I’ll calls that boy family.

Leela: okay papa ji.. What time..

Hansh:bahu first let me called them and tell them about we wanted to meet with them first.

Bebe: good. Just than twinkle and Mahi coming down from stairs Kabir see them.

Kabir: aww today sun come from which side papa ???. Late comers come before time twinkle and Mahi come sit.

Dadu abhi se sasural jaane ki tayari. She wakes up early impress twinkle yaar sasural me humara naam uncha karegi????behana.. yeh phir after marriage proposal Teri neendh hi udh gai????.. all laughing. While twinkle making nonsense faces on Kabir.

Twinkle: hehe Bhai don’t live in your dreams worlds wake up why I’ll wake up early for those I don’t know them. I wake up because today I have to go college early get it Bhai..

Kabir: whatever makeup store ??.

Twinkle: maaaa… see your son please.

Kabir: MAA he did her mimicking.

Hansh: bas Kabir go and get ready before pooja okay. Kabir got up and went in his room to get freshen up even rt and Hansh too. Twinkle and Mahi helping Leela and Bebe in pooja things.. after sometimes later all come and went home mandir.

All sit down and twinkle took the tanpura

Started playing and bhajan too she closed her eyes and while others folded their hands lost in twinkle melodies voice.

After bhajan twinkle did Aarti and give Aarti to everyone they took it. She gives them parshad too. Hansh and Bebe caress twinkle face.

Hansh: I like this twinkle bright your real home too.

Bebe: yes they’ll lost in our twinkle voice once only..

Twinkle:hehe bas Bebe and dadu no buttering.they all went towards dinning table and sets while servant comes and served breakfast to everyone all having their breakfast happily.Twinkle mind just stuck on alliance matter.She had her food in stress which rt can see it. Twinkle phone beep she got message from chiraag.

Twinkle put her phone on silent mode.

Murmured his psycho man never understood one simple thing.

Kabir: sisters should I drop you both at college..

Mahi: good Bhai.They did with breakfast. Kabir and twinkle or Mahi took blessing from their elders and went for college: in car twinkle sitting beside Kabir while Mahi at backseat.

Kabir: twinkle take a chillpill why you think so much about your relation.

Twinkle: don’t know Bhai what to do in flow I said yes now.. Blank.

Kabir: hoo listen twinkle one thing today or yesterday you have to marry to someone that necessary and at any cost too so why you have problem if you listen to me once don’t take my advice as Brother but as a friend. It’s sure dadu find boy for you he is best guy on the planet. It’s happened when you are not ready fully leave it twinkle stop thinking just Leave everything on babaji what he decided for you that will be happened at any cost. Let wait for time and see what babaji make for you as your better half ???. Twinkle give smile to Kabir.

Twinkle: haaa thanks Bhai really you vanished my stress. You right.. both see Mahi though glass Mahi busy in her books.

Kabir: she is so cute. Soon their college come and they both come out of the car and bye to Kabir and went to college Kabir too left for his office..

3 scene:

Sunlight coming on Kunj face slightly he rubbed his eyes and open it.He can’t take breath he looks at Rudra who fully sleeping on him.


Kunj: Rudra uth… but he can’t move. Naam ka bodybuilder hai fat so… somehow he moved and come out. Kunj get up and closed the window so their sleep can’t disturb.He went out of them room today he had no mood of doing any kind of exercise he simply went in garden where he found his dadu who normally walking he went towards and joint him.

Kunj: good morning dadu..

Prithviraj: good morning my son.. where is your second one brother.

Kunj:sleeping dadu.They both walking around in whole garden.back side of their mansion they had private sea too near their bungalow which making the place views hell beautiful and cool too the breeze coming from sea.

Both pota and dadu went near sea and wooden chairs was there they both sit and enjoyed the view what coming from sea.birds tweeting there. They both sit for sometimes later both get up while kunj give support to his dadu slightly because place was little bit saltatory.

They both went inside the mansion and goes in their room directly to get freshen because already they get late for aarti..

Kunj went for shower he got ready and went to omru and wake up forcefully both get ready too.While Usha and Avantika prepared everything for pooja.Whole family member come down together stand for pooja Anjali did aarti and rudra opiening his eyes in middle of the pooja this seen by kunj and om..

Rudra: why di taking so much time I’m starving ??.

Kunj:chal.. after aarti she gives aarti everyone along with parshad.They all sit for breakfast and have it without any decision while Prithviraj on kunj alliance.

Kunj and his both fathers they went for office while rudra went back to his room and sleep again Anjali and om see this and laugh out.Avantika come and pulled his blanket throw him out of the room send them to gurudwara.

Twinkle was in her class her mind and heart just thinking about that guy still ?. She play with her pen moving in circular way.Asha and Chinki see this.

Asha:Twinkle don’t be nervous like this much twinkle just that guy is coming to see you not to take you Right now?.

Twinkle: shut up..! Lecturer completed the explanation he took his seat and looking at students.

Yuvi:see him he was checking out us like

He will do something with us ??..

Naman: why you give this much important to yourself Yuvi he isn’t like you and Rishi hmmm???.. Yuvi hit on his foot with his shoes..

Yuvi:acha what about Asha ?. Their conversation going on like this..

Other side : office Sarna..

Kunj was in his cabin just checking the files.He keeps those files which he wanted to show tej.Again busy in his work typing in laptop so fast. His pa see like always she surprised to see kunj typing speed.

1hours work he did it in 30 minutes.

Kunj:Sara go and Aakash that he submit the files or not and more thing I wanted all work details what done in this month.

Sara:okay sir.. sir your today schedule you have to attend to meeting.

Kunj:hmm.First cancel and other one fixed it he wavy her and she went out of the cabin. Kunj eyes went on photo frame which was on his table. Kunj took it in his hand his their all siblings photo together.

Without them all time is wasted man I’m missing you my chick ??come soon.

Hansh went in his room and dial Prithviraj number he immediately picks up his call.

Prithviraj: hello namastey.

Hansh: namastey.. how’s you.

Prithviraj: fine what about you..

Hansh: yeah I’m too fine. I just call you for important that my poti is ready for marriage.

Prithviraj: even my kunj too..

Hansh: than let’s meet one time than..

Prithviraj: yeah when you wanted tell me.


Prithviraj: okay final. From our side twinkle is lock for as our grand daughter-in-law.

Hansh:hmm.. both end their conversation.

Hansh and Prithviraj told about this to their wives.

Twinkle and her gang sitting in canteen.

Having something. Just than chiraag ome there.

Chiraag: hey twinkle.,

Twinkle: what you wanted haa I told you that no message me and call still you are in Same line..

Chiraag : Twinkle yaar give me one chance.

Yuvi: abey chiraag when she Itself don’t want any relationship between you both .

Chiraag: m I talking to you.

Twinkle:buzz off man.

Chiraag: Twinkle yaar my mother is ready for our relationship,,

Twinkle:what ? really that’s amazing news guys lets celebrated.. don’t dare to do any type of drama okay. Go and find other girl for yourself here is no entry. She said and walkout from here.

Chiraag: I’ll see you twinkle that you’ll stay single huhu.. all laugh at chiraag and after college end. They all back to their homes.

Prithviraj and Lata was so happy for kunj finally the day has arrived they going to see their bahu.. Specially they both went for shopping bring something for twinkle.

Everyone sits for dinner Prithviraj tell this to everyone they all get happy.

Kunj: dadu so fast..

Rudra: he is Prithviraj Sarna that’s why..??..

Prithviraj: hmm. Don’t dare to went anywhere okay specially your office..

Kunj: hmmm.. they complete their dinner and went back to their rooms. Same with twinkle too she gives normal when Hansh tell her about kunj family is coming to see her.She went and standing in his room balcony even Kunj too.

Twinkle:uff babaji so finally they are coming.

Kunj:finally my dadu and dadi going to meet with their bahu??.How much they are happy for my marriage.

Twinkle:Bebe and dadu happy I’m too,,

Both give smile to Itself. After they sleep..

Next day hustle and bustle going on in Taneja and Sarna mansion too. Seemed like today in twinkle and Kunj wedding day??.. Leela did all preparation. Called malika and tell her send best outfit for twinkle for tonight. Mahi and Kabir unbelievably teasing twinkle while Kunj get golden chance he sit with tej so no one come and speak any rubbish things.

Mahi: di lets go salon.

Twinkle: mahi today is not my wedding it just they are coming to seeing me. Sista ?.

Mahi:still di let’s go.. she drugged twinkle and both went for salon.

They both sisters reached Salon went inside see whole salon was full they both come without appointment so both sit in waiting area salon was unis*x.

Kunj coming from tej room he went in hall and sit with his siblings. Just than Rudra.

Rudra: Bhaiya at least today toh go do some good haircuts.

Kunj: acha you are good for this I’m not.

Rudra: what bhabhi will think about you too see you like wither flower?. Leave good impression. ? kunj raise his eyes brows?.

Usha: yeah rudra is right you and take om too with you kunj. Kunj looking at avantika face with puppy faces she gestured him to go.

Kunj: okay get up om let’s cut your long hairs ???

Om:hehe very funny..

Kunj:see I’m perfect looking guy. He holds him from his shoulder take him out while others laugh.,

Both sit in car while On searching best salon in Amritsar. Soon he finds and tell kunj.

Om: excited for tonight bro?..

Kunj: very much bro ?.. I know you want to listen these na if I told not than also you didnt willing.

Om: smart KUNJ SARNA ??.,

Soon they reached the salon and parked the car and come out of the car.They moved to salon and went inside.

Kunj: this rudra na see here so much crowd.,

Om: chill sit. Both side next to twinkle and Mahi but didn’t see to each other’s.

Kunj: where I stuck god.. 1hour has been passed away. Just than om get call from rahul. He picks up the call the voice didn’t come clearly due to poor connection.

Om: kunj you sit I’ll call okay.

Kunj:come fast.. om get up and went outside. Kunj looking here and there..

Twinkle: mahiiii where you take me haa.

Mahi: you sit I’ll come di.. just than twinkle number come she get up even Kunj too both looking for their brother and sister.

But went ahead. Lady come and tell them to went in upstairs roos she’ll come.

Kunj misunderstand, so he went in Same room where she sends it twinkle. Differently they went upstairs room.Twinkle sit in side just than Kunj come there and see girl back. Twinkle turned and look at him and get shocked Kunj too??..

Twinkle: you again ??.

Kunj: what again madam haa.. what are you doing here..

Twinkle: Same too you haa. Always behind me haaa don’t you have any other work.

Kunj give faint smile ? to twinkle.

Kunj: why you give so much tension to yourself siyappa queen.. twinkle come and stand in front of him..

Twinkle: I’m siyappa queen what you are Sadu Sarna ??..

Kunj:hehhe very funny hashi nahi aai.

Twinkle:shut up.. just than light went twinkle scared of this she started panic.

Mahi mahiiiiiii kunj first he was laughing after see her fear. She started screaming which pricking in kunj ears so he garbs her hand take her near wall..

Kunj: shut up first you are why doing this drama silly girl.. twinkle looking at him..

Kunj can see fear in her eyes.. genially.

Twinkle: mahiiii???..

Kunj:shhhhhhhh.. why so scared because of darkness see I’m here closed your eyes.

She holds kunj hands tightly.Take deep breath okay. Both look at each other face lights come still they both like same before. Twinkle come in sense she looks at Kunj and smirked she pushes Kunj he falls down on the floor….

Kunj: ouchhhhh…

Twinkle: awww???.. I’m silly girl..

Outside om end the call, and he about to go inside while Mahi bumped with him.

Om phone falls down..

Mahi: sorry sorry..

Om: it’s okay didn’t see each other face.

Mahi hairs coming on her face so..

Mahi side her hair and om see her face and lost in her simplicity… Mahi see om. Both get up and Mahi give him his phone.

Mahi: so…rry.

Om: no please.. aap yeh pe??

Mahi: yes my sister come. You.

Om: same my brother ?. They both talk for some minutes. Back to in salon..

Kunj shocked and twinkle smiling like Anything..

Twinkle: sadu don’t mess with me get it..

Kunj: you lizard ???..

Twinkle: yes monkey..

Mahi asked about twinkle and tell her too so she and om went upstairs together their room next to each other’s.. Mahi open the door and see the scenario.

Om eyes pop out to see his brother on floor..

Mahi: diiii..

Twinkle: mahi you see this monkey.

Om: kunj…

Kunj: om… om give his hand to kunj.

Twinkle: poor om help your brother..

Kunj get up Itself in style..?without using his hands too.

Kunj: you siyappa queen hide your devil face with make up you really needed makeover..

Twinkle: acha by the way you don’t need you’ll look same after too.. and your girl friend will not impress with you. Bitter man. Baba ji helps that girl who’ll be in your life..

Kunj: awww awesome line Kunj Sarna doesn’t need anything he is perfect. One more talking about girl she’ll be hell lucky she isn’t like you devil. In tashan.. Yours will be mad person who’ll marry to you.

Twinkle: even twinkle Taneja too since birth I’m beautiful ??.. heheheh.. my one is the  best man of this world girls will be dying for him not like you ewwww.

both show each other fingers.. om and Mahi enjoying first time seeing their siblings fighting like this with girl or boy..

Mahi: di come..

Om: yes kunjj..

he holds kunj hand and take him down.in anger twinkle and Kunj both of them went from there without doing anything.

Om started thinking something really will happen between kunj and twinkle their destiny connects with each other’s somewhere..

They reached their homes Leela and Usha asked them..

Usha: om you were looking Same..

Om: we didn’t do anything MAA..

Kunj went in his room in frustration.

Kunj: my mood was so good this siyappa queen spoil all huhu.. wish god whomever you make for her he is Mental really who’ll take this burden on his head for lifetime.

Twinkle sit on bed and bite in her nails..

Twinkle: what this sadu thinking about himself haa., pagal Kamina.. Praying for that girl who’ll save her babaji poor soul who will become sadu wife huhu..

Leela come in her room with dress. She place the dress on the bed..

Leela: Twinkle go and get ready you take so much time.. Twinkle look at Leela she is too ?. Leela went from here while twinkle look at dress it’s really beautiful Indian Anarkali dress in light colour contrast.She picks up the dress and went in washroom.

Kunj sitting having coffee while Anjali come and sit beside him..

Anjali: my lil bro get up go and get ready why you always have tashan with that girl haa. You went salon come back without doing anything huhh..

Kunj:that siyappa Queen needed makeover Kunj Sarna not di.. Anjali send him in washroom she too left to get ready because Prithviraj wanted everything perfect on time no excuses afterwards

Kunj look at his face in mirror his beard little bit grow longer.I can do Itself better than those peoples.He takes machine and later looking hot in stubble face..he took shower after come out of the washroom went towards dressing table take his clothes and wear it too. He applied gel on his hairs today so set his hairs in perfect way He got ready fully look  handsome


took his phone and went downstairs..while family members to get ready looking elegant as always..

Rudra:mummy after see you who will tell that you are mother of 4 kids ??specially mine and Bhaiya ?..

YTwinkleAvantika: acha.

Rudra: see Bhaiya come before time how much he was curious to meet with bhabhi..???.. Kunj looking at tej.

Tej:rudra bas.. they all take all gifts which they bring for taneja’s.Everyone went outside and sit in two cars and left for Taneja mansion while they pick up guru ji middle..

Leela calling servants and tell them get ready everything before they come.

Mahi come there.

Mahi: MAA first you go and get ready.

Leela: so many work still leftover Mahi.

Mahi:okay I’ll see you go and get ready..

Leela went in her room while Mahi and Kabir see all work.twinkle who still in her room didn’t get ready..later all get ready and come at hall expect that twinkle.

Kabir: MAA your daughter take 10 hours.

Anita and Surjit is out of the town so they didn’t come. After sometime later Sarna reached cars stop in front of the mansion all come out.

Guru ji: come let’s go inside.

Rudra: jis ko dunda gali gali woh mili yeha ?. They all went ahead. Kunj was silent mode his nervousness ??.

Kabir get call from his friend he went in side. Hansh and rt standing at door entrance waiting for them only.They entered Hansh see Prithviraj.

Hansh:finally you all come. Namastey.

Prithviraj: namastey.They all greet with rt and Hansh while rt eyes wanna see kunj but get confused between kuomru ?..

Rt:come please they all went towards couch area and settled down.Leela and Bebe come get happy to see sarna’s.

Mahi and Kabir still didn’t come.

Leela and meet with all and introduced  themselves to each other’s. usha give all gifts to Leela. 

Rt: who is kunj????

Kunj who sitting quietly and looking down.

Prithviraj: he is kunj.. my grand son..

Kunjjj. He looks at him and get up. Meet with rt ji..Kunj went towards rt and took his blessing.

Rt: hi..

Kunj: hiii.. Leela can’t take off her eyes from kunj she loved his innocence everything find him already perfect for her daughter.

Guru ji: see hansh ji I told you I find best guy for your grand daughter see..

Hansh: hmmm right. Between Kunj beta what are you doing now.. he looks at him.

Kunj:in limited voice working in family business.

Hansh: good.

Bebe: why you so quite haa.

Lata: he is like that only..

Om: yes..

Rudra: where is our bhabhi before anyone listens this om and Kunj show him their eyes so immediately shut his mouth.

In room twinkle come out of the washroom after having long bath ?., she look beautiful already in this dress she went towards dressing table drying her hairs and do light make up looking hell pretty.

Twinkle:that sadu told me I’m looking devil see I’m so beautiful.. Mahi entered in room.

Mahi: di come they come.,

Twinkle:hmm twinkle adjust her duppta perfectly.. Kabir went in hall see sarna’s And get shocked ?????.

Leela: he is my son Kabir ?. While om and Kunj or Rudra were looking at Kabir confusingly what he does here ??.,

Kabir: hi kunj.. they both share hug.. Kabir too confused like them.,

Lata:where is girl..

Bebe:she is coming.. Leela eyes went on upstairs Mahi and twinkle coming together.

Leela: alo aagai.twinkle looking down her hairs coming on her face so due to this her face didn’t see clearly..everything looking at upstairs direction while rudra slightly get up try to see girl..

Kabir:have some patience bro??,. Inside in his heart you’ll get shocked most you both heheheh never know about that kunj alliance come for twinkle heheh??amazing start me hi itni Tashan and Maza hai babaji film toh puri baki hai.. Mahi face see om and his eyes pop out and shake rudra with his elbow while Kunj lost in his thoughts.twinkle and Mahi come towards all Mahi stand beside Kabir.. everyone looking at twinkle. She raises her face om and rudra mouth got open ???… both get up.

Tej: what happened sit.. they sit back.. twinkle tucked her hairs see Sarna mansion get hell confused ?..

Om:aww mean she is that girl..

Rudra: means twinkle didi is our bhabhi ?Bhaiya ???gaye…

Lata: kunjjjj. He raised his face and look at

Lata she gestured him at twinkle Kunj turned and his face and look at twinkle who standing in front of him..Kunj get 1000 volt jhatka.

Kunj: siyappa Queen ????

Even twinkle too she can’t give any expression ??.

Twinkle: sadu ???

Lata get up and went towards twinkle cupped her face.

Lata: aww looking so Pretty and you are really beautiful twinkle puttar?. Twinkle give smile to Lata. Twinkle looking Hell beautiful

Kunj eyes just freeze while om and rudra even Mahi and or Kabir giggles inside their heart???. Bebe make Twinkle sit beside kunj..

Bebe: Twinkle puttar he is kunj and kunj she is twinkle. Both look at each other face with narrow eyes..

Twinkle: (Think)haaaa???? baba ji he is that boy who come for our alliance shit no nooooooooo dadu…

Kunj: shit man this lizard dadu selected for me no way ????..their faces expression is so helpless which their siblings can see it ???…

Prithviraj: Twinkle beta how’s you..

Twinkle: fine in low voice..

Kunj: murmured kitni low voice aeshe toh kaan ke farde fhad ti hai??..

Avantika: aur bata what are you  doing ..

Twinkle: in last year of my graduation.

Avantika: good.. om and rudra looking at Kunj face some him tongue.. rt looking at Kunj just..

Rt: why you are so quite Kunj.. tell something about you..

Kunj:what you want to ask you can..

Rt: what you think about family? How much it’s important for you.. Indian culture or london life style 

Kunj: my family is my everything my day started from them and end on them too.

Family is not an important thing, it is everything the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.Still I live in London and grown up there but my heart and mind connecting from my country and place didn’t teach Us our cultures and traditions it’s come from your family who teach you each and everything about your cultur. My lifestyle is different maybe but not my values. 

Rt gets happy to listen kunj words.


Lata:Twinkle we already knows about her.

Bebe:my twinkle is very talented she knows everything dance everyday she does aarti and sing bhajan too.We teach her each and everything.

Hansh:and kunj what you think about marriage.

Kunj:I don’t know perfectly because I can’t define marriage but as per my thinking two peoples didn’t connect but two families connected in new relationships for rest of their life.each and every one should be happy with marriage.

Leela:so clear you are in your life kunj..

Servant come and serving snakes to them twinkle get up and give to prithviraj and Lata.While rudra tell twinkle that give kunj too. Twinkle filled Kunj whole plate, and both showing tashan to each other’s this lata see and laugh slightly..

Lata: perfect Jodi babaji you have now tashan and ishqbaazi both inside kunj and twinkle. ????..

Kunj and twinkle standing together didn’t talk just mute..

Rudra come to dadi and stand beside her.

Rudra : real drama is going to start now.

why did they get mute, they are not talking.

Om:sometimes silence speaks more..

Rudra: dadi I’m so happy..

om and rudra resting their head Lata while she keeps her hands on their cheeks.. kunj and twinkle standing in shocked ???… episode freezes..


Precap: prithviraj and hansh send twinkle and Kunj talk to each other’s in alone..

later they both denying for this alliance ??. Let’s see what will their grand fathers will say.. ?..


finally done episode how was the episode??

leave any mistakes Is there no proof reading.

Response was so low????. It’s depends on your response now..

love you all bye allahafiz..

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